Game Thread–BIG Tourney–No. 1 Michigan State vs. No. 9 Wisconsin 12:00 p.m. ET, BTN
Mar 2nd, 2018 by Kindle

The last thing I want to do is watch the Big Ten’s Grayson Allen-buzzcut Brad (Day Tripper) Davison play another minute of basketball this season but here we are. A better game plan today will prevent Brad (IT’S MY SHOULDER AND I’LL CRY IF I WANT TO) Davison from another 30-point performance. 

Here’s how you can watch Friday’s Michigan State vs. Wisconsin game:

Date: Friday, March 2
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET
Location: New York City, N.Y.
Venue: Madison Square Garden
TV: Big Ten Network
Live Stream: BTN2Go

By now all of TUS and the Spartan fan base has certainly heard that Coach Izzo declared his team will no longer be answering questions about anything  unrelated to basketball and the focus will be on a deep NCAA Tournament run. First, though, Michigan State will have to focus on beating Wisconsin for the second time in a span of six days.

The No. 9 Wisconsin Badgers advanced to the Big 10 Conference quarterfinals with a win over No. 8 Maryland, 59-54 on Friday afternoon from Madison Square Garden. Michigan State ranks second in the nation and is the top seed in the Big 10 tournament. These teams met twice this season with Michigan State winning both including the regular season finale on Feb. 25, 68-63 from Madison.

BADGERS TALK REVENGE??? (Talkin’ smoke from a Winston fire!!!)

Since a home loss to No. 2 Michigan State to end the regular season on Sunday, the members of the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team have made it clear that they wanted another shot at the Spartans.  “We’ve got five guys, they have five guys,” UW junior swingman Khalil Iverson said, “and we’re not going to back down just because of what everyone says on the outside.”  ~~~~“We wouldn’t want it any other way,” UW redshirt freshman forward Aleem Ford said Thursday after the Badgers advanced with a 59-54 win over Maryland. “Just to be able to get another shot at them is the perfect way for us to continue rolling.”

[Yes, Iverson really said, ” “We’ve got five guys, they have five guys.”]  Now that sounds a bit like a THE USUAL SUSPECTS  Pep Talk to me.  “Men, sure we’re outnumbered 20 to 1….they may have more men, more horses, and their horses may be faster, and more intelligent than ours, they have arrows with fire, which probably don’t hurt more than the regular ones—and, unlike them, we have very little training, —-hmmmm, —now look, I’m really gonna level with you guys…….. the Mesh Gallery has scenes that can soothe a troubled soul.


Admittedly, there really isn’t any bulletin board material there in what these Wisconsin players said.  Then, as I was typing I heard this, “As a part of our defense we must build a new nuclear arsenal.”  Hmmm, maybe things are getting that serious.  Oh, back to the tourney….

UW certainly needs a big game from junior center Ethan Happ, who was held to 13 points after going 6 of 17 from the field and 1 of 5 from the free throw line against the Spartans. Michigan State rotated players on Happ, using Nick Ward, Xavier Tillman and Jaren Jackson Jr. to make life difficult on their big star in the paint.

Here’s who to be watching for on Friday for MSU.

  • Ethan Happ — 17.9 points, 8.2 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 53% FG shooting
  • Brad (“It’s My Shoulder & I’ll Cry If I Want To”) Davison — 12.1 points, 2.5 assists, 1.3 steals, 37% 3-point shooting
  • Brevin Pritzl — 9.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, 36% 3-point shooting
  • Khalil Iverson — 8.5 points, 5.1 rebounds, 54% FG shooting


Among the things the Badgers need to do better this time around, to even have a chance, is keep Michigan State off the offensive glass and contain the toxic effect of our sleek, smokeless Winston additive.  Sophomore point guard Cassius Winston, who went 6 of 6 from 3-point range and finished with a team-high 20 points last Sunday is only one of the Spartan weapons, but he has blown the most smoke in recent games.


To be sure, that Wisconsin game won’t make the Miles Bridges highlight film. It is time for Miles to prove to himself and everyone that the last game was a hiccup and that he’s ready to take on the world this month. That starts at the Big Apple today!


Two games back, against  Illinois, Josh scored 16 points on 5-of-11 shooting (3-of-4 from 3-point range).  Against Wisconsin he was, well just okay, taking just three shots en-route to five points.  Ooh.  Our team has fared well despite Langford not being a drop-dead shooter in that stretch. It’s just when he gets going too, he can help make this team unbeatable.


With all of the Spartan strength and their best ever record at this point—to their detriment, many are clinging on their close, hang-on victories as a reason to downgrade them.

This is all Kindle and it is marvelous. I will only add that while the adage of beating a team 3 times is a bug-a-boo, it is not impossible – we’ve done it before and in this Tourney. It’s the 2nd of  Izzo!

Michigan State has the nation’s longest active Division I winning streak.

Michigan State (28-3) has won the tournament five times but only twice as the top seed. Its last tournament championship came two years ago.

“There hasn’t been many teams who have won the regular season outright and the conference tournament and that’s our goal,” Izzo said.



MSU Will (Likely) Not Get a #1 Seed And It Does Not Matter
Feb 28th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Michigan State University Men’s Basketball team is highly unlikely to earn a #1 Seed in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.  This conclusion even considers the Spartans adding the B1G Tournament Title to its Regular Season Title and current 28-3 Record. So, forget About It!!!

What matters is we and most who follow college basketball know MSU is one of a handful of teams that are highly likely to advance to the Final Four in San Antonio.

As we all know if your team is a Seed between #1-#3 (and sometimes a #4) they have fairly level playing court trying to get to the Final Four.  The material hindrances to getting to the Final Four are the Region placement and opponent match-ups (e.g. facing Duke in the Sweet Sixteen somewhere in North Carolina).

So why won’t MSU get #1 Seed

The numbers and a new system for the Selection Committee using them is the blocking event.  The new quadrant system using the Ratings Power Index (RPI) as its baseline currently has MSU no better than a #2.  Good or bad that is the way it is.

It should be noted the Quadrant System method was recommended by a sub-committee that included coaches.  The exception is they recommended using three measures – Basketball Power Index, Sagarin Index and KenPom Index – as the basis and not the RPI. They believed the RPI was too flawed to use as the foundation.  The TUS Department of Statistics has created a Seeding using the recommended model. Purdue is at #4 and MSU #5 overall and are in a virtual tie for the last #1 Seed as of yesterday.

In order to get to a #1 Seed in the current system of measures MSU needs to win the BTT and have Virginia, Duke, Xavier and Kansas lose another game in the regular season and or lose early in their respective tourney’s.  Otherwise it is a #2 Seed.  If MSU loses on Friday in the BTT do not be surprised to see the Spartans as a #3 Seed.

While MSU is notorious for playing a brutal Non-Conference schedule (NC-SOS) – often in the top ten in the country in terms of difficulty – this season is the opposite.  MSU’s NC-SOS currently sits at #209.  The B1G Conference is normally near are at the top of the ladder in terms of measuring conference strength.  This year it is at the bottom.

Ironically using the sub-committee Quadrant System method, Michigan State, Purdue, Michigan and Ohio State would all be seeded #4 or better.

Why not getting #1 Seed does not matter

As TUS Members we know full that while getting the #1 Seed is extremely helpful historically, it does not determine MSU’s Final Four appearance fate.

Under the direction of Tom Izzo MSU has played in the Final Four seven times with Seedings as follows: #1 (3 times), #2 (1 time), #5 (2 times), and #7 (1 time).  So while a #1 Seed looks to be very helpful it is not critical.  MSU has been seeded #1 four times under Izzo and gone to the Final Four three times. So if MSU does receive a #1 Seeding and history matters; start packing for San Antonio.

What really matters

MSU & TUS focusing on the BTT and getting some physical and mental rest.


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2017-2018 Men’s Basketball B1G Regular Season Champions – By The Numbers
Feb 25th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The 2017-2018 Spartans of Michigan State University Men’s Basketball team claimed the B1G Regular Season title today by beating the Badgers of Wisconsin in Madison (WI) 68-65.

With the victory, this edition of the Spartans compile the best single-regular season record in the illustrious history of the program at 28-3 (16-2 BIG).  It is the 8th B1G Regular Season Championship (3rd outright) under the direction of Head Coach Tom Izzo.

The Spartans head to the City of New York in the State of New York to play in the B1G Tournament in Madison Square Garden.  The Spartans get a double-bye.  Their first game will be at Noon ET on Friday March 2nd against the winner of the #8 vs. #9 Seed game on Thursday.

I decided not to wait for the various statistics services. So I had The TUS Statistics Department put together the numbers from the entire regular season.  Average per game – played or not (31), Average per 40 minutes, and Season Total.

Name three things that come to mind about this team (statistics related or not).


A Shot of (@)Whiskey
Feb 25th, 2018 by USMC Retired

Questions surrounded MSU rhis week.

Izzo denied wrong-doing by anyone.

Some suggested Miles Bridges should not even play.


Spartans take on the Madison Dolly’s today at 1300 before CBS switches to PGA Golf (and Tiger’s 4th round of competitive golf in almost 4 years). The game is being played inside a place located on the frozen tundra, though south of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It should be a raucous crowd urging their heroes on in the last game of the season as they have now won a trifecta. As the post season opportunities will be limited to the BTT this year, the home crowd will be primed for an upset of the #1/#2 Spartans.

Points to ponder:

Whiskey has not had a very stellar season (middling to say the best @14-16, although they are on the aforementioned 3 game winning streak ) with their only claim to fame being the recent defeat of PU in the Chickens recent 3 game slide. In that game the Whiskey center Ethan Happ outplayed the fleet footed Chicken center (unlike the Spartans, in the previous game who chose NOT to double team Haas, but defend the 3) Containing Happ is a must to garner the win in Madison. As alluded earlier, Whiskey played Minnie-Haha on Monday and won, then traveled to the rock concert home of the MildCats on Tuesday and won. In those games their cast of characters didn’t change with Happ averaging in double figures in scoring, while not rebounding near as well as he ought.  Other starters had 1 of 2 good games . Former Spartan Travis Trice’s younger brother D’Mitrik (W#0) played for Whiskey a good bit, but did not see the floor in the last 2 games.

Folks to watch from Whiskey team include Happ (W#22) Davison (W#21) and Iverson (W#1): the 1st 2 for scoring and #22 does get 8 rebounds in BT play and the latter for his rebounding assistance to #22, he gets almost 8 himself. Spartans won comfortably at home, but as noted above this game is across the Big Lake and we all know what foibles can transpire in enemy territory (if not…..)

From Kindle, but I wholeheartedly agree, the pics are also from him

We are aware the Spartans will at least share the Big Ten Title, which now gives Tom Izzo eight of them. EIGHT. The eight conference titles has moved Izzo into a tie with Walter Meanwell (Wisconsin) for the third most in conference history, trailing only Bob Knight and Ward Lambert, who had 11 each.

But, the bigger story in this frantic news weekend became the breathless coverage of the college basketball scandal as it supposedly touches/touched Michigan State with expense account entries of a less than stellar character named Christian Dawkins.

In the past three threads much has been cited and written about in the posts and comments by TUS members.   There’s not much to add here today soooo,

We can leave it there, for now, with this:

MSU took more than 24 hours to come to a decision on Bridges, but after vetting Bridges’ case with the NCAA, both entities  deemed his situation above board and not at risk for potential retribution from the NCAA.

The NCAA has cleared Miles Bridges to play on Sunday after an internal investigation by Michigan State’s compliance committee. That’s great news for the Spartans who are facing off against a team that has won three straight and 4-of-5.

On to the game preview——–

Could this season’s off-court distractions be any more deafening for the young Spartans? Probably not, but the team has handled them extremely well, IMHO, while winning 11 straight games. Wisconsin might be hot all of a sudden, but the Spartans won’t be nervous heading into yet another hostile environment. Sure, the the game could even be close for a majority of the first 25-30 minutes, but I think we can safely expect Michigan State to pull away, possibly waaay away before it is over.  I think MSU will be inspired by all of this flack rather than dispirited.  I’m thinking a chip-on-the-shoulder kind of game to bid adios to an amazing and weird season.

Nick Ward and Jaren Jackson combined for nine blocks against Ethan Happ in the previous meeting and the Spartans appear to have the Badgers over-matched at every position—still, we have to admit that this is the type of game that defines a season for teams. Will MSU play at its best, which I expect, or will it let a Badger team that they should beat, hang around and sneak out a win? In a season with plenty of MSU distractions and earlier turnover woes, each team has been playing great basketball as of late and true freshman Brad Davison has grown into the role of point guard while running the team very well lately.  I expect some Tum Tum defense on Davison.


It will be a close game, maybe for awhile, but the Spartans prevail and ALL will continue to be RIGHT with the world as the Spartans EARN the top Seed in the BTT in The Cesspool that is NYC.

Humbly submitted for your perusal this 25th day of February in the Year of Our Lord 2018.



Post Script/NorthForkRancher (who is holding a note card that reads, “I hear you.”)

TV Crew: Kevin Harlan & Bill Raftery on the call. “Onions!”  “Big Fella!”

3: Michigan State has won three-straight in the series—but,  the Badgers have taken the last three meetings between the two schools at Kohl Center, where they may be raffling off Bo Ryan face masks and a crock pot or two prior to the game….no pressure cookers though.

The Seniors of the Izzo Era – Who Is On Your Team?
Feb 23rd, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Based on the Last Few Days…

Here is my response to any question from anyone the past few days. Are you still beating your spouse or spousal equivalent? Did you enjoy your years as a member of The Hitler Youth?

I do not suggest you take my approach to answering questions, but I thought you might get a chuckle.

I also suggest to everyone [sic. that they] step back, observe your surroundings, and not fall victim of unwittingly becoming a tool for someone else’s agenda. Taking a photo of a snipet of a document that you are not allowed to see, present, or write about in full and or unencumbered is dangerous (in journalism and life in general) at best.

The contents of the Post I planned a number of days ago…

I enjoy and favor people who stay for the long-term and complete the task at-hand.  I like thinking carefully. making a commitment and honoring it.  In college basketball that means I like students who stay in school and play as Senior’s for their University.  Tom Izzo has had 72 students play as Seniors during his role as Head Coach at Michigan State.

In this exercise I would like for you to review the names and high level statistics for all 72 people who have played as Seniors while Tom Izzo performed the role as Head Coach at MSU.  I would like you to establish the Roster for your MSU Senior team.  The squad is can be 12 players deep.

The roster must consist of the following:

2 Centers.

4 Forwards.

4 Guards.

2 of any position.

Who is on your MSU Senior Team?

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I put up the Other, so here’s I3T’s answer
Feb 23rd, 2018 by USMC Retired


I3T has spoken on the latest dirt being spread by the Media Vampires (of who Solari is now absolutely one)

Basically says you people are stupid, we’ve told the NCAA all about all this a long time ago

So What Now Buttercup?
Feb 23rd, 2018 by USMC Retired

#22 and I3T may be part of the FBI probe


Story is here

MSU vs Illinois Game Thread for Senior Night
Feb 20th, 2018 by Kindle

A trio of Michigan State players will be recognized on Senior Day against Illinois at the Breslin Center on Feb. 20 … Graduate transfer Ben Carter, senior Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn Jr. and redshirt senior Gavin Schilling will be honored in ceremonies following the game … Carter came to MSU as a graduate transfer after spending two seasons at UNLV … He sat out last year after a knee injury on the first day of practice, but has played in 20 games and been a valuable frontcourt reserve … Schilling is one of the most experienced players on the team and started 33 games on the 2015 Final Four Team … After missing last season with a knee injury, he has appeared in 29 games this year and is averag-ing 3.2 points and 3.7 rebounds … Nairn Jr. is a three-year captain who is considered one of the great leaders in Mich-igan State history … He is among the Big Ten’s leaders in assists and the nation’s leaders in assist to turnover ratio.

Scouting Report: Michigan State vs. Illinois

No. 2/1 Michigan State has just two games remaining in the regular season, beginning with tonight’s matchup with Illinois.

The Spartans (26-3 overall, 14-2 Big Ten) have a chance to clinch a share of the Big Ten title on senior night tonight against a team that it beat by double digits on the road last month. But Illinois, which has just three Big Ten wins on the season, did force MSU into 25 turnovers last time around, and the Spartans will have to come out focused to avoid having to make another comeback like Saturday at Northwestern.

Here’s a closer look at the Illini ahead of Michigan State’s final home game of the season.

GAME INFO: Michigan State vs. Illinois


Record: 13-15 overall, 3-12 Big Ten

Streak: W1

SOS: 68th

Record vs. RPI Top 25: 1-2

Best Win: vs. Missouri (70-64 on Dec. 23 in St. Louis)

Worst Loss: vs. Iowa (104-97 in overtime on Jan. 11)


Illinois picked up its best win in Big Ten play — there’s only three to choose from — by beating Nebraska 72-66 in Champaign. Junior forward Leron Black had a monster game for the Illini, scoring 28 points on 11-for-18 shooting, including 3-for-4 from deep. Freshman guard Trent Frazier and sophomore forward Kipper Nichols both added 12. Illinois scored 43 points in the first half behind a 7-for-9 shooting performance from 3-point range.

TEAM STATS BREAKDOWN (National, Big Ten ranking)

Adjusted offense: 108 points per 100 possessions (125th, 13th)

Scoring offense: 75.6 ppg (130th, 7th)

Field goals: 43.8% (225th, 10th)

3-pointers: 32% (319th, 13th)

Free throws: 72.8% (121st, 6th)

Assists: 13.4 per game (194th, 12th)

Turnovers: 14.2 per game (278th, 14th)

A/TO ratio: 0.95 (251st, 13th)

Offensive rebounds: 13 per game (18th, 2nd)

OR percentage: 33 percent (25th, 2nd)

Adjusted defense: 102 points per 100 possessions (97th, 12th)

Scoring defense: 72.5 ppg (178th, 12th)

FG defense: 46.7% (299th, 14th)

3-point defense: 33.1% (83rd, 4th)

Fouls: 22.2 per game (343rd, 14th)

Blocks: 2.1 per game (325th, 14th)

Steals: 7.4 per game (60th, 2nd)

Forced turnovers: 17.43 per game (6th, 1st)

Defensive rebounds: 21 per game (348th, 14th)

DR percentage: 71.6% (244th, 13th)

Rebounding margin: +1.1 (165th, 9th)

Rebounding percentage: 50.8% (137th, 8th)

STARTERS (Bold = Team Leader)

G: #1 Trent Frazier (12.3 ppg, 40.9% FG, 32.6% 3FG, 63.9% FT, 1.8 rpg, 2.8 apg, 1.6 spg in 25.4 mpg)

G: #23 Aaron Jordan (8.1 ppg, 46% FG, 46.5% 3FG, 83.3% FT, 3.2 rpg in 20.6 mpg)

G: #24 Mark Alstork (6.3 ppg, 33.3% FG, 23.4% 3FG, 76.1% FT, 3.8 rpg, 1.9 apg in 23.5 mpg)

F: #2 Kipper Nichols (9.8 ppg, 43.8% FG, 36.8% 3FG, 85.2% FT, 4.4 rpg in 18.1 mpg)

F: #12 Leron Black (15.1 ppg, 56.6% FG, 53.3% 3FG, 79.5% FT, 5.5 rpg in 26 mpg)


*F: #43 Michael Finke (9.6 ppg, 48% FG, 29.9% 3FG, 57.5% FT, 4.8 rpg, 1.1 apg in 25.4 mpg)

G: #3 Te’Jon Lucas (5.2 ppg, 45.9% FG, 14.3% 3FG, 60% FT, 2 rpg, 3.1 apg, 1 spg in 20.2 mpg)

G: #20 Da’Monte Williams (3.4 ppg, 31.3% FG, 17.1% 3FG, 71.1% FT, 2.7 rpg, 1.1 apg in 17.4 mpg)

F: #11 Greg Eboigbodin (2.1 ppg, 57.5% FG, 0-for-0 3FG, 42.1% FT, 1.4 rpg in 10.3 mpg)

G: #13 Mark Smith (6 ppg, 34.8% FG, 23% 3FG, 82% FT, 1.4 rpg, 1.4 apg in 19.1 mpg)

* – Finke has missed the last three games with a concussion.


Michigan State beat Illinois 87-74 back on Jan. 22 in a game that could have been a much bigger blowout. The Spartans shot 78.9 percent from the field in the first half and 68.2 percent for the game, but they also turned it over 25 times to keep the score closer than it probably should have been.

The Spartans shot such a high percentage from the field and turned it over so many times for the same reason. Under first-year head coach Brad Underwood, Illinois extends its defense out on the perimeter and is aggressive jumping passing lanes and trapping. As a result, the Illini rank second in the Big Ten in steals and first in turnovers forced per game. However, that defensive strategy is also why Illinois is at or near the bottom of the league in virtually every other defensive category except for 3-point field goal defense.

Once again, Michigan State should be able to find open, high-percentage shots. However, if the Spartans can’t take care of the basketball, Illinois will be able to stick around again.

Illinois is also not a very efficient offensive team, and the best thing the Illini do on that end of the floor is rebound. MSU’s biggest challenge defensively will be keeping Illinois off the glass. As far as offensive options, Leron Black is the Illini’s best player, leading the team in scoring 15.1 points per game. He’s also one of only four Illinois players shooting better than 30 percent from 3-point range, connecting on a team-high 53.3 percent of his attempts. Granted, he barely takes more than one 3-pointer per game (1.1), but MSU can’t forget about him on the perimeter.

Freshman guard Trent Frazier scored 13 points against MSU the last time, but it was junior forward Kipper Nichols who kept things interesting by scoring a career-high 27. Nichols hasn’t scored 20-plus points or made more than two 3-pointers in any other game this season, but he went 5-for-8 from distance against the Spartans. With that, the scouting report will be a bit different on Nichols this time around.

Illinois is likely to be without regular starting center Michael Finke, who has missed the last three games with a concussion. Finke made the trip to East Lansing, but reports are that he’s not expected to play.


Illinois played well to pick up a win over Nebraska on Sunday, but Michigan State is just a bad matchup for the Illini. The Spartans were able to turn it over 25 times and still win by 13 in the last meeting because MSU has the playmakers to take advantage of Illinois’ pressure defense. And, in the eight games since the win over the Illini, Michigan State has turned it over only 10.9 times per game, below the team’s overall season average of 13.2 per contest. So with Michigan State doing the best it has all season in terms of taking care of the ball and playing for a Big Ten title on senior night, the Spartans should have little trouble with Illinois.

Michigan State 89, Illinois 70

The End is near
Feb 18th, 2018 by USMC Retired

Our foe on Sunday had 3 other games this week.  Whiskey  beat Minnie at home and then won @NW on Thursday before our CBS game @1300R Sunday



An Albatross in Total Desperation
Feb 17th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Entertainment Sport Programming Network (E.S.P.N.) is in a desperate situation.

The implication to TUS Membership is that E.S.P.N. is resorting to crossing ethical norms and responsible journalistic standards by creating sensationalist headlines and stories to keep subscribers and eyeballs.  Why? in order to stop a financial loss free-fall that is unprecedented in E.S.P.N. ‘s history.

The source of its most recent sensationalist material is the public naming of a Michigan State University basketball player who is possibly under investigation, and may or may not be charged with 4th degree assault (touching of another person without their consent).  In short, the public outing and shaming of a young adult without due process in a guilty until proven innocent manner.

E.S.P.N. presented the story as its lead late on Thursday and all day Friday. It was kept on the lead pages via questioning of Tom Izzo after MSU’s victory over Northwestern yesterday.  This is the latest effort by E.S.P.N. in their attempt to associate the Spartans most respected, successful, well known, and high profile coaches with a separate situation by claiming it is part of a bigger conspiracy.

As a former owner of a media syndication company, Associate Publisher of a group of newspapers, writer, and for two years a contracted assistant producer-director for a fledgling E.S.P.N. I am embarrassed by E.S.P.N.’s most recent efforts.  While E.S.P.N.’s premise might ultimately prove true, it trampled over the rights of an otherwise innocent person simply for generating ratings and new headlines.  E.S.P.N. you are better than this kind of work.  E.S.P.N. staff exacerbates the situation by asking MSU staff and coaches to comment and respond to questions knowing full well that if they do so they violate the law.  How weak and unprofessional.

The ends do not justify the means E.S.P.N.   Good investigative reporting can often help the helpless and get some justice for the afflicted and expose dishonesty and hypocrisy.  What you are doing ain’t it – not even close.  E.S.P.N. you are now on record of doing exactly the same thing as what you are trying to report – dishonesty and hypocrisy – in order to create a story.  Be aware, if you prove to be wrong E.S.P.N., it will be you who ends up being the only one who violated the public trust for your own gratification and profit at the expense of innocent and otherwise defenseless people.

I am not here to blindly support coaches, Izzo, Dantonio or anyone else at MSU.  If they are tied to committing a crime or covering one up; they should be held fully accountable. So, E.S.P.N. if you have facts demonstrating proof of crimes and or a cover-up present them.  Otherwise, get back to covering and presenting the sports content for which your subscribers are paying.

Jeff’s Worthless Trivia and other thoughts.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in front of our society in general and that of being citizen in the The United States in 2018 is that it feels as if all of us are constantly looking the other way when we see or know about a problem and or applying standards to someone else in remarkably hypocritical fashion.  Why? Well let’s be honest.  Dealing with an issue is often inconvenient and requires some level of confrontation.  And sometimes, if you do get involved, you can get dragged through the mud in the “no good deed get’s unpunished” school of life.

Let’s ask ourselves, what good are we if we are the one’s looking the other way when we know something is up as it relates to a crime that ultimately inflicts great harm.  I say – pretty worthless. With this in mind, I am going to call out E.S.P.N. for moving to being irresponsible.  And that irresponsibility may well discredit an otherwise important piece of investigative journalism.

Less than five years ago E.S.P.N. was the most valuable media property in the world (estimated at $40 Billion by Forbes in Q4 2012).  E.S.P.N. had over 100 million paying subscribers and full booking of advertising slots at top rates.  It was the foundation of Disney’s profits and image.

Today, it appears, E.S.P.N. has generated $4 – $5 Billion of loss each of the last two years.  The end to its losses are nowhere in sight as E.S.P.N is contracted to pay an unprecedented amount for its content with its subscriber base shrinking to approximately to 80 million and ad revenues down 11-15%. E.S.P.N’s recent public culling of staff and overhead has made its own sensational headlines.

E.S.P.N is attempting to demonstrate the horrific case of Larry Nassar and his multiple hundreds of victims is tied to a greater conspiracy that involves all of MSU and its athletics.  M.S.U. is proving to be complicit on a number of fronts and possibly many others as it relates to Nassar. The Nassar case and its related aspects is and should be covered by responsible investigative journalism.  However, putting the faces of Tom Izzo, and Mark Dantonio next to that of Larry Nassar with uncorroborated and known to be debunked storylines is irresponsible and sloppy.

I thought it might be funny and ironic that I put together four photos; that of Adoph Hitler and Eva Braun next to E.S.P.N’s Bob Lee, and Paula Lavigne.  Doing so, while maybe funny, would be completely unfair and inappropriate.  So I chose not to do so!

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