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The AP voters move Michigan State up to #18, one spot ahead of Michigan in this week’s Top 25 poll….Is that going to be enough to make people in AA lose their minds? But Harbaugh..but Harbaugh, but Harbaugh…..



Jalen Watts-Jackson grabbed a flubbed punt and lumbered 38 yards into the end zone for a touchdown on the final play of the game, giving Michigan State a shocking 27-23 win over Michigan.  Happy Day, everyone!
This never gets old: Here are 9 simultaneous shots of the play some may have never seen  before:



Whether anyone from TUS is actually attending Michigan State Madness on Friday night, KNOW THE FOLLOWING~~~ All Spartan fans need to be aware that Michigan State is stepping up security efforts.  MSU announces increased security at sporting events: No-bag policy for all indoor events and more visible police presence at football games.  The no-bag policy is now in effect for ALL campus events at ALL indoor athletic facilities.  The “no-bag” policy means all bags are prohibited at all events at indoor athletic facilities — Breslin & Munn — as well as Spartan Stadium.  This policy is also for concerts/special events at those venues. A full list of prohibited items can be found here:



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MSU stats update: Kenny Willekes (a GoSt8Go fave) credited with additional sack vs. Minnesota. He now has four sacks and eight TFLs this season.

Michigan State players have nicknamed Matt Coghlin “McLovin.” Mark Dantonio just called him “McMuffin.”Interesting stats from Week 7

Wisconsin is 6-0, with zero wins over teams with a winning record, and two currently-winning teams remain on their schedule.


*Ohio State scored 97 consecutive points against Nebraska over two games in the last two years.

*USF tied an AP poll-era record by scoring at least 30 points in its 23rd consecutive game.

*Stanford’s Bryce Love has a rush of at least 50 yards in nine straight games.

*Arizona’s Khalil Tate is the first FBS quarterback to run for 200 yards in consecutive games since 1997, per the Pac-12 Network.

*Arizona QB’s have rushed for exactly 1,000 yards this season. Tate 663, Dawkins 338, Rodriguez -1

*The are the first team in NFL history to lose 5 straight games, each by 3 or fewer points.

*Nebraska threw no pick-sixes on Saturday.




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1. Kyler Elsworth: Spartan legend

In place of Max Bullough, the fifth-year senior was all over the place, making many key tackles, including the final fourth down stop to win the game.

2. Connor Cook: MVP again

He was lucky to only finish with one interception, but he made several huge throws and earned his second-straight MVP performance. Remember when he couldn’t move toe ball on Western Michigan or South Florida?

3. Offensive line: Good enough

MSU didn’t get much on the ground, but they did enough to give Cook time in the pocket to complete big throws. #AMSUOLHG is dead.

4. Sparty Yes

All season, every time this MSU team made a big mistake, they bounced back. Connor Cook throws a pick-six and comes back with a TD drive before the end of the first half. Defense struggles early, but completely shuts the Cardinal down the rest of the way, only allowing a field goal outside the first quarter. Sparty No is no more. National respect: Fully earned.

5. Celebrate responsibly.  (Thanks to SB Nation for assistance with this thread)

Michigan State hired midwest native Mark Dantonio seven years ago with the hopes that he could rebuild a program that had fallen on hard times since Nick Saban left for greener pastures after the 1999 season.

Today he reached the top of the mountain — a victory in our coveted Rose Bowl.

Connor Cook threw for 332 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winner early in the fourth quarter and the Spartans completed their best season in nearly 30 years with a 24-20 victory over Stanford before 95,173 in the 100th Rose Bowl Game.

Michigan State, also had 84 yards and a touchdown from senior running back Jeremy Langford, finished 13-1 winning its first Rose Bowl Game since beating USC, 20-17, in 1988.

Stanford, getting 91 yards rushing and one touchdown from Tyler Gaffney, finished 11-3. The Cardinal, who beat Wisconsin, 20-14, last season, was hoping to win its second consecutive Rose Bowl for the second time in school history.  Michigan State would dash those hopes and wishes on this day.

“Completion,” said Dantonio, whose is 64-29 in his seven seasons, with Wednesday/today being the team’s first Bowl Championship Series victory under his tenure. “We just knew this was a special football team. (A) 13-1 football team, it can’t get any better than that.”

The Spartans were also resilent, fighting back from deficits of 10-0 and 17-7 before Cook, who gave up an interception for a touchdown before the end of the first half, put the Spartans ahead with a 25-yard pass to Tony Lippett for the 24-17 advantage with 13:22 left.

The go-ahead score was set up by a 19-yard return to the Stanford’ 27 by Macgarrett Kings. Cook hit Lippett, who had five receptions for 94 yards and a score, for the lead two plays later.

“I’m at a loss for words,” Cook said. “To be here with my teammates and with the 10oth Rose Bowl Game is such a special thing.”

Stanford tried to rally back.

The Cardinal, also getting 143 yards passing from Kevin Hogan, drove 50 yards before settling for a 39-yard field goal by Jordan Williamson to cut it to 24-20 with 4:15, then got the ball back with just over three minutes to play. But three plays from its own 25 gained nine yards before fullback Ryan Hewitt was stopped for no gain by Kyler Elsworth on fourth and 1 to clinch it for Michigan State.

“I’m going to pu the ball in the hands of our guys and put it on the offensive line, and we’re going to go for it on fourth down in that situation,” Stanford coach David Shaw said. “We go for a field goal, because we put it on our defense to get the ball pack. and that’s what they did.

“We got beat today by a really good football team.”

Michigan State took the lead early in the fourth quarter.

Michigan State, after following behind, 10-0, at the start, came to life in the second quarter.

Cook, who threw for 198 yards a touchdown in the first half, keyed a 75-yard drive with passes of 24 and 19 yards to Tony Lippett to set-up a 2-yard run by Langford that cut it to 10-7 with 10:45 left in the first half.

Stanford was its own worst enemy in the drive. Lineman Ben Gardner missed a chance an interception at the Michigan State 35 and the Cardinal had a key pass-interference penalty on third and goal from the 9. Langford scored on the next play.

The Cardinal made up for it late in the first half when Usua Amanam pressued Cook into an interception, which Kevin Anderson returned 40 yards for a score and a 17-7 lead with 2:07 left in the second quarter.

Cook and Michigan State has been resilent all season and showed it over the final two minutes. Cook had completions of 24 yards to Lippett and 37 to Bennie Fowler to the Stanford 2 before hitting fullback Trevon Pendleton on a rollout to cut it to 17-14 with 28 seconds left in the half.

(Do-Hyoung Park/The Stanford Daily) Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio celebrates with the Rose Bowl Game trophy after beating Stanford today in Pasadena, Calif. 

This Date in Hey Joe History
Mar 19th, 2013 by GoSt8Go

I miss Hey Joe and the great commentary that used to occur there (not the trolls). I particularly miss the insight Joe would provide between the lines.

Here’s a look back to some meaningful posts of the day at Hey Joe:

Holy Tar Heels 3/19/2007. This story from Joe after arriving back from NC after our loss to Carolina, responding to some grief he took from Carolina fans. Florida would go on to repeat as NC.

Gee, I take a little spin from Winston-Salem to Lansing and all heck breaks loose. Between my inbox and this blog, there are more insults from Carolina fans than JJ Redick used to hear in the Dean Dome.I’d like to set the record straight, if possible. To all North Carolina fans: I was attempting to make the point that, while your team has all the materials necessary to win this thing, it will take a little bit more than that to win a championship. The same approach to future games will, in my opinion, be dangerous. That is all. As for “sour grapes,” listen, writers down there may wave foam fingers on press row, I don’t know, but I’m not an MSU fan. Some of you made the point that UNC wore Neitzel down with multiple defenders, and you’re right. But he said it himself — he can’t remember getting so many open shots. Anyone who has watched MSU this season will tell you that he saw much, much, much tougher defense than that in every single Big Ten game this season.

Kudos to UNC for getting it done in this game. The Heels could have cracked when they were trailing inside seven minutes, but they made big shots. Hansbrough and Lawson are incredible players. Terry is a fearless senior. I think Wright and the bench probably need to give more than we saw Saturday. The thing is, MSU deserves lots of credit for having a good plan and being in position to pull the upset — but UNC should not have let that happen! The pre-game preparation stuff was mentioned because I’ve honestly never seen that before. Maybe it’s because these guys are young, but usually even if players don’t know a lot about the upcoming opponents, they’ll give a cliche answer about them being good players and move on. They usually don’t admit to having no idea. UNC is good enough to worry about its own play only and beat MSU. I don’t know if that will work against, say, Georgetown. MSU shot 38 percent because it missed good shots. Along with Neitzel’s open looks, MSU got backdoor after backdoor, usually to Raymar Morgan, on that defense. Georgetown has an offense that needs to be studied a bit, because the Hoyas will do that all day in a variety of ways. Just a thought.

I think that about covers it. If North Carolina wins the national championship, I will not be surprised. But I betcha they don’t do it if they don’t pick up the focus a little bit. Thank you, and thanks to all of you regular readers who responded to the expectations question. Now I have to copy this post and paste it into a bunch of e-mail responses to a bunch of people who are way too sensitive for their own good.

Live from Denver 3/19/2008 MSU getting ready to play Temple in the 1st Round.

Watching the Spartans practice right now, in front of a few hundred fans at Pepsi Center.

They just completed interviews, and I was able to find out something I’ve been wondering about this week — matchups. Temple has those 6-5 guards, Christmas and Tyndale, who are tough assignments for most teams. MSU is going to put Kalin Lucas on Tyndale. That may seem strange, considering Lucas gives up a good five inches and 45 pounds. But Tyndale is a driver and Lucas has the foot speed to stay in front of him. I assume Temple will try to get him the ball inside. That means Raymar Morgan will be on Christmas. This makes sense because Morgan has two inches on him, with the reach to bother his shooting. And Morgan on the slashing Tyndale could make for another one of those foul-trouble-plagued evenings. So Neitzel will be on the 6-3 guard, Guzman, Naymick will guard the 7-footer, Sergio Olmos, and Suton will check the athletic 6-9 freshman, Lavoy Allen. And no, this stuff isn’t top secret. It’s not like Temple won’t find out on the first possession. The Owls, though, were less specific on how they’ll match up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Christmas on Neitzel and Tyndale on Morgan, with the quicker Guzman trying to keep Lucas out of the lane. Both teams will have matchup edges at all times, it’s a matter of who does a better job exploiting.
Walton, obviously, will come off the bench and take one of Temple’s big two when he’s on the floor. And Temple will go small a lot. Morgan is prepared to play a lot of power forward as MSU counters. The Spartans have to get him the ball inside. OK, almost time for the only interesting part of the practice — the dunk contest.

Raymar Morgan 3/19/2009 Joe predicting a possible big game for Raymar against Robert Morris. For the record, Ray went for 16 pts and 5 boards.

Forced to predict an MSU player to step up and deliver a huge game in the Spartans’ NCAA opener, I’ll go with Morgan.

For one thing, the matchup dictates that he’ll be guarded by a smaller player. And Robert Morris doesn’t zone much, so MSU should be able to exploit. For another, Tom Izzo just said Morgan has had a couple of his best days of practice. “I’m expecting big things out of Raymar,” Izzo said, “and I think we’ll need big things.” For a third, even Morgan is talking big before the game. For some athletes, that’s not a good thing. For Morgan, who is the absolute opposite of cocky, it’s a positive sign. “I finally get to show the world what they’ve been missing,” he said during MSU’s news conference. An aside here. I have noticed a few people ripping mercilessly on Morgan, partially because of his well-documented struggles with sulking during games, partially because of his inconsistent play. Those are valid concerns, although he has improved his in-game demeanor a lot from last year. But any suggestion that Morgan is selfish is invalidated what he has done this year. The guy allowed his scoring average to drop nearly five points, playing here and there during his mono stretch when MSU needed it. And there are plenty of guys at this level who would not do that. Anyway, I’ll guess 16 and 8 for Morgan on Friday.

Tonight’s starting lineup 3/19/2010 Spartans getting ready to play New Mexico State, a team we beat by 3 points.

Lucas, Allen, Summers, Morgan, Nix.

The three juniors get to respond immediately, together. Meanwhile, this place is empty! Maybe more people will start trickling in, but the Final Four-bound Zags are playing right now, so I’m thinking a lot of ticket holders are hunched around TVs. I’ve never covered an NCAA tourney game with fewer fans. Enjoy the game and fire away.

First, a look back 3/19/2011 Joe’s thoughts after the Spartans lose to UCLA two days prior.

At a season no one saw coming, even with the health issues and dismissals.

In this industry, we talk about who’s a “good quote.” As in: “What kind of a quote is he?” As in, are the comments interesting and real, or robotic and cliche-ridden? Other than maybe a couple people (USC’s Kevin O’Neill is the only one who immediately comes to mind), Tom Izzo is as good as it gets in college basketball in terms of quotability. (And honestly, most college football coaches today have that dry, dull, bunker mentality going — the days of Duffy Daugherty are long gone). That’s pretty much a constant thing with Izzo (and his quotability includes made-up words such as “plethargy”), but it’s especially true right after the final loss of a season. You see it in today’s story, you’ll see it in Sunday’s story looking ahead to 2011-12, and here are a few more Izzo nuggets from right after UCLA.

On what halftime was like: “It was kind of strange because it wasn’t yelling and screaming, which really let me down. I thought I let myself down because I wanted to yell and scream. But there were no mirrors in there so I couldn’t do it at myself. But I just kept asking them why we got off to such a slow start. And then we just started talking about how we can chip it down, and that we can’t make plays like we did in the first half. We got it down to 10, 11 I think and then just ridiculous. A guy that drives and we’re out there fouling him. And we knew what he did. And one of our big guys just tried reaching around. And we just did some dumb things, to be honest with you, which we normally don’t do. We might not play great, but usually we follow scouting reports pretty well. And I think that was part of it. We were just not mentally into it, and I think that was the emotional drain. So we talked about, can we battle back? If you guys were in there taping it, it would have been like a bad soap opera.”

On finding positives in this season: “Look, I’m gonna be better for this. And I think there’s a lot of kids that’ll be better for this. Everybody went through some tough times, and we’ll be able to evaluate, which ones did we cause? Which ones didn’t we cause? A lot of things happen in your life that you don’t cause. They’re gonna affect you and you have to deal with it. It’s one of those years and if 19 wins and a trip to the NCAA Tournament is a bad year – which it is for us, especially for maybe this team – we’re in pretty good shape in general.”

On having immediate exit interviews to try to learn something from this season: “We’ll have meetings right away for one reason only. I think you’ve got to hit the moment while it’s hot, you know. And try to ask, ‘OK, so what do you think? Why? Why did this happen, why did that happen? How much do you think this affected you?’ I’m anxious to talk to Kalin when it’s all over and say, ‘How did you feel most of the year? What did you really go through?’”

On what Lucas did to come back from his injury (Izzo mentioned that he talked to some Tampa Bay Bucs medical people, and they concurred with others that Lucas’ recovery and performance were exceptional): “He’s gonna be an icon in that way. I think he came back as fast and as good as anybody in any sport in the whole country. I haven’t had the time to really appreciate that because I kept wanting more out of him.”

On the benefit of being humbled in this way: “I don’t think any of us can go through life and everything keep going great, and not get a little bit full of ourselves – (including) our fans. But if it was totally humbling it would have meant that we just laid an egg. I have to decide how much did we lay an egg, and how much was it the cards we were dealt? And that makes it a little more difficult.”

Izzo expects Pitino to mad-dog it 3/19/2012 Notes from Joe fresh off a victory over St. Louis, facing Louisville shortly.

Tom Izzo just had a presser in East Lansing, a day after a grinding win over Saint Louis — check out our gamer with video, rail, sidebar on Appling the shooter and photo gallery — and three days before a very different kind of game could emerge between MSU and Louisville in Phoenix. I was skeptical about that before listening to Izzo today, but he thinks the Cardinals will be more aggressive in this game than they were in 2009.

That team, Izzo said, could “beat you in different ways,” pressed early and backed off when it was clear Kalin Lucas and Co. could break it easily. This team, he said, is more devoted to getting after people and needs to do that more than the 2009 team did. If that’s how it turns out, get ready for an entertaining Thursday.

* Incoming MSU recruit Matt Costello has been named Mr. Basketball, and Izzo said he’s “ecstatic” about it.

* The USBWA chose Anthony Davis for the Oscar Robertson National Player of the Year, while Draymond Green is one of four finalists for the Naismith (Davis, Thomas Robinson, Doug McDermott). Izzo made his case for Green today, saying it’s “a collegiate award, not an NBA award,” comparing Green with Shane Battier in terms of versatility, and pointing out again what he’s done with less of a supporting cast than the other two top candidates.

* Izzo was serious about getting some MSU football players in to help the Spartans prepare for a press, but this is going to be a light day before MSU flies out tonight. He isn’t certain if the “Iron Mountain Team” can prep MSU, but he joked (I think) that he may use seven or eight at a time to press rather than the usual six.

* Will Louisville back off Appling? “I hope so,” Izzo said. And in discussing Green’s struggles a couple weeks ago with all the attention he was getting for awards — it prompted Green to lay off the Twitter — Izzo got some shots in at his least favorite thing in the world. Twitter. He called it a “terrible disease.”

roburto67 Deserved His Own Post–He Was One of Us–Might Have Been One Of TUS?
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Joe Rexrode wrote from London (on August 11th, 2012), “And sadly, we have lost a regular contributor on the blog. Dr. Robert Burton Breckenfield, known here as roburto67, passed away unexpectedly on Aug. 1. Here’s his obituary. Bob posted here a lot and emailed me often, and he’ll obviously be missed by a lot of people. Thanks to Linda Miller Rockey for passing this on. Rest in peace, Bob.”

The Obit: Robert Burton Breckenfeld D.O. Dr. Robert Burton Breckenfeld D.O., a resident of Brighton, and native of Okemos, died unexpectedly after suffering a heart attack in northern Michigan. He was preceded in death by his wife, Kathy M. (Lustig) Breckenfeld in 2011, and is survived by his children, Jill (Ben) Thompson, Jane Breckenfeld, John Breckenfeld, and Joyce (Nick) Rundlett; grandchildren, Jamin, Leah, Kort, & Sean Thompson; step-children, Jack Hanlon and Karyn (Aaron) Bocko; brothers, Jim (Ginny) and Bill Breckenfeld; his extended family and many, many dear friends. “Dr. B” was retired from Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills where he served as an Emergency Room physician for over thirty-seven years. He was a graduate of Okemos High School, Michigan State University, and Chicago Osteopathic Medical School. A Funeral Service will be held at Lynch & Sons Funeral Home, 600 E. Main Street, Brighton, on Thursday, August 9, at 11 a.m. Visitation will be held on Wednesday from 3-9 p.m. and on Thursday from 10 a.m. until the time of service. Memorials may be made in his name to the Huron River Watershed Council 1100 N. Main St., #210, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 or to The Kite Network (Grief Counselor Training), c/o Christy Miller 4624 Packard St., Ann Arbor, MI 48108. For further information please phone 810-229-2905 or visit


“His presence will be missed by those of us who know him on (Hey Joe)” – USMCSpartan Ret

“Dr. Breckenfeld (Roberto’67) was a wonderful tonic to the (Hey Joe) blog…”– Jeffrey Lubeck

“I never met Dr.  Breckenfeld but was a Spartan friend. …”- tim diller


Ghost of Biggie says:  “Our sympathy and prayers to the family of Dr. Bob. He will be missed by all.”

ATLSpartan says:  “There are few of us that post here that are as level headed and as insightful as Roburto. I always found his posts to be interesting and well thought out…The blog will feel his loss.”

Spartan 81 says:  “My condolences to Dr. Bobs family, I had enjoyed his comments and dialogue over the years, Joe I had noticed the posts had stopped several weeks ago, I had ofter remarked to my wife that if someone passed away we would never know it. Thanks for this service. I have asked my wife to forward my obit to you and the Marine upon my death……And I have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel, threw my knee out and have to stay in the back yard this weekend…08/28/59 on borrowed time.

Spartan in Los Angeles says:  First, I am saddened by the passing of Dr. Bob, I enjoyed his stories of the 66 Rose Bowl and how Charles Smith attended his hotel party just long enough to see that everyone was pared off.

’89 Chemistry says:  “I was wondering about roburto67 just this morning…./Sorrow.”

Ben Green says:  “The good doctor was a great contributor here and will be missed. May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family.”

MayoSpartan says:  “A sad note, rest in peace Roberto 67.”

GoSt8Go says: “prayers for the family. Godspeed roburto67. We’ll miss you here.”

Breadtruck86 says:  RIP roburto67.

drmuffin says: “vaya con Dios”

Jeffrey Lubeck says:  “My condolences to Dr. Bob’s Family. All of us who participated in this blog are the better because of Roburto67′s presence.”

bostonspartan says:  “Was very sad to hear about roburto67. He was a great contributor here. Appreciate you passing on the news and the obituary, Joe. Condolences to all of his friends and family.”

Spartan 81 says: “Sorry to bother you , but could someone with better IT skills like yourself locate and put up the final post from Roburto 67 in memorium….Thanks”

’89 Chemistry says:…roburto 67 says on July 30, 2012 at 8:34 PM Wasn’t Hendricks a Linebacker ? (Would be like calling the Biletnikoff award the T.E. award)

Kindle says:

The words of the wise never leave us……….

A few past nuggests from roberto 67………

roburto 67 says:
January 2, 2012 at 9:49 PM
With 20:20 hindsight, Coach Richt’s decision to go for the field goal from 42 yds on 3rd down in the 1st o.t. sure was a dumb one…
and a great break for the Spartans !

roburto 67 says:
March 18, 2012 at 7:52 PM
This game was Work – StLouis is like Wisconsin on steroids ! Both teams looked tired, like one announcer said…”heavyweight fighters, returning to their corners”…
A good move by TI, I thought, to slow it down toward the end… run some clock, and let the players catch their breath.
About as stressful game from a fan’s standpoint as we’ll see.
Getting a root canal would be easier than watching another like that one !

roburto 67 says:
March 18, 2012 at 7:38 PM
Your post reminds me of an old expression…
“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”…

roburto 67 says:
March 18, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Hummel is a phenom – hope BJ is taking note of how hard a guy can play following ACL surgery…

roburto 67 says:
March 20, 2012 at 9:47 AM
Great that two future Spartans, Mr Costello & Mr Valentine finished 1-2 in the MI Mr BB voting. Too bad they couldn’t of shared it, but I have a feeling they will ‘share’ lots of team awards when they become Spartans !
Reading about the Luh-uh-vull team (southern pronunciation), they are balanced, with their 1st 6 players averaging between 9-13 pts/g. Spartan ‘D’ will need to keep an eye on them all.
Too bad BJ couldn’t travel with the team this week… Is TI afraid he would miss too much class? (To Joe… It would be interesting to read about how the players juggle travel – especially March trips – with classes, assignments, etc.)

roburto 67 says:
March 20, 2012 at 10:03 PM
It is ‘us’ for lots of us. Saw my 1st game about 60 yrs ago, have been a Spartan ever since !

roburto 67 says:
April 26, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Great story about Francie D., Joe.
She must’ve been a terrific lady. The mom across the street from where I lived as a kid was a wonderful, sweet woman. I know what Tim means, he was lucky to grow up in such a neighborhood.
Joe, Could you explain the term ‘Popcorn me’ to an ignorant old f**t ?

USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

Thank you Kindle, the posts were rattling around in my head, but I couldn’t pin them. Fair winds and following seas to his family, firstly. Then, I just like to point out that we all (male and female, alike) need to stay on top of your heart health. I never had a bad cholesterol reading prior to my attack, weighed 170lbs @6’2″ tall. However, I had not run an inch since retiring or walked any more than necessary. I now walk 4+ miles a day every day plus golf every day (and this week I’ll be chasing 1o and 11 year old) My latest labs says that my cardiac risk has dipped below the average American, so I’m working to keep those 5 “new” veins they transplanted clean.

On a side note, the myth that ALL heart attacks are signaled by pain in the left arm is just that, a myth – maybe 25% have this pain. Other’s, like me have pain starting in their solar plexus and radiating up through the chin. I’ve had heart burn since folks and the two are VERY different. Women get pains in their back, for no particular reason. I’m not a Dr and never played one on TV, just a guy who took good health for granted, until it was taken away and who has worked to get it back. Take care of the bod you got, cause, even with all the miracles of medicine, it’s the only one you get.


Joe Rexrode says:

ATTENTION ALL: I’ve got a column running Sunday morning in which I say good-bye to the LSJ and announce I start at the Detroit Free Press on Monday. The reason I’m posting this now is because I’m about to take off for a day trip to Ireland and I won’t have computer access until very late Sunday. Things are explained there, and I will explain more after that. Thanks and take care. I may just run into Mayo Spartan somewhere in Dublin in a few hours.

Late Mojo–This day In Spartan History–Sort Of~~~~~The Admin. Office may strike from publication if deemed necessary.
Dec 10th, 2012 by Kindle

Um Hummm—ya—that’s me— reflecting on an event that occurred this week 47 years ago….and, by a slight stretch qualifies for, “THIS DAY IN SPARTAN HISTORY.”

MY team/Unheralded–and–Un-ranked Grayling defeated 2nd-in-the-state Pellston in a double- overtime-barn-burner in Grayling on a snowy night that found the Viking fans filled with warm feelings and the Hornets only too happy to head home to their lair known as the coldest spot in “the mitten.”

How is this relevant?  The Grayling Vikings wore Green and White!!!  The captain and A Future MSU fan and TUS Member made the shot that sent that game into the second overtime and played every moment of the game with zero fouls/ 24 PTs. and 15 RBs.

While it is true that he received only one letter of interest from a small junior college, and then gave up his pursuit of an NBA career  for a temporary–(no–it was deemed intermediate)–existential authenticity stage —–somehow he went on to become not only a protector of individual rights but, perhaps more importantly, a defender of the Green and White brand….and devoted follower of  MSU to this day.

Game Day Thread: Paris Hilton shows her Seedy Side – Again.
Oct 20th, 2012 by USMC Retired

I’m riding around with an Alabama Alum, class of ’50. chasing the little white ball, but wanted to get this up before I left.

New helmets look great, it’ll pump up the kids.

We win by a field goal.

APB — Smooth MSU Journalist Gives Readers The Slip — Recent Mugshot Secured
Aug 12th, 2012 by Kindle

ALL POINTS BULLETIN—–Joe Rexrode, (alias Walkaway Joe) shown above after a night of revelry across the pond.    It is believed he has gone into seclusion.  Confidential sources report that he may be entertaining thoughts of surfacing at a pre-determined hideout for dinner or drinks with other Usual Suspects on August 30th.  Begging the question is the location of this secret banquet.   It is suggested a dragnet be initiated in hopes of apprehending the above fugitive.  Be mindful, as the mugshot suggests, that he is a master of disguise.


Bob Maldegen in 1948
Aug 7th, 2012 by Kindle

Photo of Bob Maldegan in 1948 as a member of the Michigan State College wrestling team.  He also played football for Michigan State.  Despite having never wrestled before college, Maldegen became a two-time All-American at Michigan State and was in the 1948 Olympics.  See previous story.  Personal photo owned by Maldegan and provided to the Petoskey Evening News as a courtesy.

MSU Footballer/Wrestler In 1948 London Olympics
Aug 7th, 2012 by Kindle

Bob Maldegen

Bob Maldegen is one of just two living members of the 1948 United States Freestyle Wrestling Team, which captured two gold medals, one silver and one bronze. (Steve Foley/News-Review / August 1, 2012) Freestyle wrestling tonight…8/8/2012

64 Years ago…………………………story here:

Fond Olympic memories –

Happy Anniversary
Aug 7th, 2012 by I Believe

To the Marine, who on this date 41 years ago helped pull the Apollo 15 astronauts from the Pacific after what NASA proclaimed “the most successful manned flight ever achieved.”

Here’s an excerpt from the Apollo 15 Flight Journal:
Public Affairs Officer – “The recovery helicopter will be piloted by Commander Stephen A. Coakley of Chula Vista, California. His co-pilot, Lieutenant Junior-Grade John M. Murphy, Jr., of La Jolla, California. Crewmen are Aviation Machinist Mate, First Class, Ernest L. Skeen of Oklahoma City, and Aviation Electronic Technician, Second Class, Thomas R. Hardenbergh of East Lansing, Michigan. A Manned Spacecraft Center Flight Surgeon, Dr. Clarence A. Jernigan of Dickinson, Texas will also be aboard Recovery helicopter. Swim 2, the prime flotation collar helicopter, is piloted by Lieutenant Commander, David D. Cameron, Jr., of Palo Alto, California; co-pilot, Lieutenant Junior Grade Stephen M. Lind of Olympia, Washington, crewman Aviation Machinist Mate, Second Class, John H. Driscoll of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, and Aviation Electronics Technician, Third Class, Bryce E. Devenport, of Glenns Ferry, Idaho. The swim team leader on that helo is Lieutenant Junior Grade, Fred W. Schmidt of Northbrook, Illinois. Swimmer Number 2, Quartermaster, First Class, William C. “Jake” Jakubowski of Lachawanna, New York. Swimmer Number 3, Yeoman, Third Class, Rudy R. Davis of Ashland, Kentucky. Swim 1 is piloted by Lieutenant Donald M. Larsen of Wellman, Iowa; co-pilot. Lieutenant Junior Grade Eric J. Challain of Olympia, Washington. Crewmen are Aviation Machinist Mate, Second Class, Larry G. Parker of Ringold, Georgia and Aviation Anti-submarine Warfare Technician Airman Thomas F. Sharafik of Hayward, Wisconsin. The swim team leader on Swim 1 is Warrant Officer Jerry L. Todd, Sturgis, Michigan, swimmer number 2 is Ship Fitter, Third Class, Frank S. Schroeder, Malvern, Pennsylvania and swimmer number 3, Radioman Seaman Roy Alan Buehler, Carrollton, Missouri.”

You can read the entire Apollo 15 Flight Journal from splashdown day here:

The journal includes links to video and pictures from that historic day. For images from the entire mission, here is the Apollo 15 image gallery:

For an excellent perspective on Apollo 15 and its place in history, please read Col. Al Worden’s recently released (July 24) book: “Falling to Earth: An Apollo 15 Astronaut’s Journey to the Moon.”

Finally, and most importantly, a huge THANK YOU to the Marine for his service to our great country and to Michigan State University. God bless you, sir. Have a wonderful day. Celebrate.
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