Are the Other Shoes Starting to Drop?
Apr 21st, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Wait for the other shoe to drop

A common experience of tenement living in apartment-style housing in New York City, and other large cities, during the manufacturing boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Apartments were built, similar in design, with the bedrooms located directly above and underneath one another. Thus, it was normal to hear a neighbor removing their shoes in the apartment above. As one shoe made a sound hitting the floor, the expectation for the other shoe to make a similar disturbance was created.


(idiomatic) To defer action or decision until another matter is finished or resolved.
(idiomatic) To await a seemingly inevitable event, especially one that is not desirable.

Source: Wikidictionary

Auston Robertson a sophomore Defensive Lineman for the Michigan State University football program has been charged with sexual criminal misconduct.  The charges were filed this morning by Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon. The official charge is third-degree criminal sexual conduct.  A third-degree charge relates to alleged non-consensual sexual penetration with force or coercion, the victim being incapacitated or other factors.  The court record states that Roberton’s charge involves force or coercion.  The story as reported in the Free-Press is [here].

First, Roberston has been charged and he is innocent until proven guilty.  However, this is not Roberston’s first run-in with the law for similar type of conduct.

The result in the earlier case: Robertson participated and successfully completed a court mandated Diversionary Program.  Do Diversionary Programs create and document Alternate Facts?

Seems like more and more athletes are benefiting from this newly named type of extra-curriculum. For example, Kansas Jayhawk Josh Jackson is getting the honor to participate in a Diversionary Program before NBA Draft day.

The filing against Robertson is the first of possibly four to be made against MSU football players.  The other three are from a separate incident.  Should we expect the other shoes to begin dropping?

Day Trip to AA x 2
Apr 18th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The softball and baseball teams from Michigan State University travel 63 miles to the southeast to Ann Arbor, Michigan today to take on the Wolverines of the University of Michigan.

Both games are scheduled to start at 6PM.  Both games will be streamed live on BTNPlus and BTNToGo.  According to MSU and BTN, the softball game is scheduled to be telecast on BTN.  Note:  Yesterday DirecTV noted a “New” program change and listed the baseball game as being on BTN. Either way we will see MSU at UofM.

Both UofM squads are nationally ranked.  Technically, today’s baseball game is a extra scheduled contest and considered a non-conference game.

Softball preview is [here].

Baseball preview is [here].


Apr 14th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

ˌənˈkämən adjective
  1. out of the ordinary; unusual.
    “lack of self-awareness is not uncommon for a person under the age of 19.”

It appears that Miles Bridges an 18 year-old student at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan is uncommon for an individual with his skill-set.

While most college-students are seeking to identify their career-path, Bridges appears to have a pretty good idea of what will be his first professional occupation.  People who make hiring decisions for employment in Bridges likely field of work, indicate Miles is ready for the next step.  People who would benefit financially (directly and indirectly) from Bridges seeking professional employment in the near-team (aka this month) also like the idea of Miles leaving school and securing that first paycheck.

As a matter of public-record, Miles has determined he likes college, and college life at Michigan State University. Bridges would like to enjoy this time of his life and not rush into his professional career.  Miles also thinks he can materially improve upon the skills needed for his professional career by staying in college.  Miles also wants to be a contributor – if not the leader – in adding to the legacy of his University in a positive manner.

Yes, we all know about the downsides of the choices Miles has made including all the negative blather generated by Media Talking Heads.  Hey, it is possible Miles could be the recipient of a MOAB bomb courtesy of the U.S. military.

However, if the choices Miles has made recently come to full fruition the implication is he will improve his skill set, gain additional mental preparation for post-college life, be recognized as a National Champion, be one the first five persons hired in his chosen professional, double his starting salary (e.g., selected #10 – #18 in 2017 versus #1-#5 in 2018), and best of all enjoy what Michigan State University offers – establishing life long friends, additional education on a variety of fronts, and possibly experiencing a couch burning.

MSU Hockey: Let the Healing Begin
Mar 21st, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Coach A has stepped down.  Read it [here].  It has been a long and painful six seasons.  As a point of reference MSU has the least amount of wins of any D1 school during the same period of time.

So where does MSU Hockey go next?  If you were adviser to MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis what would your three key points for him to consider?

300 for a Spartan
Mar 18th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Coach Jake Boss Jr. has so much respect in college sports and general that he was willing to pose with The Usual Suspects.

Michigan State University Baseball Head Coach Jake Boss Jr. earned his 300th career victory as the Spartans blasted the University of Richmond Spiders 13-4 on Saturday at Pitt Field in the Capitol city of the State of Virginia. MSU sits at 12-4 in 2017 and ranked #8 nationally in the RPI. In nine seasons under Boss, the MSU baseball program operates with great success in terms of respect, win-loss percentage, and national standing presence.

A full report on the game is [here].

Whew… That was close: MSU 70 Wisconsin 63 – Round 2 B1G Women’s Tourney
Mar 2nd, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The MSU Women’s Basketball team (20-10) overcame a poor start, a poor finish to the first-half, and a slow start to the 3rd Quarter to pull away late in the 4th Quarter from the Badgers of Wisconsin (9-22) for a 70-63 victory in 2nd Round of the B1G Women’s Basketball Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana.

MSU (6) takes on the Wolverines of Michigan (3) tomorrow night (3/3/2017) at 9PM (EST).

Three Questions:

  1. Can the Spartans beat the X2 chromosome skunk bear tomorrow night?
  2. Are the Spartans in/out/on-the-bubble for the NCAA Women’s Tourney?
  3. Should the National Citizen’s Affirmation Services (NCAS) – TUS Division detain and conduct loyalty testing with all male transients attempting to relocate in Southern Florida in the last 30 days?
In Dantonio I Trust (IDIT): This time with meaning
Feb 28th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Members of The Usual Suspects have a history of applying the In [place name here] I Trust (I[]IT) in great volume.

I have made fun of membership about the liberal nature of the application – especially when there is a reasoned case for challenging a Head Coach being put forth – usually by a Bum or persons hailing from New Jersey while sitting in airports.

Michigan State University (MSU), its athletics department, and its football program are in the middle of multiple Sh#t-storms for the actions of staff and players.  As ATLSpartan noted in a comment on the previous Post, Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio issued the following statement as reported in the Detroit Free Press:

“With spring practice beginning last weekend and preparation for a new season underway, I feel it’s important to reinforce the core values and beliefs that have built and defined this program during my time at MSU,” Dantonio said. “Since arriving here 11 years ago, my passion has been to lead a program that fosters a culture of integrity, respect and accountability, both on and off the field. That will never change. I have high standards for the program and expect all of our players and staff to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the values and principles of Michigan State University. Our goal is to develop young men of character who graduate and make a positive impact on society.”

Many could argue the statement above is a calculated piece of drivel generated by Mitigation Consultants (e.g., Dewey, Chetum, & Howe).  I might agree to a large fractional percent the skeptics are correct.  I also believe that the multiple Sh#t-storms are going to hurt if not ruin a number of careers – possibly rightly so.

However, I also believe, with all his human frailty, Mark Dantonio is the author of the statement above (in spirit or in fact), and is the person I want and trust to be at the helm of MSU football – IDIT.

Grit and a Few Surprises in MSU Comeback
Dec 28th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck


Alvin Ellis III scores career high 20 against the Gophers

TUS contacted our Compliance Officer for comment about college basketball; “the game is 40 minutes in length in regulation, and five for each Overtime Period.”

Well there you have it.

What are the 3 things you learned from last night’s MSU @ Minnesota Men’s Basketball Game?

2017 College HOF Ballot Includes 3 Spartans and a Former Coach
Jun 1st, 2016 by Kindle

Morton Andersen earned first-team All-America honors as a senior, from The Sporting News, United Press International and Walter Camp.

Three former Michigan State All-Americans – placekicker Morten Andersen, wide receiver Kirk Gibson and running back Lorenzo White – along with former Spartan head coach Darryl Rogers are featured on the National Football Foundation’s 2017 (Football Bowl Subdivision) ballot for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Michigan State has eight former players and four former coaches (Clarence “Biggie” Munn, Charles Bachman, Duffy Daugherty, Frank “Muddy” Waters) already enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame. In December 2015, former two-time All-America running back Clinton Jones became the eighth former Spartan player to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, joining halfback John Pingel (inducted in 1968), tackle Don Coleman (1975), linebacker George Webster (1987), defensive end Bubba Smith (1988), safety Brad Van Pelt (2001), wide receiver Gene Washington (2011) and linebacker Percy Snow (2013)


Read the story HERE.

Fear The Turtle ? – MSU vs. Maryland B1G Women’s Tournament Championship
Mar 6th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The #5 Maryland Women’s Basketball program and team is superb.  Tonight at 7PM Eastern (ESPN) the Terrapins (29-3) go for their second straight double-double; B1G Regular Season Champion and B1G Tournament Champion.

In the Turtles way are the un-predictable #19 MSU Spartans (24-7).  MSU is playing its best basketball of the season at the moment – a six game winning streak – which includes two victory’s over #9 Ohio State.  The Spartans also have two five game winning streaks this season.

The Terrapins and Spartans met one-time this year – at Maryland where the Turtles led wire-to-wire to secure a 85-76 victory.  The Spartans closed within 5 points late in the game, but Maryland hit its free-throw at the end.  The game was originally delayed because of snow and rescheduled having the Spartans travel to College Park in the midst of 4 games in 8 days.

Maryland has two standout and three solid players to keep a close eye on.

The Standouts

6’3″ Junior Center Brionna Jones – a double-double machine @ 16 and 10 per game.

5′ 11′ Junior Guard Shatori Walker-Kimbrough – the Turtles leading scorer @20 per game.

The Solid Steady Players

5’7″ Senior Guard Brene Mosely runs the show.

6′ 2″ Junior Forward Tierney Pfirman eats up a lot of space and is a couple ticks short of averaging a double-double herself.

5’9″ Sophomore Guard Kristen Confroy provides 7-10 points a game on offense on a regular basis.

As for the Spartans…

Wooden Award Finalist Aerial Powers is the leader.  Control of temper is key.

Tori Jankowska is a firebrand-fireplug who take over and almost single-handedly win or throw-away a game.

Brandi Agee is the wildcard – often the most steady player.

Jasmine Hines can score and rebound in the twenty’s for each or completely disappear (often through foul-trouble).

If both teams play to their potential, it is my guess that Maryland wins by 7-11 points.

However, MSU is running hot at the moment and if its four leaders have their A game on display MSU can take the title.

If you wonder how popular is Women’s basketball on the MSU Campus, The Spartans average over 6,000 in paid attendance and had 5 games played in front of a crowd of 8,000+.  Two games topped 9,000 in the stands.

MSU Team statistics below:

MSU Women

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