Gravity Lessons in the Top Ten
Oct 15th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

I enjoy it when the College Football Beauty Contest voters (i.e., Weekly Poll Members) have to eat dirt after their “pet” team finally proves to be more likely to claim the Miss Congeniality Crown (i.e., making others look and feel good) than that of contest winner.

The University of Michigan is one of the better examples.  Almost always hyped by the media at the start of each season, you have to go back 13 seasons and four coaches to find UofM with a B1G Title (Lloyd Carr 2004).  This gap in B1G Championships is almost as bad as the Benny Oosterbaan and Bump Elliott failures of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It took a man from Ohio State (i.e., Bo) to pull UofM from the doldrums.  Jim Harbaugh may prove to be the the Wolverines Savior, but three years in; the results are no better for JH than his recent predecessors.

The University of Notre Dame is another good example.  Notre Dame is a darling at the start of the season with the voters.  And then reality hits.  The Fighting Irish have not won the national title is almost 30 years (Lou Holtz 1988).  Bob Davie, Tyrone Willingham, Ken Baer (0-1), Charlie Weiss and Brian Kelly have been less than stellar winning less than 60% of their games.  Note: Kelly did take ND to the National Championship Game in the 2012 season.

So who are your favorite over-rated programs in College Football and explain your reasoning to TUS Membership.  By rule you cannot designate programs you dislike to a high degree but have won titles on a regular basis.



GAME THREAD: Will these Gophers cough-up the ball as many times as the Weasels?
Oct 14th, 2017 by JustABum

Our Spartans have a four game winning streak on the line this evening against the Gophers at TFC Stadium, 2010 -2013, and the forecast is rain.  Will the in-climate weather help MSU continue it’s streak of +7 turnovers in B1G play and Dantonio’s dominance over Fleck and the Gophers?

The line is four points, yet in the depths of my memory is a scary Halloween evening in the Twin Cities… what are your predictions?

What are these dudes thinking?





Confounding, Astonishing, Brilliant, Abysmal, Brain Dead and Undefeated in the B1G!
Oct 7th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Ann Arbor, MI.

What just happened?  Please Advise!

In 54,285 words or less describe what just happened in Ann Arbor.

MSU at UofM Gamethread
Oct 7th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

With a 7:42 PM (ABC) start time at Michigan Stadium, the Spartans and Wolverines play a “Night Game” for the first time in its 110-year history.

U of M is favored by 10-10.5 points by most bookmakers.

The print media predictions are as follows: 4 of 5 say U of M wins.  Chris Solari picks MSU. : 3 of 4 say MSU wins. 2 of 2 say U of M wins.

The Weather Channel reports a 20% chance of rain at 8 p.m., a 70% chance of thunderstorms at 9 p.m. and a 90% chance of thunderstorms at 10 p.m.

Iowa at MSU Football Gamethread
Sep 30th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Hawkeyes visit the Spartans. Gametime: 2PM Eastern FOX

Iowa favored by 3.5

Predictions from media: – all three pick Iowa – 2 of 3 pick MSU picks Iowa

And Tell Me Again, Why Were You Ranked?
Sep 17th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck


[Dick Tufeld] From the 8448 Middling Most Unique Center for the Arts and Hurricane Victim Shelter on the campus of TUS Headquarters its Defending Your Ranking [applause].  The weekly show where sports fans gets to review and comment on the teams listed in national sporting polls.  It is fun, it is silly, It is statistically correct and practically irrelevant at the same time, while being worse than a beauty pageant held in Russia. Lady’s and Gentleman it is Defending Your Ranking [standing applause].

[Dick Tufeld] I am Dick Tufeld and here is the host of Defending Your Ranking… Spartan In LA [standing, cheering applause], [camera sweeps the studio audience and ends focus on the handsome US Marine with a cheerleader at his side].

[Spartan in LA] Welcome, welcome, welcome… you are too kind… too too kind.  What lovely audience after this 3rd weekend of the college football season.

[Spartan in LA] I am the very real and honest sportsman [pause] Spartan in LA. And please welcome without further delay our special guest hostess’s for tonight’s program the 2017-2018 Michigan State University Golf team [audience pandemonium]. This is Defending Your Ranking the show where everyone and anyone gets to disrespect or defend without equivocation a team ranked in the polls.

[Lindsey Nelson] Due to time constraints UofM and Penn State never have to defend their ranking.

[Spartan in LA] Without further delay lets start the scrum… Defend Your Ranking… UCLA, Stanford, Kansas State, Auburn, LSU, Ohio State, USC and, Louisville.


Trending and Not Trending: Why TUS Matters To Me
Sep 16th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Linda Lubeck’s opinion of me is currently trending downward!  Why? Because in a lame attempt to keep My Best (and only girl) happy I brought in the trash container from the end of the driveway a week ago Friday morning and that pissed her off.  Why?  While statistically speaking the Trash Container should have been empty by Friday AM it was not and remained un-emptied.  Therefore… 1.) I moved it back too early and 2.) did not notice the trash container remained partially full.

The reality is that it was Labor Day Week and  the trash would be picked up a day later than normal  In short, I did not know WTF I was doing.  Note: see the previous Post for a definition of WTF.

The comments from USMC(retired), 89 Chemistry and Ghost of Biggie on the last post are why I love this site and all of you.  We can have disagreements, agreements and irreverent and totally illogical banter without Internet Trolls ruining the discussion.

I agree with all of you and none of you.  I may not be right all of the time.  However, I am never wrong.

A Bye Week – What will you Do?
Sep 12th, 2017 by USMC Retired

Golfing, Matilda @Arcadia Bluffs

And Watch Helios start the journey

And TUS?????

A Bye Week – what will you do?
Aug 29th, 2017 by USMC Retired

I have Golf (surprise)



Also watching Apollo (Helios) start his journey

Another Poll? No thank you!
Aug 26th, 2017 by JustABum

There’s the way too early pre-season poll and Amway Coaches pre-season poll that start the ball rolling. Along come the Athlon, Bleacher Report, CBS, EPSN,’s, SBNation and Sporting News rankings to name a few more.  And now, ESPN’s Ranking CFB’s Fan Happiness poll is the latest poll that pushes me over the edge and I could care less about all of them.

Apathy towards all the polls? Yes! Partly due to watching a train crash in 2016 and half a pre-season of bad news. Heck, this year’s mood is the polar opposite of the 2015 pre-season polls. Yet, my apathy towards polls and rankings this year does not mean I am not optimistic or eager for the MSU football team’s  2017 season. I am optimistic for the September 2nd kickoff  and the season to play out.

The are a lot of questions I have this season and our Spartans play may answer them in a way that gives me hope for a title contention in 2018. I hope to see an effective pass rush each game, an improved third down stops percentage, more sacks and a big jump in turnover ratio for our D. If MSU’s offense can eliminate drive killing penalties, score more in the red zone, identify a reliable FG kicker and not notice faults in the young O-line, what more can a MSU fan hope to see? Well, to be a bit greedy, it would be nice to also see our special teams improve kicking coverage and gain more yards when receiving the ball then we have since Keyshan Martin left.

I do not see another B1G title being won this season or next.  Not with another early bye week again.  Then again, only OSU & PSU have veteran teams returning. So, just maybe finishing second or third in the conference would more than satisfy me.

What do you look forward to seeing this season?




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