Hoosiers at Spartans Football – Gamethread
Oct 21st, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck


Liberty University takes on Monmouth (1PM ET ESPN3) and Indiana travels to East Lansing, MI to take on the Spartans (3:30PM ET ABC).  Those are key college games for TUS Membership.  The Astros host the Yankees in game 7 of the American League Championship Series (6:08PM ET FOX).  UofM takes on Penn State (7:30PM ET ABC) and Notre Dame and USC battle (7:30PM ET NBC).

So there are lot’s of events of which to focus and comment.

Also high on the list of things to do, is continued projections of what The Marine will ultimately settle on as the Moniker for Tigers Manager Ron Gardenhire.  Dr. Real Irony of the Naming Institute For Society (NIFS) says that Vegas betting had established “Forest Fire” as a early 3-1 favorite followed by “Plant Manager” at 7-1.  However Irony feels USMC(retired) ultimately will settle on a better Moniker given his skill of blending the arcane with the notable.  She thinks that Hortus Conclusus might prove to be a solid choice given the limitations Gardenhire might experience with Detroit.

The IU sports beat writer for the newspaper in Bloomington Indiana say the Hoosiers have been focusing during practice this week on:

1. Containing MSU’s Quarterback

2. Stripping the ball from MSU’s Running Back.

The Spartans are favored by 6+

Go Green.

ND at MSU College Football – Game Thread
Sep 23rd, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame (better known as South Niles Community College – SNCC) take on the Spartans of Michigan State in East Lansing, MI.  The game will be broadcast on national television on Fox. Gus Johnson, analyst Joel Klatt and, sideline reporter Jenny Taft will call the action from Spartan Stadium starting at 8:00 PM ET.

TUS Predictive Analytics Group (TPAG) says there is an 84% chance of TUS Membership complaining about the T.V. coverage before the kickoff.

A heart-warming story – completely missed by the Fake News – will occur on Saturday night.  The Dotard brothers, Escutcheon and Rocket, compete against each other for the first time. The Michigan natives were orphaned at an early age when their parents Kim and Jong were killed during a quality assurance testing exercise at the Un plant on the north shore of Portage Lake.  The boys grew up in a foster care home on Portage Lake.  “We were so fortunate to live in such a beautiful setting”, says Rocket. “The people were wonderful to us, especially the crazy guy who would scream and throw a green brick at the T.V.”, adds Escutcheon.  “But then again, that logo on the brick and the crazy guy convinced me MSU was going to be the place for me.  What good fortune!”

More Preliminaries on the 2017 Notre Dame Game (and Game Thread?)
Sep 23rd, 2017 by 89 Chemistry

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First, some grist from press conferences:
* Notre Dame guys are downright gabby in their press conferences!   Kelly held another one on Tuesday, and identified Chris Frey as an inside linebacker in his statement.   (To be sure, I do not know who the ILBs are in MSU’s 3-4, but I would think he would be better as the 3-4 SLB than Bullough or Shane Jones.   I would put one of the latter alongside Bachie.)   I get the impression that he thinks MSU runs a 4-4-3.

For the most part, he seemed to imply that MSU was back to its post-2010 norm (“Extremely disciplined, hard-nosed, play to the echo of the whistle…”) — and spun the Spartan O line as a further improvement (“physical, strong, it’s what you would expect, but even more from my eye, much more athletic”).   But schematically, he appeared to throw the gauntlet down at the Spartan defense: “I think if teams are feeling as though playing man-to-man and turning their back on the quarterback is the way they want to defend us, [Wimbush is] going to run a lot.”   Whether Wimbush — with better supporting O linemen than WMU’s QB had — can rack up an uncomfortable amount of rushing yards on MSU will be a part of Dantonio’s “next challenge” for Coach D’s team.   (Additionally, a reporter noted that Wimbush had a ~73% completion rate in high school; if Wimbush grows sufficiently familiar with his receivers by tonight to hit them well, that also could make a difference in the game’s outcome.   The guy has a cannon; once he can set his verniers quickly enough, he is going to make some teams pay dearly.)

(Returning to press vs. zone coverage: Kelly said that Wimbush’s errors were “overthrows” — and he thinks those errors were due to hurrying his throws.   It seems to me that, if MSU can get consistent pressure on Wimbush, there are opportunities to pick passes off with more of a cushion than we would usually condone.

(That may be a big “if”.   Notre Dame is allowing a sack rate of less than 5% (I think the average is ~6.8%), and defending FBS sack leader Harold Landry did not even harry (hurry) Wimbush last week.)

Kelly seemed almost to boast about his tight ends as receivers.   There is some justification for that — but, again, that is partially because the wide receivers have not been really productive.   Look #80 and #86 [Mack & Smythe — both on the Mackey Watch List] to get nearly as many receiving yards as #6 and #15 [St. Brown & Smith].

* Coach Tressel sounds concerned about the Irish O line’s experience and “length” (the starters average 6’5″, 315  lbs.).   The left side contains a 2016 2nd-team All-American (McGlinchey, OT) and a consensus preseason All-American guard (Q. Nelson).   (While center Mustipher is on the Rimington list, he is no Brian Allen.)

* MSU has rotated Kevin Jarvis, Jordan Reid, and Matt Allen into the O line — although they may not contribute often in most games.   The O line will face a simplified defense from 2016 that seems effective against the run.   “They’re just long guys who play with good length and all with good motors,” Brian Allen said of the Irish front seven.   “You can’t take a play off or they’re gonna be in there causing havoc.”   Notre Dame will probably sack Lewerke at some point, but I will be concerned if the Irish get more than two sacks.

* Assistant Head Coach/O-Line Mark Staten put some numbers on Dantonio’s concern about C-gap blocking: “Our tight ends are going to have to face 6-4, 6-5, 295-pound guys every play.”   He “see[s] a lot of athleticism” in the Irish defense

* Staten had two notable reminiscences on Wednesday.   One was on his many trips to Notre Dame games growing up: “I cheered for good football, but one year I had all the pennants from all the other teams they played and they were all in my room because I’d just buy the other pennant.”

The other was on 2010’s “Little Giants” play.   “[Domer LB] Manti Te’o said, ‘We saw the wing go up and talk to the holder,’ because Le’Veon [Bell] was on the field at the time and didn’t get the communication from the sideline.   He got it so quickly that he was like, “Wait, it’s fourth-and-14, that can’t be happening.”   He actually went back, and that’s why they tackled him and the guy that never caught the ball at practice, Charlie [Gantt], ends up making the catch….   [QB coach Brad] Salem was in his first year, maybe his second year here, and he said, ‘Did he call it? Did he call “Little Giants”?’ and I just go, ‘Yeah…’ (laughing)   It’s funny, because he brings that story up to me and I don’t even remember that part of that.   The head coach asks, ‘Is it going to work?’ and you have to say, ‘Yeah Coach, it’s going to work.’   It’s fourth-and-14 you just don’t know if this play is going to work, so hopefully it does (laughing)….    [Holder Aaron] Bates, cool as a cucumber, that’s why he’s an AD now.   He calmly looked to his next read and off it went.”


Sundries and “prediction”:
* Although I think it is a bad idea to count on running against the Spartans, I should probably say something about the Irish ground game.   Josh Adams [#33], his backup [Dexter Williams; #2], and Wimbush have a combined career average of ~6.6 yds/rush.   Adams reached 2000 career rushing yards on fewer carries than any Domer in history — taking the record away from noted Yooper (and Ronald Reagan character) George Gipp.

“Official Kick-Time for the Michigan State vs Notre Dame is 8:12pm- with potential for a 5 minute slide to 8:17pm due to length of 1st game.”

* Safety Grayson Miller was listed as “questionable” for tonight’s game as of Thursday afternoon.

* MSU has, so far, outscored BGSU & WMU, 63-24.   A group of four teams [NW; Idaho; South Dakota; USC] has outscored BGSU & WMU, 159-102.   The early-and-mercilessly-stretched implications are that MSU’s O might score only 2/3 of the points expected from an “average” team — but that the D will allow only 1/3 of the points allowed by an “average” team.   A similar analysis of [Temple; Georgia; BC] suggests that Notre Dame allows ~80 of the points scored by an “average” team — but scores ~180% of the points allowed by an “average” team.

* MSU has a mixed record after bye weeks — but this positive is {afaik} a TUS Exclusive: After a bye week, Dantonio’s Spartans have been underdogs only twice [@IA, 2013; @ Ndme, 2016].   They won both times by an average margin of ~10 points.

* Notre Dame has a very good kicker that will keep them in the game.   I think it will come down to passing and pass defense; unless there are multiple Spartan giveaways, they should win a close game.   After hardly any stat analysis and a bit of Green Kool-Aid, I set my median prediction at Spartans 21, Domers 16.


Western Michigan Game Post [September 9, 2017]
Sep 9th, 2017 by 89 Chemistry

I am about six days behind in my MSU and TUS reading, but think it is time for this Post to materialize.   I have a lot of things to say in the Comments.   The game should be on BTN at 1330 MDT.   GO GREEN!

College Basketball National Championship Thread
Apr 2nd, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

As for college basketball March is over, but maybe not the madness. We have reached the National Championship Final. Today it is the ladies and tomorrow the men.


Other items of note for TUS Membership.

  • Guard Tori Jankoska received All-American Honorable Mention over the week for those that missed it.  Hmmm… 15 players better than Jankoska?  Really?
  • The MSU Baseball team lost to Minnesota 9-4 in East Lansing.  The Spartans (15-10) swept by the Gophers (18-8).  I knew Minnesota was good but I truly thought MSU would at minimum take the series and possibly sweep.  Good thing I only bet some of the Marine’s golf winnings and not my own.
  • The Spartan Women’s Softball Team won all three games against Maryland in East Lansing.  Granted Maryland (7-26-1 0-6) is not much this season, but the series sweep is encouraging. MSU (19-11 3-3) has not had a winning season since 2007 and went  winless in the B1G in 2012 (0-23).
  • Going into the last round of the Clemson Invitational MSU’s Womens’s Golf Team stands in fifth place at -1 PAR.  MSU’s Sarah Burnham is 8th overall.
  • Yesterday GoSt8Go successfully completed his first competitive race at the 10K distance (Monument Ave.).  I propose TUS change his name to Run GoSt8Go Run.

Who do you think will win the basketball games?  And what about those Tigers?

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Game Post for MSU Men’s Basketball Game: March 1,2017
Mar 1st, 2017 by 89 Chemistry

If I might interrupt: MSU is at Illinois tonight; TV coverage starts at 9 PM ET on BTN.

While Members may be impressed with what they saw Sunday, bettors at large apparently are not.   Las Vegas is standing pat on its over/under of a 68-67 Illini victory.   The official preview is here:

The first two of these other previews predict V4MSU:


Other links of possible Member interest include this one recently provided by 79 Spartan,

and this report of an embed with B1G referees:



Game Post for MSU Men’s Basketball Senior Day, 2017
Feb 26th, 2017 by 89 Chemistry

The Wisconsin Badgers are reeling from a 17-1 stretch of games.   They have lost three of their last four games.   Most recently, their lost to Ohio State in what was, for them, a highly uncharacteristic manner–AWOL defense.

But with Purdue’s loss to Michigan, the Badgers now have a real shot at winning the B1G.   Las Vegas has settled on an over/under implying a 66-63 Badger victory.

Not all agree; the second and third links below include predictions of V4MSU.   The first link is MSU’s official preview.


Izzo has identified senior Alvin Ellis as one key to finishing the season strong.   Ellis will start along with Nairn, Langford, Bridges, and Ward.   Izzo asserted in his pregame radio interview that Senior Matt van Dyk will play in (at least) the first half.

Tune in on CBS.  GO GREEN!


MSU @ IU in Not Your Father’s Assembly Hall: Gamethread
Jan 21st, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

AH New SS Assembly Hall

A trip to Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana from the Breslin Center in East Lansing in 307.2 miles.  However the Assembly Hall of which you probably know – is no longer in existence.

First, lets cover the details of the trip. Technically the bus ride trip (encompassing approximately 4 hours and 40 minutes of time) is travelled almost completely on what is designated as North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) Superhighway (aka United States Interstate Highway 69). However, despite all the declarations and official designations, the NAFTA Superhighway disappears in southern Indianapolis and limps along for 56 miles into Bloomington as Indiana State Highway 37. The MSU Spartans Men’s Basketball team recently travelled this route so that they can take on the Hoosiers of Indiana University this afternoon (4PM EST on ESPN) with the game to be called by Dave Flemming, Dan Dakich and Molly McGrath.

As for Assembly Hall?  It has been completely reimagined.  So in reality, the game is to be conducted on the floorboards of the newly dedicated Mccracken Court at [sic., Cindy] Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall with broadcast technology from the Mark Cuban Center for Media and Technology.  You got it right, your grand-father’s, father’s, brother’s, distant-cousin’s Assembly Hall is long gone.


Führerbunker just after end of WWII.


A Chair Toss by the Der Führer?

I have never liked Assembly Hall – especially for MSU B1G basketball games in January.  My image is a game played in the Führerbunker, on a cold gray overcast afternoon, resulting in double-digit loss after blowing an early lead and the contest effectively over at half-time.

My perception is that TI/MSU teams have suffered the fates I have imagined.  Well guess what? Not really true.  Likely fake news probably reported by Eyeore from the JustABum Media Center.

The Spartans have beaten IU five straight games and in four of the last six contested at Assembly Hall. It should be noted, that Indiana leads the all-time series with Michigan State, 67-53, including a 44-14 advantage in Bloomington. However, Tom Izzo is 23-13 in his career against Indiana. MSU has won 11 of the last 15 games in the series and 13 of the last 19.  The weather forecast is for partly sunny skies and a game-time temperature of 65 degrees.

So TUS Membership… describe your image of this contest and its outcome!


Tigers – standing Pat?
Jan 11th, 2017 by USMC Retired

Interesting: The Tigers aren’t going to trade veteran players just to shed salary, general manager Al Avila re-emphasized Tuesday.


Are the Tigers too old to win anything in 2017



Dual function Thread: Will the Spartans of EFFORT show up tonight @1900R on BTN? Or, will the team, that look so lost in Philly, take the floor. my worry is that the Philly team shows up again because they already beat Minnie @Minnie without #22.


What say you TUS?

Spartan Women take on the Acorns tonight @2000R on BTN
Jan 10th, 2017 by USMC Retired

Suzy is back from her short hospitalization and Tori Jankoska  can do some special things this season, starting tonight by score just 6 points to take over the Career Scoring lead


Gibby is in the College Football HOF

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