If True, Your Thoughts on Tigers With Ron Gardenhire as Manager?
Oct 20th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Various media outlets are saying former Twins Manager and current Diamondbacks Bench Coach Ron Gardenhire, is to be named Manager of the Detroit Tigers this afternoon at Comerica Park.

If true what are your thoughts on the hiring and its implication?

Georgia Pine Smells Good and MSU Looks Great: Women’s Golf Advances to NCAA Championship Finals
May 10th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Georgia Pine Suits MSU Fine

The MSU Women’s Golf team seems to excel when playing in the neighborhood of the Tall Georgia Pine. Continuing its trend of solid play under pressure MSU advanced out of the Athens, Georgia Regional to the 2017 NCAA National Championship Round to be held in Sugar Grove Illinois on May 19th-24th. A full recap is [here].

Meanwhile the Detroit Tigers of MLB continue their West Coast Trip, taking on the Snakes in Phoenix.  Detroit beat Arizona 7-3 on Tuesday night with newly designated Closer Justin Wilson pitched a perfect 9th – although not a Save situation.  The Tigers are 3rd in the American League Central 1.5 Games behind Cleveburgh.

MSU Women’s Softball (seeded #7) takes on Indiana tomorrow to begin the B1G Tournament Championship.  The game will be broadcast on BTN at 4:30 PM (EDT).  The background story is [here].

For the first time in decades, no Red Wings in the NHL Playoffs.  However, there is a Game 7 being played with the winner advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Follow [here]

A full-“BLOWN” Tiger bullpen will “be discussed”
May 8th, 2017 by Kindle

On Sunday, having already blown a 6-5 lead thanks to a leadoff walk and Jed Lowrie RBI double, K-Rod tried to sneak a 1-0, 89 mph fastball past Ryon Healy, who crushed the game-winning home run. One day prior to that, Saturday, the Tigers led 5-4 with two outs and nobody on when a walk, a double and then a two-run single by Adam Rosales sent Rodriguez and the Tigers to the showers with a loss.



In his postgame media session, Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said, “We’re going to have a discussion” about the closer role. That might be news to Rodriguez: Writer Anthony Fenech asked him if he’s still the man to close games.  Francisco answered, “Definitely!” It should also be pointed out that he did apologize to fans and said he was embarrassed by his performance, unlike Joe Nathan a while back who delivered a profane gesture to Detroit fans as he left the field to booing in Detroit.  Can you imagine the booing had Saturday and Sundays’ debacles occurred in Comerica Park?



Should there even be a discussion?

Team management does not seem to be on the same page as their fans.  Al Avila told fans that this team could be competitive this season.  That covers a lot of territory.




Catching up with a Spartan below–Published earlier today, May 8th, 2017, Burress has updated his 2011 message in The Players Tribune

Letter to the NFL Draft Class From Plaxico Burress

How Many Relievers Does It Take To Win A Pennant?
Apr 14th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

What is the maximum amount of call-ups and send downs of pitching staff can a major league team perform in a year? If you are a Detroit Tigers fan it may be a number you want to know and understand how it can be performed while still winning a Division Title.

Ar 10 games into the season the Tigers are 7-3.  They have a strong enough batting order to be sitting in 1st place with Miggy and VMart batting below .200 with the other Mart on the disabled list. The Tiger’s defense is especially good up the middle and the top of the Starting Pitching rotation is solid.  The relief pitching is scary bad at this point and almost no lead in any game is truly safe.

Tonight’s game is a prime, but not isolated example.  The Tigers held a comfortable lead over the Indians in Cleveland after six innings – 6-0.  Starting Pitcher Daniel Norris while not on his “A” game kept the Tribe off the board.  Enter the relief staff in the 7th.  By the bottom of the 9th the score was 7-6 in Detroit’s favor and the Tigers hanging on for dear life with Cleveland at the plate.

The reality is there is no way the Tigers can play a 162 game schedule with a bullpen as porous as this current crew and make the post-season.  Are you seeing it the same way?

Mixed Bag Saturday Thread: Spring Game to Final Four
Apr 1st, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Saturday April 1st,  2017.  Is it time for April Fools pranks?  Not on this post, as there is way too much going on in TUSland.

  1.  No Joke, the empire known at UConn Women is over.  The streak of 110 games and 4 straight National Titles is caput.  Read [here].  12 Months and five days after losing by 60 points to UConn (in the 2016 Sweet 16) Mississippi State made up all those points, plus 2 more to dethrone the national champs in the 2017 Women’s Final Four game on Friday night.
  2. After 12 practices in a less than upbeat light hearted environment the Michigan State University football team conducts its Spring football game.  Gametime is 3PM (EDT) and the event is open to the public and will be broadcast on BTN.  The game is to be conducted almost a month earlier than normal. The normally quiet and close-to-the-vest Head coach Mark Dantonio has been almost silent.  Given the criminal investigations (and subsequent suspensions) of MSU football players and staff all following a 3-9 season a cloud hangs over MSU.
  3. Down the street and starting 5 minutes later positive vibes are likely reverberate as the Spartan baseball team (15-6 3-0) takes on highly regarded Minnesota (15-8 3-0) on Kobs Field at McLane Stadium.  The game (3:05 PM EDT) is available on TV at BTNToGo and radio on SpartanSportsNetwork.  More information is [here]
  4. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four resumes with the two National Semi-Final contests (CBS). #7 South Carolina vs. #1 Gonzaga tips off at 6:09 PM EDT. Approximately 30 after the end of the first game #3 Oregon takes on #1 North Carolina (eta 8:49 PM EDT).
  5. If the South Carolina Men’s team (a 7.5 point underdog) can win today; both the Men’s and Women’s squad will play in the National Title. In comments on previous posts Intrepid reporter USMC(retired) indicated there was bedlam in Columbia S.C. Oh, and to think it is has been 12 years since East Lansing experienced the same.
  6. The Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball finish their spring training season today in Miami FLA against the Marlins.  The past 10 seasons have been heady ones for the Tigers and their fans (of which Linda, Jeff, Kyle, Shae dog, Merry [Christmas] dog count as 5).  Those days seem to moving the status as “the past”.  However, at least Justin Verlander has returned to top form and life with Kate Upton is a “Perfect fit.”  See [here].
  7. No need to mention details about the Pistons or the Red Wings as that is too much negative ju-ju in one post.
  8. I think I now know how Eyeore feels after completing a post or comment.
  9. Wait, wait, wait-a-moment!  Norkfork Rancher is doing something very cool. NFR is deep into researching/experiencing family roots this very day. I know it is non-sports related and in most respects a somber event… but would it be okay with TUS Membership for NFR (if willing) to post a story about it?
Tigers – standing Pat?
Jan 11th, 2017 by USMC Retired

Interesting: The Tigers aren’t going to trade veteran players just to shed salary, general manager Al Avila re-emphasized Tuesday.


Are the Tigers too old to win anything in 2017



Dual function Thread: Will the Spartans of EFFORT show up tonight @1900R on BTN? Or, will the team, that look so lost in Philly, take the floor. my worry is that the Philly team shows up again because they already beat Minnie @Minnie without #22.


What say you TUS?

The 2016 AP Preseason Football Poll, and Other Notables
Aug 21st, 2016 by 89 Chemistry

  • When does an exhibition game matter?   It matters when Spartans defeat Gulos!
  • The 65-59 Detroit Tigers won today.
  • (Someone else can provide Draymond Green’s stats from today’s Olympic Gold Medal win of Team USA; I could not find them.   I only know that he scored two points.)
  • Sports Illustrated–you know, the magazine that cursed Jim Harbaugh with a cover declaring Michigan football Playoff-bound?   Well, one of their writers predicts the Gulos will finish third in the B1G East Division; MSU will be co-Division Champ with OSU; and OSU will advance due to tiebreaker rules.
  • The foregoing mentioned the MSU – Notre Dame game as key for both teams.   The early prognosis was that this would be MSU’s toughest game on the schedule.   Fallout from some recent gallivanting may make the game tougher for the Irish.
  • The AP Poll begins with the Spartans ranked 12th; the Buckeyes & Gulos 6th & 7th; and seven teams with at least one first-place vote (including one each for the Buckeyes & Gulos).
  • Graham Couch argues that the Spartans’ preseason rankings are not a sign of disrespect so much as acknowledgment of how much Spartan awesomeness from 2015 is not suiting up for the Green and White this year.   While his narrative may be cringe-worthy at times, we have to admit he has made progress since writing, “Kirk Cousins isn’t even close [to being the best college QB in the state of Michigan]”.
Will Home Cooking get the Tigers to the Post-Season?
Aug 14th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Tigers head home after beating the Texas Rangers 7-0 on Sunday to take the 3-game series 2-1.  The Tigers are 1.5 games behind (Boston, then Baltimore) for the wildcard spot and 5 behind Cleveland for 1st in the Central Division of the American League.  This road trip finishes on a up note after going 0-3 in Seattle.  Michael Fulmer pitched today’s complete game shutout on 112 pitches.  Twelve over the industry standard and universally accepted and approved by experts throughout the industry single game pitch-count of 100.

With 45 games remaining the Tigers hold one distinct advantage over the teams they are chasing.  They have played the most road games (at this juncture) of any team in either league (63) and finish the season with 27 at home and 18 on the road.  At 33-21 the Tigers have the 4th best home record in the AL.  Of the 45 games remaining 14 games are against Boston, Baltimore and Cleveland.  Only a three game set – against Cleveland – will be on the road. In all the other remaining games the Tigers will play an opponent with a sub .500 record (KC, Twins, ChiSox, Angels & Braves) The downside is that seven games are against Cleveland and the Indians own the Tigers so far this season (11-1).  The Indians will finish with a handful more home games than road games. The Red Sox finish with 30 road games and 16 home games. The Orioles finish with 25 at home and 21 on the road.

It looks to me that despite a boat-load of injury’s and a material majority of games played away from home – the Tigers control their destiny.

Do you agree?

Tigers – A Chance and Any Deadline Moves?
Jul 26th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Chris Sale stopped by the other day.  He immediately walked into the master bedroom and my T-Shirt Drawer.  Sale took out some scissors and tried to cut up my TUS World Tour 2012 Polo, VCU Havoc, Manistee and ATLSpartan T-Shirts.  I was able to stop him.

So what about the Tigers as the July 31st Trading Deadline approaches?  Do they have a chance at the post-season?  And if so do they make any trades?

Swings In Momentum – Short-term or Long-Term
May 25th, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Tigers

The Tigers have won 8 of 9 games – all against teams average to below average squads.

So far in 2016 the Tigers are beating the lesser teams with regularity and in convincing fashion.  They are losing to the better teams with regularity and in disappointing fashion.  After 25 games The Tigers are 23-22.

At this point in the season only 6 teams are playing .600 ball or better (Cubs, Red Sox, Nationals, Giants, Orioles and Mariners).

13 Teams are within five games of .500.

Draymond Green & The Warriors

OKC has won two in a row and now the the Warriors 3 games to 1 in the NBA Western Finals.

Do the Tigers and Warriors continue on their current streaks?

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