MSU will beat UofM in football on Saturday – It is Written! And Your Prediction?
Oct 18th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

There is certifiable evidence to support the line of thinking that MSU downs UofM in football this Saturday.  What say you, is the evidence?

15 people who are reputed to be experts in college football say UofM wins.  And the 15 people?  ESPN College Football Experts – all of them.  Each and every one of them says MSU is going down on Saturday.  My counter to-the-ruling mob inclination, plus strong dislike of ESPN Being Homers Conspiracy leads me to believe just the opposite.

ESPN Experts prediction [here].

So what do you think?  Give me a prediction, give us a prediction.  Be on the record about the score of the game.  Who is going to win?

Rivalry Week: The University of Michigan
Oct 14th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The countdown to Saturday’s game begins.  A picture is worth 1,000 words. Thoughts?

The Inevitability of A Crash Landing?
Oct 13th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Spartans of Michigan State University travel to Happy Valley to take on the Nitany Lions of Pennsylvania State University at University Park in american college football.  This University Park campus is one of 24 for PSU.  A satellite campus at the home of Jersey John is scheduled  to open on Christmas Day 2018, delivered by Santa.

# NA MSU (3-2) takes on #8 PSU in a game that [in August] most thought would likely have huge B1G and CFP Championship implications. On this 13th day of October, many TUS members have openly stated they might record the game and watch in its entirety if the early score remains somewhat close.

So what say you?  Is the Spartan Football 2018 Balloon Trip about to crash [hard] in Beaver Stadium or can MSU turn things around with a stirring victor?

As of today the Spartans are 13.5 point underdogs.

Sources tell me that L.J. Scott has returned to receiving traffic violations and is casting a negative attitude in the locker room.  Any corroborating information?


Hey 3-9 Here’s Looking at You?
Oct 7th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Like it or not the 2018 MSU Football team is not even close to the one we expected.  The media hype including profile stories about this squad potentially being the best at ‘xxx’ in MSU history had many drinking the Koolaid.

Well… it appears after five games this Spartan squad does not possess any aspect that is the best in MSU or even the Dantonio era.  Perhaps kicker Matt Coughlin is exception.  Coughlin is spirited, tough, reliable and thrives under pressure.  However MSU has a long list of superb kickers.  The defense against the run is another possible exception.  It is superb.

Looking at the remaining schedule it is quite possible MSU does not win another game.  That is a rather remarkable statement to make given where all the experts had us pegged in August.

Can MSU turn-around the season?  Sure they can.  Is it likely?  No and here is why:

  1. The performance of players in positions key to creating success has been surprisingly bad. We know all too well about the Offensive Line and Defensive Secondary. So look to other examples. The performance at Tight End by Matt Sokol and Matt Dotson has been somewhat comical. The performance in this position is often MSU’s secret weapon and the difference maker in the Red Zone and 3rd and short.  Neither are particularly good blockers.  From a major college perspective they have little to no agility, poor pass receiving skills, poor footwork, and virtually no awareness of field position. Go back and look at the last drives in the game.  Dotson caught a ball on first down with enough open field to get the next 1st down by putting his head down and getting tackled as he progressed – and thereby stopping the clock.  Instead Dotson ran out of bounds short of the flag, leading to a 2nd and 1 with the clock continuing to run.  Why does that happen?  The players has no guts?  He has not been taught to do what it takes to get the first down and stop the clock?  Or his he inept?  As for Sokol.  It hurts to watch him play.  How many times have we seen him stumbling bumbling his way trying to get in position to catch a pass from Lewerke?  Sokol should be leading the way for Lewerke to the reception point, not stumbling backwards.  On the last series at the goal line, he caught the ball and fell down going for the TD.  And do not give me the wet field excuse.  This program spends an extraordinary amount on footwear for every field condition imaginable.
  2. The MSU playbook and general scheme is exacting of players, and possesses little flexibility.  If MSU has the type of players to successfully execute the plan it wins regularly; especially in the close games.  If MSU does not possess the right type of players or the players do not execute, MSU football is a .500ish squad.  And because MSU is not a program that deviates widely from plan – in an attempt to adapt – it is presently a .333 proposition squad.
  3. Dantonio and Staff are considered the Kings of taking decent talent and turning them into solid, if not superb college football players.  Based on the results of recent years, I would say the King title is no longer true, and has not been for some time.  This team returned 19 of 22 starters.  Many of the players who earned time on the 3-9 team, and started on last year’s 10-2 team do not look to have improved at all.  In many cases they look to have regressed.

This is not the time to throw out the Head Coach or anyone else in particular.  What we must understand is that coach Dantonio is excellent at the slow steady build and keeping it in place for a fair amount of time.  We cried for this condition with the roller-coaster era’s preceding his arrival.

Therefore it is nice to have someone of the stature and skill of Dantonio as our bedrock.  The problem is that when things do not work out, there is little to no chance of an in season adjustment let alone one that is materially successful.


Sep 29th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

So you are telling me there is a chance?  There is a chance CMU can beat MSU in football in East Lansing on September 29th, 2018?

Yes there is a chance!  The experts put it at about 2%.  Which is materially higher that Lloyd (Jim Carrey) had with Mary (Lauren Holly) in the 1994 movie Dumb and Dumber.  Mary gave Lloyd gave a 1,000,000 to 1 chance.  Ironically the two actors married later in real life (1996).  It ended after lasting one football season.

Do the CHIPS have a chance?

Also-ran trophy up for grabs for one team that cannot run and another than cannot stop the run
Sep 22nd, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck


The Old Brass Spittoon Trophy game has not had an iconic run as trophy’s go.  However, it will be played for again tonight as the Spartan football team takes on the Indiana Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington.

First played for in 1950, MSU controls the series (46-16-2).  The trophy was created by MSU staff who feared the Spartans  (8-1) would have a letdown after beating Notre Dame the week before.  An old Spittoon was found in a Lansing junk story, shined up and made into a trophy.

MSU (1-1 and ranked #24 in the land) plays its first game after a bye week and after losing as timed expired in the Wilting In The Desert Classic.  Nothing like losing a game at 2:21 AM Eastern time after playing 4 hours in 100+ heat.  Indiana is 3-0 to start the season.  The Hoosiers record seems somewhat impressive.  That is until you take a moment to consider the quality of Florida Atlantic, Virginia, and Ball State.

One interesting aspect of the game is that the numbers suggest MSU cannot run the ball very effectively, while the Hoosiers cannot seem to stop the run very effectively.  Will this aspect have any impact on tonight’s game?

The Week That Was in College Football
Sep 2nd, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Week #1 in college football is in the books.  What did you observe?  Here are mine…

MSU’s pre-season press clippings can now be put in the drawer.  MSU is neither as good as the hype or as bad as the game #1 flaws.  The Spartans will loose to ASU this week if if plays at the same-level as game #1.

UofM is not revamped as all would like us to believe.  The Wolverines will finish 4th in the B1G East in 2018. With UofM’s loss to Notre Dame the Wolverines have not logged a single victory versus ranked a team in its last 17 true road games.  It should be noted that MSU is 6-4 in its last 10.

Happy Valley needed OT to be its name.  Penn State played Appalachia State the giant killer of the past.  However this might be App’s weakest team in years.

All of Maryland’s problems will be forgotten for at least a few days after beating a ranked Texas team.  I think this says more about polls being popularity contests than accurate measures. Terrapin true Freshman Jeshaun Jones did score a touchdown running, passing, and receiving.

When two top 10 teams meet for Game #1 Kickoff Classic on a neutral field (in this case #6 UofW versus #9 Auburn in Atlanta) someone is going home feeling their season is in complete tatters.

Troy (the new darling from the State of Alabama and the top Upset Alert pick for the week) was throttled on its home turf by #22 Boise State.

Arizona State ran over University of Texas San Antonio 49-7.  It was ugly.


Who’s Next?
Aug 6th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

So who is next is a question we can ask on a variety of topics.

First. Who is the next champion of B1G College Football?  IBelieve is calling it for MSU.  Eeyore is fearful all teams will be disqualified.

So who (without condition or qualifier) will be the B1G Football Champion of 2018 claiming the Stagg Trophy in Indianapolis on Saturday December 1st, 2018?

So respond with the name of one team and why.

Coach Dantonio talks to the Media Tuesday 7/24/18
Jul 23rd, 2018 by USMC Retired

Broadcast live on BTN @0930R.


Here is a link to the MLive opinion about what he’ll be asked


Freep just has up the schedule of events and ‘live’ updates


Not sure the year or even the location, but it was awhile ago

This summer at Arcadia Buffs – playing the South Course (Opens on 8/1, we play on 8/6) and will report

Spartan 2018 Football Schedule–See questions and offers below.
Jun 1st, 2018 by Kindle

September 1st game with Aggies moved to Friday August 31st.

Note: Game times for the first two games have been announced:

The August 31st game vs. Utah State will be 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

The September 8th game vs. Arizona State will be 10:45 PM Eastern Time.


From Previous Post RE: GAME ONE:

USMCRetired and Ghost of Biggie are inquiring if anyone else may plan on attending.


From Trophy out in the Baby State (Because Arizona is the newest contiguous state in the Union) is asking about GAME TWO:

“How many of you will be a part of “Spartans Swarm the Desert” this September?   We are having a concert with “the Verve”, a group out of Grand Rapids, on Friday night before the game, Tickets on sale right now to AZ Spartans.  Let me know and I will buy them. Also, we will have blocks of game tix available through ASU this summer.  Will keep you posted on that. ”



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