Happy Independence Day 2017
Jul 4th, 2017 by Kindle

The weather is calm enough this morning that the Mighty Mac is flying the Flag.

Mackinaw City’s fireworks display will be at dusk tonight, about 10PM. If you are along the shore, you can see St. Ignace & Mackinac Island fireworks in the distance. Maybe Cheboygan as well. This photo is from July 4, 2010. If you are staying in Mackinaw City, it is recommend leaving your car at your motel and walking to the spot where you watch them, since traffic takes a couple of hours to clear following the display as people return to other communities.

Colorado Brewery Release Honors Mike Sadler Today
Jun 2nd, 2017 by Kindle

The beer label is pictured above. (Photo: Jagged Mountain Brewery)

As most MSU fans know by now, and has been discussed here, Jagged Mountain Brewery in Denver, co-owned by MSU alum RJ Banat, created a craft beer called “Hey Diddle Diddle” that is named after one of Mike Sadler’s most famous trick plays from his time as a Spartan. The wheat ale debuted last night at the Colorado Spartan Social and the brewery – located a few blocks from Coors Field – is having its official release party today, June 2nd.

“Based on everything I know about Mike – a super-funny, witty guy – I think it’s just awesome to have a beer in his name,” said Banat, a Sterling Heights native who graduated from MSU in 1997. “It’s been fun, it’s been a great time. And we feel very privileged and honored to be the guys who were asked to do this.”


Tonight’s the night! We finally get to taste ‘s “Hey Diddle Diddle” honoring at the .

Spartans from the Front Range and beyond celebrated Spartan spirit and generosity in support of the MSU Rocky Mountain Alumni Club and the Michael Sadler Foundation.  The evening included food, refreshments, live music, a silent auction of MSU sports memorabilia and a program featuring former MSU Football players, current NFL players, and other notable Spartans.
6:00pm – VIP Reception
7:00pm – Doors open for general admission ticket holders, silent auction opens
7:45pm – Program begins
9:00pm – Silent auction closes
9:45pm(ish) – Program ends, silent auction check-out

Former Spartans Taybor Pepper, Bennie Fowler, Conner Kruse, Blake Treadwell, Coach Staten and Executive Director of Admissions, Jim Cotter, were among those in attendance.

Nathaniel Bolt of reported that a number of people were visibly emotional when they talked about the heart of Mike Sadler. People who knew him and did not know him alike.  “His effect was so powerful the brewmaster of “Hey Diddle Diddle”, who never met Mike, brought half the event to tears with his speech.”


  • Just spoke with former lineman Blake Treadwell. his favorite memory of Mike — talking about life after football…fittingly over a beer.
  • One of the main games here is “Heads or Tails” — everyone who made a $10 donation at the door gets to participate.  A commemorative Sadler/Fultz coin is flipped. Players select heads or tails until only one person remains. Winner takes home the coin.
  • Main event here is the silent auction. Items such as a Tom Izzo signed basketball and Mark Dantonio signed jersey up for bid.
  • Autographed memorabilia from Gary Harris, Denzel Valentine, and many others up for bid as well.
  • Bennie Fowler and Darqueze Dennard both commit to giving $2500 to the Colorado Spartans and Michael Sadler Foundation.
  • Lots of others ranging from $1000, $500, $250 and a large amount of $100 donations.
  • Mark Staten puts a signed B1G championship ball, his own sideline passes and tickets. Goes for $600.  The winner received a long snap from Taybor Pepper that went a little too high. His response: “Now you know what Mike had to deal with.”  Taybor Pepper’s mother Donna Pepper, “These are the things hardest for me…we always assumed Sadler would be a part of these “reunions” for years to come. Breaks my heart.”
  • Fun thing happen[ed] as Mark Staten takes podium [and says] former players here will get quizzed on old plays to see if they remember the playbook.
  • Video montage: Most of the clips from B1G championship against OSU and Rose Bowl. Players and crowd having a great time interacting with one another.

Taybor Pepper, long-snapper on the famous play samples the brew.


The Michael Sadler Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Any gift to the foundation is tax-deductible.

The Michael Sadler Foundation exists to develop programs and awards that emphasize the values Michael embraced: academic excellence, athletic achievement, leadership and character strength.

2017 College HOF Ballot Includes 3 Spartans and a Former Coach
Jun 1st, 2016 by Kindle

Morton Andersen earned first-team All-America honors as a senior, from The Sporting News, United Press International and Walter Camp.

Three former Michigan State All-Americans – placekicker Morten Andersen, wide receiver Kirk Gibson and running back Lorenzo White – along with former Spartan head coach Darryl Rogers are featured on the National Football Foundation’s 2017 (Football Bowl Subdivision) ballot for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Michigan State has eight former players and four former coaches (Clarence “Biggie” Munn, Charles Bachman, Duffy Daugherty, Frank “Muddy” Waters) already enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame. In December 2015, former two-time All-America running back Clinton Jones became the eighth former Spartan player to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, joining halfback John Pingel (inducted in 1968), tackle Don Coleman (1975), linebacker George Webster (1987), defensive end Bubba Smith (1988), safety Brad Van Pelt (2001), wide receiver Gene Washington (2011) and linebacker Percy Snow (2013)


Read the story HERE.

National Football Foundation Awards–AD Hollis, former star RB Clinton Jones to be honored tonight
Dec 8th, 2015 by Kindle

EAST LANSING – The awards are rolling in for an MSU athletic department that has the No. 1-ranked men’s basketball team and No. 3-ranked football team in the country, and its director and one of its former stars will get big ones tonight.

Two-time national champion, All-America running back and 1966 Heisman Trophy finalist Clinton Jones was the 2nd player taken in the first round of the 1967 draft by the Minnesota Vikings. [Bubba Smith was selected #1 overall by the Baltimore Colts]

The 2015 College Football Hall of Fame Class includes:

  • Trev Alberts, LB – Nebraska (1990-93)
  • Brian Bosworth, LB – Oklahoma (1984-86)
  • Bob Breunig, LB – Arizona State (1972-74)
  • Sean Brewer, DL – Millsaps (Miss.) (1989-92)
  • Ruben Brown, OT – Pittsburgh (1991-94)
  • Wes Chandler, SE – Florida (1974-77)
  • Thom Gatewood, SE – Notre Dame (1969-71)
  • Dick Jauron, RB – Yale (1970-72)
  • Clinton Jones, HB – Michigan State (1964-66)
  • Lincoln Kennedy, OT – Washington (1989-92)
  • Rob Lytle (deceased), RB – Michigan (1974-76)
  • Michael Payton, QB – Marshall (1989-92)
  • Art Still, DE – Kentucky (1974-77)
  • Zach Thomas, LB – Texas Tech (1992-95)
  • Ricky Williams, RB – Texas (1995-98)
  • Coach Bill Snyder – Kansas State (1989-2005, 2009-Present)
  • Coach Jim Tressel – Youngstown State (1986-2000) and Ohio State (2001-10)
Beginning at 5:30 p.m. ET, the American Sports Network will produce and nationally televise a live Red Carpet Show leading up to the dinner ceremonies.
The 8PM program is accessible online at, on smartphones and tablets via the WatchESPN app and streamed on televisions through Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
A Brief, Relating to the Nebraska Game
Nov 10th, 2015 by 89 Chemistry

I will defer the Nebraska-game autopsy until next week.   What it will show, I think, might be more valuable as a prelude to the Ohio State game.   It is equally important to say that Members have already provided plenty of good comments and observations in response to Jeff Lubeck’s Post submitted late Saturday night.

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Does NFL Draft Reflect MSU TEAM Greatness???..And….Can U Recall 1 Year Ago???
May 10th, 2014 by Kindle

College football’s best defense had one NFL draft pick to show for it — cornerback Darqueze Dennard, in the first round, back on Thursday night. And even he  slid several picks further than expected.

msu osu 1

Below~~~~~Two families have stepped forward to share their stories about how they got through a troubling year.

Catch the story you hope never envelops your loved ones below:

Click Here for the story and video by TV 9&10’s Katie Boomgaard.


MSU IS THE DRAW FROM HELL!!! ++++ Photos That TUS Missed!! ++++ The Big Ten Tourney Meant So Much To Tom Izzo, after all!
Mar 16th, 2014 by Kindle




Head Coach Tom Izzo rejoices? Or expresses release~~~ or, was it relief ~~no matter~~~  as the MSU team accepts the Big Ten Championship trophy last evening on March 16, 2014, following the win over Michigan at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. The Spartans defeated the Wolverines, 69-55 in a redemption game many of us predicted.


On Sunday, March 16th, 2014, let it be said that our Spartans took center stage in Indianapolis and gave more than a glimpse (this time)  of just whom their upcoming opponents must prepare for in the impending March dance.  It’s a cinch (NFR loves that term~~cinch) that Wisconsin and Michigan are glad to be in different brackets, even though they drew higher seeds.  Right now, Michigan State is the draw from hell.  I don’t know how else to put it.


New POLL added to right sidebar.


The List, Checked Twice, and Posted Twice
Dec 23rd, 2013 by GoSt8Go

There are some things that deserve a second posting and in my opinion the spirit of Jeff’s previous post deserves to live a little bit longer (Thank you, Jeff). Wonderful things were shared.

TUS, will you join us in honoring that spirit for the next 12 hours?

From the following:

1) Good health and good fortune for all TUS members in 2014
2) A spectacular start to 2014 with an MSU Rose Bowl victory.
3) A 2nd National Championship for Tom Izzo and MSU

I Believe
MSU wishes:
1) National recognition and appreciation for how genuine and humble the Spartan athletic program (family) is … that success can be achieved the right way.
2) An injury-free season for Madison Williams. Her perseverance epitomizes the concept of Spartan Will.
3) Patience with Tom Anastos and the Spartan icers. The long-term payoff will be huge.

TUS wishes:
1) For those going, safe travels to / from the Rose Bowl and a glorious “reunion” on Dec. 30; remember, your time together that night is more special than what is achieved inside the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1.
2) Continued respect for one-another.
3) That each of us is able to stop and reflect on a regular basis … that we take a moment and appreciate the positive impact we’ve had on others — and others have had on us.

Of course as IB says,
1) safety for all,
2) respect for all, and
3) reflective, wistful moments…….

Ghost of Biggie
1) Everyone to live long and prosper.
2) Spartans to win everything in sight by overwhelming margins.
3) All that Steve Martin stuff

Ben Green
1) Good physical and mental health for every TUS member throughout 2014. A couple Spartan occurrences that would contribute to the latter:
2) A Rose Bowl win.
3) An NCAA basketball National Championship.

USMC Retired
1) Health to all, but especially to TUS Members, their family’s, and their Friends
2) That Americans everywhere will finally understand IDIT and I3T
3) That ignorant talking heads everywhere will finally understand the difference between the Mascot (Sparty) and the athletic teams (Spartans) for whom they Mascot.(it’s now a verb: to mascot = the dress in odd clothing and represent an athletic team)

GoSt8Go – IB’s chosen words were inspirational. I chose them as mine, now posted twice:
1) For those going, safe travels to / from the Rose Bowl and a glorious “reunion” on Dec. 30; remember, your time together that night is more special than what is achieved inside the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1.
2) Continued respect for one-another.
3) That each of us is able to stop and reflect on a regular basis … that we take a moment and appreciate the positive impact we’ve had on others — and others have had on us.

79 Spartan
1) Good health to all…
2) That everyone takes the time to understand the generous gift that we have – being alive – and to appreciate it with our family, friends and strangers alike
3) Success in your endeavors

Jeffrey Lubeck
1) The wishes of my friends and family members are granted.
2) That I will get to experience this same exercise with friends and family members next year.
3) That I continue to enjoy life to its fullest and share it my friends and family members.

89 Chemistry
1) That we can all love our neighbors as ourselves.
2) That no strife mars or interrupts our thorough enjoyment of all things MSU-Spartan related.
3) For serenity, joy, wisdom, courage, health, beauty, and prosperity in the lives of we and ours.

Spartan 81
1) Thanking my wife who I have known for 19 years for allowing me to honor a pledge I made to myself and my University to see the completion of my goal (neigh obsession) of 30 years.
2) Pledging to watch MSU cleats touch Rose Bowl turf clap my hands and walk away like Charles Dutton in the film Rudy
3) Devote the rest of my life to family and faith after this goal is accomplished knowing that unlike 88 success will be maintained and that the program has been restored to its potential

1) Merry Christmas,
2) Happy New Year,
3) And may God bless you!

Please join us, will you not?

Fill Out Your List and Check it Twice
Dec 22nd, 2013 by Jeffrey Lubeck


As many of you are aware, I often like the journey a bit more than the destination.  I also do not mind recognizing, noting, honoring and celebrating key dates not necessarily tied to my religion or heritage – if it is important to a friend and or guest.  My family celebrates Christmas.  I celebrate Boxing Day (December 26th) and almost always am asleep in bed on New Year’s Eve.  I heartily look forward to and celebrate National TheMarineComplimentsOfficiating Day (February 30th).  I will be celebrating the New Year (2014) at the 100th Rose Bowl in Pasadena CA.

I ask TUS members to celebrate this holiday season and upcoming New Year with me by providing their (Top Three) wish list for 2014.  I will print out each list and attach them as an ornament to the TUS Headquarters Christmas tree pictured above.  The 2013 TUS Christmas tree was harvested from the Cove Creek drainage of the East Fork of The Wood River in the Sawtooth National Forest near TUS Headquarters.  The 16′ tree was cut via U.S.F.S Permit ($10 extracted from the TUS 2013 Budget) by yours truly.

If you are so inclined join me in the TUS Headquarters Living Room and share your Top Three (3) Wishes for 2014.


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