ND at MSU – What Did We Learn?
September 24th, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Late in the 4th quarter of the football game between Notre Dame and MSU, the Spartans have the ball 1st and goal inside the five.  As the result of lackluster play and confusion MSU comes away with no points. Broadcast announcer Gus Johnson summed up the situation quickly, “with MSU it is a comedy of errors.”

From my vantage point, the game played out like a Shakespeare or Greek tragedy. As JustABum keenly observed in a comment on the previous post, Notre Dame zeroed in on MSU’s flaws and exposed them to full advantage.  The result; a flogging on the national stage.

Correct or mitigate the implication of the flaws and MSU wins this game – possibly even handily.  However after a full-off season, a spring practice season, a summer preseason camp, and three regular season games MSU has not figured out how to correct, hide, or protect against its biggest flaws.

What did I learn from yesterday’s outing?

  1. Protect the the ball as if your life depended on it – MSU is a winner.
  2. Have the mental awareness and presence of mind to avoid needless personal fouls – MSU is a winner.
  3. With brutal honesty, identify and correct (or mitigate) the biggest flaws of every member in the program and element of the playbook. Start with the biggest flaws and work your way down – MSU is a winner.
  4. If MSU accomplishes none of the above; 2017 will result in a 3-9 or 4-8 kind of season.  For each material improvement add more games to the W column, and 2017 will reveal that MSU is a winner on the football field.

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  • JustABum writes:
    September 24th, 201710:10 amat


  • 79 Spartan writes:
    September 24th, 201710:19 amat

    As I said last mid-week, “we must take care of the rock”…

    3 TOs = 21 pts.

    Nuff said.

  • Ben Green writes:
    September 24th, 201711:07 amat

    3 turnovers that Notre Dame turned into 3 touchdowns. Game over. To quote Seidel in his article, “What a disaster. A self-inflicted horror show.”

    LJ Scott with his 3rd fumble of the season and 2nd near the end zone. Lewerke fumbled for the 4th time in 3 games. “We talk ball security, we work ball security every single day, seven minutes a day in drills,” MSU coach Dantonio said. Huh? 7 entire minutes?

    • Kindle writes:
      September 24th, 20176:11 pmat

      I wondered the same thing Ben…seriously seven minutes a day???…could he have meant seven days a week??

    • GoSt8Go writes:
      September 28th, 201711:35 amat

      I actually get that. Having coached (an no where near this level) every practice has a precisely laid out plan for focus areas and what has to get done. Contrary to Coach Boon’s image of car headlights on after dark, MD and staff are not allowed to “stay out all night until they get this right”. 7 minutes is the allotted time for specific TO focus. It might not have been best for him to actually state that to the media, but given where the questions were going, this was the piece that got stated from his RAM. If he and staff agree to bump it to 10, then they also must agree on where to take it. That may appear to simple on the surface.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    September 24th, 201711:55 amat

    back home safe and sound.

    I learned that ghost of biggie, Andary, and their sons are great guys. it was neat to actually put a face on some of the names.

    as for the game, I had a certain mistrust all week of Lewerke’s careless ways with the ball, and you all know what I have been saying about LJ..his ship has sailed.

    the TV timeouts are getting excruciating. it’s almost as if they are daring people to stop sitting through these games.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      September 24th, 201712:57 pmat

      Glad to know you met GoB & Dr. Cheeseburgers — and presumably several other good regulars to the west of Stan’s Gulo pelt.

      I expected more bitterness out of your reply; maybe fatigue has dampened it for now. In anticipation of a rant from you, I planned to say, “At least you got to see Gibby inducted onto the Ring of Honor.” For some, that was probably worth admission irrespective of how the game turned out.

      (At least it did not rain…)

      • JerseyJohn writes:
        September 25th, 201710:21 amat

        yes, and for the boys to go out and lay an egg like that in front of Gibby, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      September 24th, 20178:52 pmat

      That game was enough to drive you to the crayolas, except it costs too much to get. Other than us getting together all around bad evening. Spartans lose and your favorite PA team to hate let off the hook by Iowa. We should make Iowa pay for that next week. At any rate let’s hope that we don’t hit them with a wet hankie like we did ND. Jeff’s points are spot on. However, even if they accomplish them this is still not 2011. If progress is made a winning season is possible but I don’t see 8 or 9 wins. We are not ready for the Three Stooges of the East Division of the B1G. Fair to Midland closer to Saginaw.

      • JerseyJohn writes:
        September 26th, 20178:09 amat

        if you are referring to SCum, OSU, and PSU as the three stooges, I consider that an insult to Moe, Larry, Curly, Shenmp, and even Joe Besser.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        September 27th, 201710:07 amat

        That’s as good an characterization of this year’s team through 3 games as I’ve seen

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    September 24th, 201712:48 pmat

    My immediate takeaway essay from the game (which I saw on TV):
    A poorly-officiated game. I found myself thinking that football is a game I do not recognize, once or twice. Not all of the bad calls (and missed calls) were to MSU’s detriment, but it seemed like most were.

    With that said, perfect officiating would not have made a great deal of difference in the final result.

    Apparently, MSU outgained Notre Dame from the lines of scrimmage. But the better team won. As long as MSU remains hell bent on beating itself, any team of the Irish’s caliber will be the better team.

    (I differ with Jeff on his Learned Point Two. I think (and this is an unquantified opinion!) that eliminating the personal fouls would, with no other changes, have resulted in a win last night.)

    Beyond self-inflicted woundings, MSU has other things to work on. I suggest two here:
    [1] There was no sense of time late in the third quarter; MSU needed four scores to overtake the Irish when it was down 35-10; realistically, the Spartans needed touchdown drives of no longer than three possession minutes for the rest of the game. That was not Baylor’s defense, after all.
    [2] We learned that Scanlon’s onside kicking is inadequate.

    Not all was bad — but the shiniest Spartan objects for me were MSU’s receivers. Sokol and Jackson grabbed some medium-long throws and were very good overall. And Hunter Rison is a jaw-dropper! Keep in mind that it was he, as a high-school senior, that did more than anyone else to keep the recruiting Class of 2017 together during the several hard months MSU Football had before Signing Day. It may be too much to hope him to be the next Kirk Cousins in leadership terms. But he made some on-field plays last night that will help complement what he might do off the field over the next twelve months.

    Nevertheless, performances against Notre Dame will now persist as a tarnished section of Dantonio’s legacy. Bobby Williams and John L. Smith had better records against the Irish than Coach D. The 2017 margin of defeat was MSU’s largest since 1993. The 2016 game was fun. Little Giants was fun. But other than that, Brian Kelly simply had Dantonio’s number.

    On September 30, 2016, MSU possessed all four of its rivalry trophies. Fifty-one weeks and 12 games later, it has none. In the matter of pride coming before the fall, perhaps now the fall is complete. We have been reminded that mistakes and growing pains are unavoidable for veterans and greenhorns alike — and we should realize now that it will take more than the purging of bad apples to make MSU successful again.

    MSU Football needed to rebuild, and the rebuild is a work-in-progress that has no shortcuts. Members must decide for themselves how much of it they are willing to watch. But who knows? The 2013 team began to take shape by facing and beating Iowa after losing to the Irish in an imperfectly-officiated game. While history is not supposed to repeat in its particulars, stranger things have happened.

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      September 24th, 20177:35 pmat

      I had the same thought throughout the third quarter. I could not believe we kept huddling up and dilly dallying around with no sense of urgency.

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      September 24th, 20178:55 pmat

      As usual the officials can’t visit the outhouse without video review. I guess that’s what happens when officials stay up too late the night before and sle during the game. Awful hard to see with your eyes closed. At least I do.

  • Ben Green writes:
    September 24th, 20173:00 pmat

    The Lions dramatic come from behind win over a very good Falcons team was at least a bit of solace after the unpleasant game last night.

    Oh wait…

    Ridiculous 10 second runoff!

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      September 24th, 20179:00 pmat

      My complaint is the NFL definition of down by contact. Tate was no more down by contact than me to actually have a vertical leap. I don’t consider a defender touching a ball carrier with an index finger as downing by contact.

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        September 28th, 201711:37 amat

        I get the rule, and they applied it. Unfortunately, and this will make you sick, is that it appears confirmed that there “11” seconds, not 8, remaining on the clock when the knee went down. They should have gotten one more play.

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    September 24th, 201710:23 pmat

    Linda and I noticed what many have stated above; the lack of urgency for MSU in the latter part of the 3rd Quarter and all of the 4Q.

    Linda thinks it may be a medical condition that affects MSU. It is called Under Active Game Management (UAG). UAG affects over 48% of all players and coaches in college football today.

    UAG can be treated. Kegelquis (R) (getamoveon) is a prescription medicine used to reduce delays in getting back to the line of scrimmage in a reasonable period of time. Kegelquis is not for every team or player. Consult Bums from Ireland before using.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      September 25th, 20174:36 pmat

      “And best of all, the name sounds dirty!”

  • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
    September 25th, 201712:15 pmat

    One thing I have noticed this season. Lewerke has apparently not been given the authority to change plays at the line of scrimmage. I have seen no evidence of that. Also MSU unlike the spread offenses they have faced once lined up do not even look to the sideline to see if the sideline has instructions to change the play. Looking at the successful years KC and CC had the authority or the gumption to change plays. Sometimes disastrously and others more often supremely successfully.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      September 25th, 20174:41 pmat

      I noticed the lack of play-changing authority, too; good of you to bring it up. The focus away from the sidelines before snaps might be a command decision to allow the newest guys master a simplified playbook and regimen. But I expect more out of Lewerke at this point; this is his third year in MSU’s system [brief rant on that coming on another day].

  • ATLSpartan writes:
    September 25th, 20171:18 pmat

    Sorry I missed you guys on the Saturday game thread. Janice and i were in Italy/Spain for 10 days and the 8:00pm game was 2:00am over there and unmanageable.

    I got in late last night so I went through the first half early this morning. The second half must have been worse, because I firmly believe that if we don’t turn the ball over 3 times we are in the game and likely in the lead. I would change that wager to “if we turn the ball over only once” we may be in the lead.

    Again, I haven’t watched the second half. But we didn’t look bad, just WAY too many mistakes. However, that is football. The teams that make the fewest mistakes wins the game and is therefore the better team. A bad throw by Lewerke I can live with. It happens. He will get better. To loosely handle the ball and lose it by the sideline with no hope of getting the first down, is inexcusable. He should be slapped, (metaphorically). The one that bothered me was the Scott fumble. You are crossing the goal line…wrap up that ball and finish the play. That was a game changer.

    I’ll watch the second half and things may change, but I did not view ND as a significantly better team. I thought both of our lines held up fairly well, the team speed looked good, and overall the composure of the team looked good. Even thought they were having a pretty bad night.

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      September 25th, 20172:45 pmat

      On your trip to Italy\Spain.

      Who played the roles of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon?

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    September 25th, 20174:50 pmat

    * A reality check of some of my pregame observations —
    “…I am very sympathetic to the idea that Kelly is blowing smoke [on his team’s extensive ball-strip drills]. Still, I think MSU’s ability to avoid giveaways is now magnified as a key to winning a marquee game.” [The Irish were a top-quartile team in takeaways before playing MSU; minus three in turnovers will not happen to MSU most of the time. Nonetheless, I gotta think MSU has an unflattering reputation on that count by now. Its two lost fumbles/game is tied for worst in the FBS, although with two INTs (roughly par), MSU is only the eighth-worst FBS team in turnovers lost per game.

    [The Lewerke INT vs. Notre Dame was MSU’s.first pick-six allowed since Cook’s at the Rose Bowl.]

    “MSU’s O might score only 2/3 of the points expected from an ‘average’ team — but that the D will allow only 1/3 of the points allowed by an ‘average’ team. A similar analysis…suggests that Notre Dame allows ~80 of the points scored…but scores ~180% of the points allowed by an ‘average’ team.” [Against those metrics, MSU outperformed in scoring — but got severely bludgeoned in points surrendered. It appears that MSU is better than Temple and Boston College — but much closer in quality to those teams than it is to Notre Dame or Georgia.]

    “…MSU has yet to force a fumble. Apart from that, and more consistent receiver coverage, there is not much upon which the Dawgs need to improve that has been exposed by its MAC opponents.” [Still no FF. The NCAA does not report team fumbles forced, so I cannot say whether that is awful. Coverage allowed the Irish to be balanced in yardage, I think; at 8.6 yds/throw, Wimbush and his receivers looked good. Note that Wimbush — like Lewerke — played the entire game.]

    “[I]f Wimbush grows sufficiently familiar with his receivers by tonight to hit them well, that also could make a difference in the game’s outcome. The guy has a cannon… I think it will come down to passing and pass defense….” [Only one truly explosive pass play for each QB, but ibid. on Wimbush. Lewerke threw more TDs, but averaged only 6.5 yds/throw. (Lewerke completed the fifth-most number of passes by a Spartan in one game.)

    [I did not see MSU’s pathetic two points per red zone opportunity coming. I expected MSU to be more than HALF as effective in those situations as Temple and Boston College. I was wrong.]

    “Notre Dame is allowing a sack rate of less than 5%…” [MSU got ~4.8% on Wimbush with its single sack.]

    “Look #80 and #86…to get nearly as many receiving yards as #6 and #15….” [Not even close, despite zero catches for Cam Smith. St. Brown’s 61 yds > Smythe & Mack’s 36 yds — and Chase Claypool burned State for another 56 yds.]

    “Notre Dame will probably sack Lewerke at some point, but I will be concerned if the Irish get more than two sacks.” [Two sacks, for a sack rate of 4.4%. Decent protection/evasion, I would say.]

    * Dantonio, after the game: “[T]he offense needs to control the football. I don’t think there’s any question we need to run the ball more effectively. They probably won the game up front, when you look at it. I don’t think we’ve won a game up front.” [I think this is example of immediate post-loss state of mind; it is natural enough after a bad loss like Saturday night’s. The point is that one should not take every assessment under such circumstances literally. Specifically: MSU controlled the ball for most of the game — and usually ran the football well given the defense it faced. It was other things — errors, pace, some bad play calls — that stymied the translation of possession into points. And in saying MSU has not “won a game up front”, I refuse to believe he meant MSU’s two previous opponents won up front. I think that, by now, he has seen a lot of good on the game film, and that he and the team will move forward in a positive frame of mind this week.]

    “It was hot out there, but I didn’t sense that we were tired,” Dantonio had said a little earlier. “I felt like we started playing without the emotion maybe that we had.” [I think that that could be a one-off experience.

    Most of the team is young and had not faced a situation like that of the Notre Dame game in a Spartan uniform. And it may be coincidence that veterans like Brian Allen were just having a bad day. We will see how the players respond against Iowa.]

    [He did point out some problems with the run defense Sunday night, saying that the D line allowed “too many
    creases…and we lost gap integrity”. Missed tackles re-emerged as an issue, and the perimeter.was exploited again.]

    * “We could not have emphasized [ball security] more these last two weeks, but obviously we didn’t get it done,” said offensive coordinator Dave Warner. [2017 should be better than 2016. But Warner’s remark makes me think the road to progress will probably be uglier than we would like unless MSU can somehow find better options than LJ Scott and Brian Lewerke. “Ask your doctor about Xanax!”]

    * “They actually stuck to their plan, they just executed better than us to be honest with you,” co-defensive coordinator Harlon Barnett observed. “They pretty much stuck to what they were and what they did.” [It seems the D did not do enough to give the O a chance to win. But the ability of Wimbush to connect with his wide receivers had not been on film and turned some long Irish fields into scoring opportunities. From there, allowing the Domers to score six points every time they got to the red zone hurt. So yes — if the expectation was to play defense as well as Georgia, then MSU is frankly not there yet. (I think training and rebuilding takes time and many readjustments; I gathered from Chris Frey’s post-game remarks that he thinks everyone on D should react and execute perfectly by now. If he is right, then no one should score more than 20 points on MSU henceforth. We shall see.]

    * MSU took redshirts off of safety Dominique Long (which was expected) and preferred walk-on Ander Welch (which was not). Welch debuted with a late 27-yard kickoff return. (I, for one, want to see more of him.) Twelve true freshmen have played for MSU so far this year.

    * Kirk Gibson had his jersey, number 23, retired. That is Chris Frey’s number. I did not notice whether Frey wore a different number during the game or know whether he will change his number henceforth.

    * From
    “One year ago today we lost a Spartan warrior. Thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP #6MylanHicks”

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      September 25th, 201711:25 pmat

      Frey did wear #23

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      September 25th, 201711:43 pmat


      I sent you an email today about next Saturday. Please check. If you didn’t get it maybe I had the wrong email address. If that’s the case email me at

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        September 26th, 20174:01 pmat

        I replied a few hours ago. Thanks again.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      September 26th, 20174:11 pmat

      Correction: The MSU freshman kick returner’s name is “Andre” Welch, not “Ander”. Yumpin’ Yiminy!

  • Kindle writes:
    September 25th, 20175:14 pmat

    Good posts/comments all.

    You took/stated most things I learned~~~ so I had only this left……
    Darrel Stewart is truly the real deal.

  • ATLSpartan writes:
    September 26th, 20174:04 amat

    Joe Rexrode trying to straddle the fence on the kneeling during the anthem issue. Well thought out and well written. For me he was a big loss to our group.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    September 26th, 20179:35 amat

    Good points all, although I wasn’t as exotically located as AtlSpartan and She-who-is-in-Charge (Brutus, Mi) I was without a really useable connection to TUS.

    College athletics are in trouble again. People can NOT stop trying to make money off teenage basketball players. The latest devil-in-a-blue-dress is Adidas

    and to follow Coach Dantonio and his depth chart


    • JustABum writes:
      September 26th, 201711:32 amat

      Considering the NCAA investigation to payment allegation to MSU, Ole Miss,Auburn football teams, it’s no wonder we are hearing news about another southern program in a different sport.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      September 26th, 20174:19 pmat

      Highly misleading link title! The text got the facts right, though:

      “The Spartans didn’t make any major changes, though Josiah Scott is finally listed as the starting boundary corner after starting the first three games there. Also, freshman Andre Welch is listed as the third kick returner after appearing in Saturday’s loss to Notre Dame.”

  • ATLSpartan writes:
    September 26th, 20172:39 pmat

    How about Pitino saying how “lucky” he was with Bowen…really?? The guy has been around long enough to know there is no luck. This is complete BS.

    “We got lucky on this one,” Pitino told Meiners. “I had an AAU director call me and ask me if I’d be interested in a player. I saw him against another great player from Indiana. I said ‘Yeah, I’d be really interested.’ They had to come in unofficially, pay for their hotel, pay for their meals. We spent zero dollars recruiting a five-star athlete who I loved when I saw him play. In my 40 years of coaching this is the luckiest I’ve been.”

    • JustABum writes:
      September 26th, 20174:12 pmat

      I imagine Patino gets “lucky” often when recruits make visits… officially and unofficially?

      • JerseyJohn writes:
        September 26th, 20175:59 pmat

        the day bowen signed with them I commented that I was glad we didn’t get the prima donna. just didn’t like the looks and feel of that whole recruiting process.

        • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
          September 28th, 20174:54 amat


      • GoSt8Go writes:
        September 28th, 201711:29 amat

        and makes you wonder how “often” he’s been “lucky”.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    September 26th, 20174:09 pmat

    Not-related-to-the-Domers items (many from the bumped game-day thread):

    * The Cotton Bowl Foundation will match up to $50,000 in donations to the Mike Sadler Legacy Football
    Scholarship Endowment until MSU’s Green and White Game in April. That could mean at least $100,000 for the fund that was created in July 2016. (The Cotton Bowl vs. Baylor game was Sadler’s last at MSU; his save on an XP hold helped provide the winning point.

    (Jake Hartbarger is the Sadler scholarship’s first recipient.)

    Members who might wish to donate can do so by mail, or online at
    (The snail mail address is:
    Michigan State University Spartan Fund
    535 Chestnut Rd, Suite 200
    East Lansing, MI 48824-4005)

    * The astonished expression I perceive on Earvin’s face matches my first reaction:

    * I saw this via a Rexrode Tweet:
    (The self-selection bias that Dr. Cummings points out in the study of NFL players’ brains was mentioned in only one of the several TV and radio reports and talk pieces I witnessed at the time. The exception may surprise some Members…)

    “MSU has 3 finalists for Polynesian Football Hall of Fame: QB Tony Banks (player), RB Bob Apisa & QB/FL Charlie Wedemeyer (coach/contributor)”

    * BTN Tailgate will be at Munn Field for the Iowa game on September 30. Beginning at 9 A.M., the public will be admitted; the show will begin at 10.

    “MSU picked 7th (last) in Big Ten hockey preseason poll. No Spartans on 17-player conference watch list. Only school not represented.” (There is no half-full to be found in there. But with nowhere for the new management to go but up — go up!)

    * Montae Nicholson caught an INT for the Washington Redskins Sunday. (From what I saw, QB Kirk Cousins was not so bad, either.)

    * Spartan long-snapper Taybor Pepper has re-signed with Green Bay.

    “Bob Apisa will be MSU’s honorary captain vs. Iowa. Going into MSU Athletics HOF this weekend.”

    * The game in Washtenaw County on October 7 will start at 7:30 PM EDT.

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      September 26th, 20176:01 pmat

      good to see my old pal taybor is back with the pack. I wonder who we released.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        September 27th, 201710:02 amat

        Wasn’t a release – other long snapper got whacked badly – out for a while

        • JerseyJohn writes:
          September 27th, 201711:57 amat

          thanks for the info.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    September 26th, 20178:10 pmat

    Just so ya’ll would know what I know:

    MLive (and most all other editors) SCREW up headlines into FAKE NEWS from what is actually in the article

    Headline: “Jim Harbaugh respects players who kneel during national anthem”

    What he really said: “And if they wanted to kneel?

    “I would respect their right to do so,” Harbaugh said Tuesday.”

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      September 28th, 20175:18 amat

      The old Headline Writer has no clue/context as to what the writer was reporting in the story. How many times have we had discuss this condition? Too many! And yes you are correct, the sloppy application on this one gives the media the FAKE NEWS By Incompetence Medal.

      Headline: Mrs. Lincoln Loved Last Night’s Play; Attendance in the Future Likely By Herself.

      JHL Media Categories

      Reporting – Straight
      Reporting – Investigative
      Reporting – Sloppy (without malice)
      Reporting – With Editorialization
      Reporting – Fake

      Position of the Entity (e.g., Editorial Board)
      Opinion (e.g., one person)

  • USMC Retired writes:
    September 27th, 20177:05 amat

    Anyone else see the Purdue landing of Swanigan in this story?

    Although Adidas is the shoe company de jour, here’s an interesting tidbit: “…according to ESPN, several others are involved in the corrutpion probe, such as Merl Code, who recently left Nike for Adidas;…”

    Swanigan was signed by Nike when he turned pro/

  • NorthForkRancher writes:
    September 27th, 201711:31 amat
    • USMC Retired writes:
      September 27th, 20171:08 pmat

      I really think the HOF (if not it becomes IHOP) needs to look at his EXCLUSION

      • JustABum writes:
        September 28th, 20172:46 amat

        Agreed, HOF’s not excluding suggest the fraternity is only about W’s & L’s which is the cause for corruption.

        Michael Rosenberg’s latest is pretty good, A leopard can’t change it’s spots …. too often. MR also gibingly references patino claims to have got calipari his first HC job (Umass the pupil follows the teach).

        • USMC Retired writes:
          September 28th, 20175:30 amat

          Generally, if something is to good to be true (1 and dones flocking to Jelly because they only want to play for The Used Car Salesman) it is NOT, in fact, true. Was it RGIII whose father’s church got 800K from an Auburn alum?

          • JustABum writes:
            September 28th, 201711:04 amat

            Jamie Winston, $180K was the amount mentioned and his dad’s church got those much needed repairs. Miss State cried about Auburn paying more after Jamies got dismissed from Urban’s UF team after he got caught stealing a students macbook.

  • ATLSpartan writes:
    September 27th, 201711:53 amat
    • GoSt8Go writes:
      September 28th, 201711:23 amat

      Wow! This looks like it’s gonna get really ugly.

  • ATLSpartan writes:
    September 27th, 201711:54 amat

    The ESPN talking heads are saying that there is no question that the 10 people they indicted will roll over for the FBI and the number of indictments will double.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      September 28th, 20175:37 amat

      So just 10 more schools doing this? We know UCLA didn’t help Ball get a shoe deal. Not in the 1st 10, UNLV, PU, Jelly, OSU, Minnie, Miami, FSU, Crocs, KU, Oregon, are just the ones that come to mind who got big time 1 and done recruits that were a surprise to me when it happened or they have some lineage.

  • LeeBee writes:
    September 27th, 20178:49 pmat

    In Re Polynesian Football HOF. Seems to me that Jim Kanicki was a pretty good player also.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    September 28th, 20175:44 amat

    Anyone going to the Ioway Game? Varsity S having a feed by Old College Field, then our seats are in the North End Zone.

    I will then head South to arrive at Ryder Cup the following Monday (driving the Local instead of the express) with 3 days in Asheville, NC; my Grandson’s Friday night Game, and a stop with the Ballerina – who is 7 and doing Esmerelda in competition with 9/10 year olds- and yes there is some back tracking)

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      September 28th, 201711:19 amat

      I’ll be there. Will arrive at Andary tailgate around 2pm

  • USMC Retired writes:
    September 28th, 20175:49 amat

    I’m giving 100-1 odds that the Tigers do NOT win another game this fall (only bet allowable is a penny)

  • I Believe writes:
    September 28th, 20179:53 amat

    So far, only available in Kentucky Blue … and sold out.


    • GoSt8Go writes:
      September 28th, 201711:00 amat


    • JustABum writes:
      September 28th, 201711:07 amat

      Luv it!

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