A Brief on Vayante Copeland, and Links to a Few Other Pieces of Spartan Football News
June 14th, 2017 by 89 Chemistry

Copeland was a four-star recruit who appeared on his way to joining Trae Waynes as a No-Fly-Zone worthy before a neck injury ended his debut season in the second game (Oregon, 2015).   Last year he played in MSU’s first two games, then started the next seven games before a different injury ended his sophomore season.   In 2016 he averaged about as many defensive production points as Darian Hicks (and generated more, per start, than Demetrious Cox), and would have ranked third in 2016 production points among all returning Spartan defenders (behind LBs Chris Frey and Andrew Dowell) if he were able to play in 2017.   While I do not know how production points are earned, I do know that Copeland defended three passes and made 36 tackles last year.

Connecting dots presented in this article strongly suggest the reason for Copeland’s release:

The only Spartan cornerbacks on scholarship who played in the Spring Game and are still on the team are Justin Layne (technically a WR); T.J. Harrell.(a converted linebacker); and Josiah Scott (who might not be old enough to vote).   I imagine the several DB losses will force Layne’s designation as a full-time CB.

(Sidebar: DE Demetrius Cooper and safety Khari Willis tied for 10th place in 2016 production points.   They are the only other returning defenders that were in the top 11.)

Copeland’s absence from MSU’s summer roster prompted reporters to ask Mark Dantonio about him yesterday.   Here is the roster (numerical order only):

Separately, USMC Retired shared a link late in the previous thread that suggests why Cassius Peat is not able to play in East Lansing — at least for this fall:

Finally, there is Spartan uniform news!

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  • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
    June 14th, 20173:52 pmat

    This seems appropriate on Flag Day.

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      June 14th, 20175:36 pmat

      forgot it was flag day until my wife reminded me at 5pm.

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    June 14th, 20175:11 pmat

    Thanks for the new thread and update links ’89.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    June 15th, 20175:51 amat

    I’m sure this may have been covered and most are as I am and just wish it’ would go away; but when adult leadership of a group of young men(or women) fails as badly as has been portrayed Curtis Blackwell failed, the end result is predictable. The former director of football camps took an AAU Basketball mentality and approach to run his organizations and it sounds like up to and including bribery – going in both directions. He became buddies with the players from Detroit and instead of leading them out of mischief, it seems they came to him to cover it up. I don’t have a source that says any of this, but it is just my intellectual extension (stop laughing, all ya’ll) of the stories I have read.

    Semper Fidelis and Happy Fathers’ Day as it applies

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      June 15th, 201712:58 pmat

      you may recall I used the AAU example verbatim the day he was hired. compared it to what Kansas does in basketball. we have not heard the last from Blackwell. this will only get worse.

    • JustABum writes:
      June 16th, 20178:31 amat

      Yeah, it appears Blackwell acted as guardian to his Detroit recruits and loyal to their parents in the worst way in January. I wonder if Corley’s tweets about folks lying about “having his back” referred to CB or others?. I am with JJ, the mention of other parties is bad news.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    June 15th, 201710:45 amat

    Since last night at ~1730 until now the rain gauge says 3″

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      June 15th, 20176:02 pmat

      Portage Lake? Rained heavy here in Manton.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        June 16th, 20177:22 amat

        YUP, I just went though Manton on my way to Petoskey and a new M-2Driver/3-wood. Am Playing Emerald Vail on the 30th with a traveling group

        • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
          June 23rd, 20179:07 amat

          I live 2 miles west of Emerald Vale on same road. Farm on North side of road. Farm with the ponds is just east of us. Belongs to Jill’s cousin.. i’ ll be in Ocean City NJ on 6/30. Have fun.

          • JerseyJohn writes:
            June 23rd, 201711:38 amat

            have fun in OC. and if you drink remember to BYOB.

  • Ben Green writes:
    June 15th, 20176:05 pmat

    Thanks for the info and links, 89 Chem. Very thorough overview.

    Good grief! Another one hits the dust with legal issues! Is this program in shambles or what? Yes, it’s a harsh assessment, but under the circumstances it would seem to be an appropriate conclusion. As in parallel situations in sports or business the person at the top is deemed ultimately responsible. In this case for hiring Blackwell, the assessment, recruitment and offering scholarships to now departed players, and oversight of the program in general. Sorry guys, but I have to take my green colored glasses off for a moment and put down the kool aid. Irrespective of Coach D’s guilt legally, he is ultimately responsible for the current state of the Michigan State football program.

    • JustABum writes:
      June 16th, 20178:42 amat

      Sometimes assistant coaches and staff act independently because their evaluation is based on results. However, the reports of staffers taking notice of another coaches actions suggest this scene simmered for a wile. I am glad that the Blackwell experiment only lasted two years and the program disclosed the problems to a degree and washed its hands.

      Not sure how far to take it, but the 2016 seasons record, reports of a toxic locker room were a symptom that was being addressed by Coach Dantonio when he stated there would be attrition, coaching and all facets of the program being evaluated back in December. The sexual assault accelerated the departures of some players and the staff member. Hindsight.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    June 16th, 201710:51 amat

    * I see that QB Colar Kuhns is not on MSU’s summer roster. The walk-on was the #2 QB in MSU’s Spring Game because Terry and deWeaver were recovering from surgeries. Rivals deemed him an above-average two-star out of high school; perhaps he is transferring closer to home (Maryland) or has found another team that will underwrite the completion of his degree. (Last year (to belatedly answer a related question) he was a red-shirt sophomore–which means that it was his third year in college football.)

    Barring excessive injuries or other grim surprises, MSU has enough (four) scholarship QBs for 2017 — and will have four in 2018 as long as Theo Day honors his verbal commitment to State.

    * South Point Sportsbook of Las Vegas has released its over/under predictions for the 2017 FBS season:

    MSU’s o/u is five wins. That strikes me as reasonable — especially if Cooper cannot play and some apparently injured players (including Tyson Smith) do not play well. (MSU avoids Wisconsin, but has neither Illinois nor Purdue to enhance its bowl prospects.) Among Teams We Hate, the o/u for MI is 8.5 and is 7.5 for the Irish.

    * The Irish game is at night in Spartan Stadium. It will be a Stripe the Stadium game.

    * That news came yesterday. Today, MSU announced the availability of season tickets and is directing fans to

    (I look forward to seeing the size of that particular stampede….)

  • Ben Green writes:
    June 16th, 201711:21 amat

    Only two B1G teams on MSU’s schedule are projected to win fewer games, the final two games of the season, against Maryland and Rutgers. MSU’s projection of five wins is fourth fewest of the 14 team B1G. Yes, it’s only a projection. A w…a… guess. But I agree, it seems reasonable.

    I would like to see the all white uniforms in Spartan Stadium, but I do not want to witness a Spartan defeat at the hands of a MAC team. Perhaps it would be best to attend the BG game. It “should” be a win.

  • GoSt8Go writes:
    June 16th, 20171:26 pmat

    Happy Father’s Day Sunday to all of the TUS Dads

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    June 16th, 20175:58 pmat

    sex assault hearing delayed until sept 21. that’s just great. it will be fresh in the news days before the ND game and we will get to hear their holier than thou fans throwing it in our face all week. I knew this would drag out into the season.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      June 19th, 20173:53 pmat

      I, too, expected “this” to coincide with the season.

      As to the Irish fan reactions, I maintain that those who laugh last, laugh best — and that nothing will shut them up so quickly as a first-half beat down a la 1998.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    June 17th, 20178:23 amat

    did anyone watch Jeopardy on Friday?

    the category was “east”
    the clue was Michigan State University is located where?
    the stupid idiot responded..”ann arbor”


    • USMC Retired writes:
      June 17th, 201710:04 amat

      Must have been a very lost individual – I guess he thought the Eastern part of Michigan

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      June 19th, 20173:32 pmat

      It would have been poetically just for the question to be worth $2000. (Or, better still, a late-game “True Daily Double”.)

      • JerseyJohn writes:
        June 20th, 20178:57 amat

        she was the returning champ but she did lose this game i’m happy to report.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    June 19th, 20175:49 amat

    Here’s a good article with more reflection on what went wrong and it still points to the lack of Leadership of the departing class

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      June 19th, 20178:06 amat

      another article where mitch lyons is shooting his mouth off. who anointed him as the program spokesman? he really needs to shut his yap.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    June 19th, 201712:11 pmat

    Another commit for ’18. First O-Lineman

    The little freep article says he only has 2 offers #BlueWALL at work again

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      June 19th, 201712:29 pmat

      the kid already is huge. looks like a man-child.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    June 19th, 20173:49 pmat

    * Just getting caught up from long weekend off the grid. Have not read the mlive article yet, but I have seen a Solari piece on a man that would be a senior leader:
    Can someone that probably will not be in the plurality of offensive plays be a strong leader? MSU’s season might depend on it.

    * Not from Solari: This has a link to the full CBS Sports column:
    Does MSU really have the toughest schedule? I do not know, but apparently others have confirmed my initial assessment of a tough row to hoe. At a wedding with a number of State fans I overheard considerable interest in attending the Notre Dame game. At this point, my personal state is one that would take either a victory in that one or a bowl appearance — but does not see so much evidence as to demand both.

    * Finally, someone that hopefully will succeed:
    (I found myself thinking that this article ought to be required reading for would-be Spartan athletes (and their parents) upon verbal commitment.)

    • USMC Retired writes:
      June 20th, 20178:19 amat

      That bottom link no-workie. I even tried going to the main site and finding it; which I did, but when I clicked on it – nada

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        June 20th, 20173:45 pmat

        The link works fine for me, but I will cut&paste the article:

        Former Michigan State recruit Donovan Winter recounts downward spiral, apologizes

        By Chris Hays

        When a phone call awakened Blaise and Angie Winter at 1:47 a.m., Jan. 31, they weren’t surprised, but the news was still devastating.

        Their 18-year-old son Donovan Winter, a Bishop Moore High football star who had accepted a scholarship offer from Michigan State University, was in jail.

        “For parents to receive a call … on my birthday, to get the news that it has finally come to a head, that your son was in jail,” Blaise Winter said while fighting back tears. “It is the worst possible news any parent could ever feel and I’m responsible.”

        Donovan Winter was arrested and charged with armed burglary and theft of a firearm, capping months of erratic behavior. He would spend weeks in jail, with his parents hoping the experience would help teach him a difficult lesson.

        It was a shocking fall from sudden stardom for the defensive lineman, but he did ultimately find his footing. Before recently leaving Orlando to visit family in the Midwest and enrolling at Fort Scott Community College in Kansas, Winter discussed his downward spiral with the Orlando Sentinel. He wanted to clear the air, apologize and possibly even help others avoid following in his footsteps.Winter’s self-destruction started in the fall and his parents saw the signs.

        Donovan Winter had all the tools needed to play at an elite level of college football. He is the talented son of a former NFL player and college football assistant coach, Blaise Winter, who has worked extensively as a motivational speaker. Transferring to Bishop Moore last spring gave Donovan Winter even more attention playing at a private school that had just won a state title. Bishop Moore coaches provided steady leadership, as did its academic program. The scholarship offers rolled in and the Michigan State opportunity was too much for him to pass up.

        Once he committed to the Spartans last summer, however, his path of behavior took a turn toward self-destruction. Big problems loomed beneath what many might have thought was a perfect surface.

        “We felt something was happening and, sometimes as a parent, you just see your kid slide and you just say to yourself, ‘Oh my God, I hope he turns around.’ The wise people, like the people at Bishop Moore, like the coaches who were recruiting him, they saw it. They felt it was coming,” Blaise Winter said. “He was starting to become selfish. He was starting to become lost in the social media scene and we were all worried about it. … On Jan. 31st, obviously it broke, the whole dam, the whole river, the hurricane, the monsoon, the earthquake … it happened.”

        As Donovan Winter’s college scholarship offers started rolling in, he began getting a lot of attention on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. Blaise Winter said his son became enthralled with the attention he received and addicted to its 24-hour access. But it didn’t stop there. He eventually began meeting in person with those he had come in contact with online and he started spending time with a new crowd.

        “All the publicity on Twitter … like, ‘Wow, this kid’s going to Michigan State.’ ‘This kid’s going to a big-time college.’ Well, these kids … that just do drugs every single day … they want to hang out with a kid who is going somewhere in life and you gotta be careful. … They’re going to bring you down as low as them,” Donovan Winter said. “I thought they were friends. I didn’t really know. … I didn’t even listen to my parents. It was the stupidest thing. … It hurts to just talk about it.”

        His parents warned him to stay focused on school and were wary of a new girlfriend.

        Donovan Winter recalled them saying, “‘This is a huge opportunity for you and don’t mess it up.’ It’s upsetting because I should have [taken] their advice. … I should have taken the Bishop Moore football team’s advice. They tried to help me, too. … I was so brainwashed and these people I called my friends, honestly, they’re nothing like friends. They just brought me down.”

        Winter took no one’s advice and two weeks before he got arrested, he disappeared. He fell into a crowd that, at first, put him on a pedestal, and eventually he lost complete concern for everything else that really mattered in his life.

        His grades dipped to the point that Bishop Moore officials were concerned that he would not graduate. But it got worse. He was eventually kicked out of school. Michigan State coaches had no choice but to pull his scholarship offer.

        For several weeks, his parents had no idea where he was. Winter said he was holed up with his girlfriend and a few others at a house out near Geneva in east Orange County. He was smoking marijuana, doing other things he said he shouldn’t have been doing and just watching time go by.

        Blaise and Angie Winter realized the severity of the situation when Bishop Moore officials called to say their son had not been going to school. They tried to reach out to him, but they couldn’t find him.

        “The day after we arrived home from the official visit to Michigan State, the 15th of January, I had gone to the doctor … in Jacksonville,” Blaise Winter said of a trip he makes often to check on a brain tumor that was discovered late last year. “My wife and I got into an auto wreck up there and we returned home a day or two later than we thought we were going to, and the school was on the phone saying, ‘Where’s your son? He hasn’t been here for a few days.’

        “Our response was, ‘What?’ … and then [they said,] … ‘He hasn’t been here, actually, a lot in January since the second semester started.’ ”

        They tried to call their son and they hunted for him, but they could not find him.

        A little more than a week passed and finally they spotted Donovan Winter driving his truck. When he spotted his parents, his father said Donovan “took off like a bullet.”

        “Eventually we corner him on a side road and Angie and I are trying to talk to him through the window and his girlfriend is in the car and all he is saying is, ‘Leave me alone. Leave me alone. I’m going to California.’ And I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ and then he darts off,” Blaise Winter recalled. “… We just said, ‘Let him go. There’s nothing we can do.’ ”

        Most people expected the young Winter to sign his National Letter of Intent to play at Michigan State on National Signing Day — Feb. 1. However, his parents, Bishop Moore coaches and Michigan State coaches all knew there was no way he was signing with the Spartans.

        Winter’s brush with the law and his absence from the signing day ceremony made national news. While most assumed he wasn’t signing because he was in jail, Winter’s arrest really was the final step. The end of a destructive path of confusion the 18-year-old Winter had chosen.

        While Winter’s parents couldn’t connect with him, his girlfriend’s parents somehow found a way to bring her home. His decision to go visit her with a friend led to his arrest.

        Winter was accused of trespassing at his girlfriend’s home. He was also found to be in possession of a firearm belonging to the girl’s father, so when police found Winter, he was arrested and charged with armed burglary of a dwelling and grand theft.

        “It was horrible. It was probably the worst thing I’ve ever been in in my life. I was in a situation where I was in jail and I didn’t even do anything,” said Winter, who said the person accompanying him to the girl’s house stole the gun and put it in Winter’s truck.

        “I had a whole group of people that messed me up. I was just hanging around the wrong people and it was horrible and I admit that I was wrong and everything for that. If I could do anything to change it, I would.”

        Winter eventually got his charges reduced. He was ordered to pay fines and is on probation. He stresses his eight months of bad judgment are behind him.

        His father said social media proved to be a toxic gateway to his son’s poor choices.

        “He wanted so many good things and … in a matter of days, just a few weeks, it was like looking into the eyes of someone I had never met in my life,” Blaise Winter said of his son.

        “… We knew. It was just a matter of time and every night we’d lay in bed thinking that we were going to get a call that either he had hurt somebody else or he was in jail.”

        Blaise and Angie Winter were hoping their son didn’t hurt himself or anyone else. They made a decision when Donovan Winter called to say, “‘I’m in jail. I need help.’ ”

        His parents could have immediately posted bail, but instead they left him in jail, where he stayed for 40 days.

        It was his mother’s idea and his father agreed with the plan.

        Donovan Winter said he’s not bitter. He had plenty of time to think about what had transpired during an eight-month flirtation with disaster that started almost from the moment he committed to Michigan State on June 20.

        While incarcerated, he barely ate at first and when he finally did start eating, it wasn’t enough to keep the weight on a kid who was 6-foot-4, 240 pounds at the pinnacle of his senior season. He dropped all the way down to 198 pounds, but he has quickly bounced back and hit his training regimen full-throttle.

        After missing so much time in school, he had to work to earn his high school diploma, which he earned from an alternative school, Econ River High School, and then he found sanctuary in Fort Scott , where head coach Kale Pick has given him a chance to resurrect his life and football career.

        “I realized when I was in jail, you know, [ I thought,] ‘What the hell am I doing to myself,’ ” Winter said. “My parents left me in there because they wanted to teach me a lesson. I realized I messed up and I should be in here and I should pay my consequences.

        “Even people in jail were asking me, ‘What the hell did you do? … Jail helped me a lot to understand I messed up.”

        Donovan Winter has made it a point to reach out and apologize to those he has hurt. He struggled to fight back tears when he was asked what he would say if he ever speaks with Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio again.

        “I’m gonna say I’m sorry for what I did to him. I’m sorry for what I did to the Spartans and sorry for what I did to all the people out there,” Winter said. “Honestly, it’s the worst decision of my life. If I could change it, I would. I know I’m crying right now, and I’m sorry … but I love the whole Spartan nation and I’m so sorry this happened.

        “Even if I’m not with you, I’ll still be a Spartan at heart, even if I’m at a different school.”

        While Donovan Winter appears to be back on track, the experience has shaken his father.

        Blaise Winter was a former NFL defensive lineman who played 102 games during a 10-year career with the Colts, Chargers and Packers. He moved his family to Orlando to be UCF’s defensive line coach under George O’Leary in 2012. Now he can’t wait to leave a town that he said devastated his family.

        Winter has spent most of his post-NFL career working as a motivational speaker and his inability to stop his son’s downhill skid has been especially painful.

        “I feel responsible and I live with this incredible, heavy heart,” Blaise Winter said. “… I really felt my methods and my dedication would really amount to something with my son.”

        But the Winter family vows not to stay down for long. After sharing their story, Donovan Winter is focusing on his football training and his family is giving him extensive support.

        “I still have hope,” Blaise Winter said. “… I live in the light of hope and I do believe that he will come out of this better than ever.”

        Copyright © 2017, Orlando Sentinel

        • USMC Retired writes:
          June 21st, 20174:52 amat

          Thanks ’89! All input about recruiting difficulties are appreciated as cautionary tails fro my grandson who as a junior to be got his first taste of it at Clemson this month

          • 89 Chemistry writes:
            June 21st, 20178:11 amat

            Clemson? Wow! Is this the Ohioan? If so, was he personally invited or attending a camp while staying at his aunt’s?

            • USMC Retired writes:
              June 22nd, 20171:53 pmat

              No Aunt interaction. His teammate who’ll be a Senior want to go so they went, same thing with the Camp at Arrogant Arbor. The one he wants to go to, but has to be a Jr is Annapolis. I’m working some grads trying to secure him a spot this year as a Soph. We’ll see.

        • 79 Spartan writes:
          June 22nd, 20178:53 pmat

          Thanks. Tough for everyone. Social media… a parent clearly aware of the world of elite athletes… just sad.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    June 21st, 20178:17 amat

    Happy Summer’s Advent! These are slow news times for MSU sports, but I see that basketball has recruited a new small forward:

    Also (hope the link works), here is MSU’s incoming frosh kicker showing off:

    • USMC Retired writes:
      June 22nd, 20171:55 pmat

      Wow to the Cole Hahn kick – Id’s ay we’re fine with special team players

      The new BBaller, Gabe Brown, looks to be one of Izzo’s faves – hard worker, quick learner – NICE

      • JustABum writes:
        June 23rd, 20176:07 amat

        Does it sound like a two club wind at his back to you?

        • USMC Retired writes:
          June 23rd, 20173:27 pmat

          Maybe 1, but remember that may knock it down

          • JustABum writes:
            June 24th, 20176:28 amat

            Yeah, true it may not help but hurt. A good leg regardless.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    June 22nd, 20177:07 pmat

    Not really sports related, but I defy any athlete of today to do this – the Ross Sisters from the1940’s

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    June 23rd, 20178:28 amat

    R.I.P Frank Kush.

    • 79 Spartan writes:
      June 24th, 201711:17 amat

      Hard to envision a 5’7″ 190# defensive lineman…
      MSU 3 year player and All American a solid head coaching career at ASU and the pros.

      RIP Coach.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    June 24th, 20172:05 pmat

    * Some eye-opening quotes from the Arizona Republic about Frank Kush’s toughness and impact on the State of AZ:

    * Per one Alex Bozich [].”Three Big Ten players left school early and weren’t drafted: IU’s James Blackmon Jr., Maryland’s Melo Trimble, Ohio State’s Trevor Thompson.”

    * The Tigers, unsurprisingly, released closer FranciscoRod yesterday.

    * Bill Connelly’s S&P+ analysis implies that MSU should go 6-6 this fall, but I think its numbers were crunched in early April. With several significant players lost since then (and Tyson Smith’s revelation of having a stroke last year), I recommend adjust MSU’s odds a bit lower. Still, interestion and mostly-valid stuff:
    (Regarding the radar graphs: Closer to the center is bad, not good.)

    Enjoy your weekends, TUS!

    • USMC Retired writes:
      June 25th, 20175:29 amat

      Sad for those schools and players, but to me, not surprising. the Md kid was is like the PG we had a few years ago who went un drafted after his Soph more year, the other 2 were just not productive enough on mediocre teams

      • JustABum writes:
        June 26th, 20173:37 amat

        They’ll do just fine in Europe, and who knows if the NBA is not in there future.

  • ATLSpartan writes:
    June 26th, 20177:31 amat

    I fully expected Dantonio to right the ship and bounce back with the grit and determination he has brought to our program. However in addition to grit and determination he will need players on the defensive side of the ball. He has a defense that is coming off an atrocious 2016 performance that has been decimated by departures of personnel.

    I think our hopes for a decent season depend on an unproven red-shirt sophomore quarterback having a breakout year. If we win enough games to be bowl eligible several of them will be on the 42-35 nature. I’ll wager that type of a score is unlikely against scUM, OSU, PSU and ND.

    Dantonio needs to channel his inner Churchill and convince the players that this will be their “finest moment”.

    As a post script: This is the first of the 10 years of the Morten Andersen Scramble that Dantonio did not take questions. (and I did have one teed up for him).

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      June 26th, 201711:10 amat

      High scoring could be the ticket to righting the ship. I am concerned about experience at the tackle positions; the loss of Corley as a primary option; injury hangover with a few players; and whether LJ Scott can adequately pass-block. On the other hand, it seems like the B1G has lost most of its best DBs — and there is little film on MSU receivers besides F. Davis and T. Jackson. Also, I think interior run blocking will be a strength when defenses do not overload the middle.

      MSU will need to get better field position out of its returners to improve the chances of driving for more TDs and fewer FGs (or shutouts). And the defense might surprise us — although everyone not named Frey will have to get significantly better with extreme alacrity.

      With relief from Championship expectations, these mostly-young players will have a good chance to play loose; avoid dwelling on mistakes during games; and master their assignments. Once Dantonio makes a decision on Cooper, I think he will have a good chance at establishing the right attitudes in camp.

      In other words, I’m sayin’ there’s a chance 🙂

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    June 26th, 201711:12 amat

    * The ACC Challenge [mbb] Game with Notre Dame will take place on November 30.

    * Red Wing and Spartan emeritus Drew Miller likes MSU hockey hire Danton Cole:

    * MSU Football has recruited twins at defensive end for 2018:

    By my count, MSU will have one more scholarship to award for the fall of 2018. State, imo, will most desperately need centers and defensive tackles, but another MLB would be nice, too.

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