Bradshaw slams Sabin
May 25th, 2017 by USMC Retired

As a four-time Super Bowl champion, you’d think Terry Bradshaw could appreciate a proven winner like Nick Saban.

Apparently not.

Bradshaw, in a segment on the “Paul Finebaum Show,” called Saban’s salary for the 2017 season “shameful” and even took some further shots at the Alabama football coach.

“If he has the personality of Steve Spurrier, then I would like him,” Bradshaw said. “Spurrier, now you’re talking about a great coach. That’s a great coach, Steve Spurrier, not Saban.

“Saban hates people. The man doesn’t even like people.”

Saban surely hates losing.

He’s won five college football national titles, and signed a contract extension this offseason that makes him the highest paid coach in sports. He’ll make $11.15 million for 2017, thanks in part to a $4 million signing bonus.


Just not sure this is either appropriate or understandable (but then Bradshaw has always liked being the lightening rod)

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  • Ben Green writes:
    May 25th, 20175:39 pmat

    I’m with Bradshaw. Only because I do not like Saban.

  • Ben Green writes:
    May 25th, 20175:43 pmat

    For those of us who would like the Mike Sadler tribute beer, “Hey Diddle Diddle”, available in Michigan we can appeal to Jagged Mountain brewery. I have emailed them. USMC Retired has emailed them. Please do so too.


    • Kindle writes:
      May 29th, 20178:23 amat


      • Ben Green writes:
        May 29th, 201710:35 amat

        Thank you!

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    May 25th, 20175:49 pmat

    of the four personalities involved

    I loathe paul finebaum

    can’t stand spurrier

    always liked bradshaw

    as for saban, he is nothing more than a carpetbagger.

    • JustABum writes:
      May 26th, 201712:32 amat

      What do you do if boosters and a school need to throw money at you because winning football games defines them?

  • JustABum writes:
    May 26th, 20173:41 amat

    At first glance the Mascot Sparty Tells All didn’t interest me. I did read while waiting on my daughter icing a cake for her schools sports day snacks bar. The article does a good job telling the former student’s story, and crediting his and Sparty’s … dignity, integrity or pride. Not sure how to describe it other than uplifting.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 26th, 20176:16 amat

    Interesting takes on the thread feud. Of the 4, Spurrier is the less topical today because he’s done and has truly closed that chapter of his life. The 2 idiots who blather on TV, well; neither is worth my time. As JaB points out, in the South, one is defined by how the college football team of your choice is going to do, does, and did – and no one doesn’t have to matriculate, or even be in the same State. PT Barnham’s “a sucker is born every day” perfectly describes the folk at ‘Bama and Nick is just making money hand over fist. I’d say a normal person would start thinking about ENJOYING things like family, but then I do not think anyone that OCD could do that, so …….

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 26th, 20176:22 amat

    Tigers continue to add those their lousy pitching stats 4 more HR allowed (JV -3) and 4 walks

    Anyone think JV is still all that?

    • JustABum writes:
      May 26th, 20178:15 amat

      I don’t think his great performances and stats have come close to pre-mega-contract days or the bathing suit model days. He’s flashed some dominance in streaks, but nothing like before?

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 26th, 20176:47 amat

    Well the beat typer put up somebody else’s synopsis of the forth coming BT MBB, with the Spartans the prohibitive favorites

    I agree with some – Rutgers will finish last – and not with others – Paris T2, they lost to much leadership to go on the road in the B1G and win

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 26th, 201712:36 pmat

    * A few days ago I mentioned that was holding its MSU Week. I have distilled the most interesting comments of MSU “writer” Andrew Kraszewski’s articles to the following:

    “I think there may have been a sense of entitlement that crept into the program with the achievements of the last several years. It’s no secret that certain assistant coaches probably wouldn’t have jobs anywhere else, and certainly are not going at it quite as hard as you might like. …

    “MSU’s offense, with a big thanks to the poor play of its defense and special teams, often had a long field in front of it. To traverse that distance, it often proceeded in a way that was very predictable. …

    “There also wasn’t a bona fide chain-moving receiver for the quarterbacks to throw to. Four targets – RJ Shelton, Donnie Corley, Josiah Price, and Monty Madaris – accounted for over 70% of the passing targets, but of them, only Shelton managed a yards-per-target over 8 – which matters because that’s approximately the yardage MSU was looking at on a typical passing down. …

    “Despite being just a redshirt freshman, Brian Lewerke showed some nice promise last year, and he has a ton of talent on the perimeter plus a fully intact tailback corps at his disposal.

    * Four Track and Field Spartans advanced in yesterday’s NCAA East Preliminaries session — including two that are assured of a place in the Finals in Eugene, OR:

    Here is the link to the East schedule:
    The only link active on the page (“In Progress”) takes browsers to live results.

    _ I will be off the grid until Tuesday. I plan to have a mostly enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, but will take more time than usual to reflect on patriotic sacrifice come Monday. I exhort our American (and American at heart) Members to do the same.

    • JustABum writes:
      May 26th, 20171:18 pmat

      Andrew’s comments in other OTE posts and the article with the most interesting quotes were a bit too open and apologetic. He also attributed the downturn to offensive line personnel changes appeared to be a season long game of musical chairs.

      OTE’s advanced stats were pretty good. Not sure how more telling those Def, Havoc stats are then knowing turnover margin, opponents time of possession, average yards yielded per game and scoring defense ranking,

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        May 30th, 201711:01 amat

        Havoc is admittedly a defensive personality trait; it is technically possible for a low-havoc D to shut teams down (although it probably would require opponents’ offenses to be both predictable and incompetent). But I would guess that havoc and defensive quality correlate well. In MSU 2016’s case, the relative inability to sack a passing QB affected three of the stats you mention. (Time of possession was good for MSU on paper — in part because MSU was not easy to rush against. Encouraging foes to pass without a strong secondary is a good way to make ToP looks good and W-L look bad…)

        One detail of the Spartan D was particularly frustrating to me: MSU’s quarterback hurries (which are not part of havoc because they are not logged consistently from one statistician to another) were on par with MSU’s opponents. This implies that the pass rush was getting to the QB and forcing imcompletions about as well as MSU’s foes. Statistically, that should have upped MSU’s sacks to something near the FBS average — but obviously did not. Changes are in progress for DE technique, and that should help. And perhaps new blood in the front seven will help, too.

        (Note: Turnovers are part of havoc. (In the form of INTs and forced fumbles, that is. Recovered fumbles are not part of the measure because they do not necessarily reflect on defensive skill.))

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 27th, 20175:47 amat

    In re: Hey Diddle-Diddle beer – a reply

    Hi Tom,

    Legally we can not ship beer to Michigan. We are working on finding a brewery in Michigan to do a collaboration with and brew the beer at their facility so it can be available to all the great Spartan fans in Michigan.


    • Ben Green writes:
      May 27th, 20176:52 amat

      I received the reply too. With 222 craft breweries in Michigan, 6th most in the country, hopefully Jagged Mountain brewery in Colorado will find one interested in brewing the Mike Sadler tribute beer, “Hey Diddle Diddle”.

      • Ben Green writes:
        May 27th, 201710:42 amat

        My email response to Randy at Jagged Mountain brewery…


        Thanks for your reply. With 222 craft breweries in Michigan as of 2016, 6th most in the country, hopefully you will find a Michigan brewery to collaborate with and brew Hey Diddle Diddle here. As you know, it would be best to focus on Lansing area breweries first, for obvious reasons. Good luck!


        • BostonSpartan writes:
          May 28th, 20172:39 pmat

          Good response Ben!

          • Ben Green writes:
            May 29th, 20175:55 amat

            Thanks Boston! It’s a wonderful tribute to Mike Sadler. I hope they find a mid-Michigan brewer.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 27th, 20175:58 amat

    Tigers lose again and Wunderkind is whining about the schedule – for a PRO team there is no whining in baseball, they get paid way to much. Next they’ll be looking for a safe zone

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 27th, 201710:45 amat

    B1G Ten (in the person of the Acorns) are getting schooled in the 1st half of the National Semi-Final by Towson.

    Acorns trail by 4 end of 1/2

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 27th, 201712:04 pmat

    Acorns come roaring back and lead it beginning of the 4th – wow


  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 27th, 201712:10 pmat

    Everyone in the Tigers’ starting lineup today is sub .300, except Avila, and some are sub .200. Almost 2 months in, terrible

  • Ben Green writes:
    May 27th, 20173:07 pmat

    Ausmus left Fulmer in for the bottom of the 8th and he got hammered for 2 more runs. Tigers now down 3-0. But it was the right move to leave him in. He had given up only 1 run and 6 hits and his pitch count was only 67.

  • Ben Green writes:
    May 28th, 20175:53 amat

    In the second game of the double header, the Tigers led 4-0 going into the bottom of the 9th. Closer Justin Wilson gave up a double, a strikeout, a single, a single, then a bases clearing triple. With the Tigers lead cut to 4-3, only one out and a man on third I screamed, “take him out”! Wilson had given up 3 runs on 4 hits. Ausmus left him in. He was right again, at least it worked leaving him in. Wilson struck out the final two Sox to preserve the win for starter Buck Farmer and the Tigers.

  • Ben Green writes:
    May 30th, 20175:06 amat

    Rodriquez gives up the lead in the 7th on a 2 run bomb but gets credit for the 10-7 win when the Tigers score 4 in the top of the 8th. A. Wilson credited with a hold. J. Wilson gets the save. KRod and the Mud Hen’s Anibal Sanchez are two peas in a “can’t pitch anymore” pod.

  • JustABum writes:
    May 30th, 201710:05 amat
    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      May 30th, 201710:34 amat

      I did not expect Blackwell to be cut in this way (i.e., with no charges filed as yet and no mainstream report showing a smoking gun). The recently-completed Title IX review must have contained enough on Blackwell to remove any fear of a serious wrongful-termination suit.

      This move reinforces my opinion that there must be enough evidence for charges against one or more players.

      This seems a good place to suggest that one reason the criminal-system process seems slow is that a lot of Ingham County’s resources have probably been dedicated to the Nasser case.

      (“As first reported by Chris Solari…”. Did Jeff’s haranguement light a fire under the guy? 🙂 )

      • JustABum writes:
        May 30th, 20176:03 pmat

        I expected Blackwell to leave. The MSU Police investigation sought four warrants from the Ingham County Prosecutor. Three were for sexual assault and the fourth was obstruction or interference of an investigation, as I recall. Since the Title IX investigation findings confirmed the suspended players violated another student, and Blackwell was the suspended staffer, I didn’t think his contract would be renewed regardless of the criminal investigation findings.

        Why, because Coach Dantonio recently responded to a recruiting question by stating that MSU hasn’t missed a beat recruiting the 2018 class and that seemed to mean that Blackwell wasn’t missed.

        In addition, MSU’s recruiting of kids needing second chances since hiring Balckwell have backfired on three occasions that I am aware of – Austin Robertson, 2017 FLA DE accused of stealing his girlfriends’ fathers’ rifle, and that Cass Tech QB who body slammed a school security guard. Thus, adios Curtis Blackwell.

        A few years back I withheld opinions until all the facts were in and made public. That approach suited the non sexual assault incidents. However, as a father of a nearly teenage daughter, emotions led to quick judgement. I believe the incident occurred based on the initial reports. The sexual assault investigation conducted by MSU Police mentioned that a MSU staffer may have meet with the accuser or attempted to contact that person after the complaint was filed. That being reason for the fourth warrant. I don’t know the purpose of the alleged meeting, but it’s not kosher in a criminal or civil case. Legally, Blackwell’s terminations appears to be justified to me based on the MSU Police and Title IX findings.

        • 89 Chemistry writes:
          May 31st, 20173:59 pmat

          Good reiteration of Dantonio’s 2018 recruiting comment; that really got my attention at the time. No, Blackwell’s fate is not a surprise. But there must have been some doubt in order for MSU to have bothered extending his contract at all — and to have extended it yet another month even after the A. Robinson episode. Apparently there was a chance that the investigations would have not found great fault with Blackwell’s actions. With the 60-day Title IX review now in, Dantonio’s action seems to confirm the evaporation of that doubt.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 30th, 201712:26 pmat


    “Overall, the Spartans will send six athletes to compete at the NCAA [Outdoor Track and Field] Championships June 7-10 at Historic Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. Representing Michigan State one the women’s side will be [junior Katelyn] Daniels (discus), senior Hannah Sailar (pole vault) and junior Jade Madison (javelin). On the men’s side, junior Tim Ehrhardt (decathlon), junior Noah Gary (pole vault) and sophomore Justine Kiprotich (1,500m).”

    Kiprotich won the East Regionals 1,500m race on Saturday.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    May 30th, 201712:37 pmat

    can it be wrongful termination if we just let his contract expire after giving him two monthlong extensions? maybe harblow will hire him so he can promptly get them on probation.

    • Kindle writes:
      May 30th, 20174:35 pmat

      JJ, I think you are on the right track about merely letting the contract expire.

      • JustABum writes:
        May 30th, 20176:09 pmat

        Obviously, you are more familiar with criminal legal issues and maybe even civil legal employment laws. However, the MSU Police findings and recent Title IX investigation must carry some weight in justifying a decision to not renew Blackwell’s contract.

        • Kindle writes:
          May 30th, 20178:13 pmat

          “Recently, the Court of Appeal reiterated in Touchstone Television Productions v Superior Court (2012), that not renewing an employee’s contract cannot be considered a wrongful termination. This is because, among other reasons, employment for a fixed period of time is terminated automatically at the time that contract expires. Thus, the fact that the employer decided not to renew the contract is not an “adverse employment action” – nothing is taken away from the employee, but that employee is simply not provided with the new / additional of being employed longer. The Court further stated that even if one of the reasons for not renewing the contract was the fact that the plaintiff, for instance, complained about unsafe working conditions does not change the fact that she was actually not terminated, and thus no wrongful termination claim can be made. This, of course, would not play out the same way, if the employee was promised to have his contract renewed in so many ways.”

          The person whose contract was not renewed “could still sue for damages for discrimination and retaliation, if there is evidence that the reason or one of the reasons that the contract was not renewed was being treated different due to disability, filing a workers comp claim or harassment complaint, complaining about safety violations at work, demanding to be paid overtime, and engage in any other protected activity within the meaning of the law.”

          I think MSU chose the wisest course of action here.

          • 89 Chemistry writes:
            May 31st, 20174:01 pmat

            See my response to JAB, above.

    • Kindle writes:
      May 30th, 20178:33 pmat

      Another thought on those two monthly extensions MSU gave Blackwell is this:

      According to news sources the additional two months of extensions at his pay rate were for roughly $21,500.
      It could just be that
      A) they felt they couldn’t fire him while the investigation was underway–
      employers usually do not terminate employees until they are certain they have cause. Otherwise, they face wrongful termination lawsuits.
      B) he was being paid to sign a non disclosure…

  • Kindle writes:
    May 30th, 20178:24 pmat

    A letter from athletic director Mark Hollis in Blackwell’s personnel file that was obtained via the Freedom of Information Act said the 39-year-old Blackwell was suspended for “several allegations regarding your conduct.” Hollis ordered Blackwell to not have any contact with MSU athletes or recruits on or off campus during his suspension and was not permitted to attend department events or functions.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    May 31st, 20177:35 amat

    I would like to think he will go quietly. but if he ends up in jail that is not very quiet.

  • JustABum writes:
    May 31st, 20178:41 amat

    Our storied MSU Football Program is not looking like it was ever quite as clean as we thought. Keith Mumphrey was also accused and banned for violating MSU’s violence and sexual assault Title IX policies last year.

    The hits keep coming!

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 31st, 20174:05 pmat

    * MSU Baseball has an award Finalist:

    * MSU Softball has a second-team All-American:

    * MSU Football 2017 will not play Friday night on opening weekend. It will, however, host the Irish at night:

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