Just when you thought you heard all the bad MSU football news.
May 19th, 2017 by JustABum

Tyson Smith tweeted he suffered a stroke last season, which explains why he didn’t dress for the last three games of the 2016 season. For Tyson to text about his stroke is the silver lining to a season we prefer to forget. Five months later we are still getting reminders of 2016 – “3-9” season. The bad news keeps coming like a drip from a leaky faucet.

How many DIV 1 teams experience a season filled with tragedy of current and former players? How any team can overcome multiple life and death situations so close to home and play good football is beyond me. Just the distraction and heartfelt losses of Mike Sadler’s and Mylan Hicks’s passing must have lingered throughout the year in the locker room, among the staff and with the upperclassmen.

Now, us fans are becoming aware of the number of serious undisclosed injuries. The late news sheds light on why things went so wrong and contributed to an epic fall. Bullough’s broken scapula, Frey’s injuries, LJ’s shoulders were undisclosed and for good reason. You can read about Tyson Smith here:

He is so fortunate to be … here, alive, texting and part of the program. Not many young men who suffer strokes are still around, depending on the kind of stroke. The story does not disclose what type of stroke Tyson suffered, but does it really matter when your teammate experiences something that is supposed to happen to old folks?

Unfortunately, we still await to hear more bad news. What will be the outcome of the January 15th sexual assault allegations. Will it lead to charges being filed and the fate of the three suspended players, as well as Curtis Blackwell’s future with the MSU football program.

Besides Marshall’s 1970’s disaster, i am not sure there are many programs who experienced more adversity.

And Now for something completely different. How about the Lady Spartan Golf Team? The NCAA’s will be played at Rich Farms west of Chicago. The course is praised for it’s unique and challenging design.

Coach Stoll’s team’s lower ranking may mean the Lady Spartans will be paired with the top ranked teams of Bama or USC. Bama also played at the Athens regional, so familiarity may help MSU’s frosh. We may learn the pairings Sunday or before they tee off on Monday. Hit’em straight and roll’em on line with pace Ladies.

And, more good news; Boss’s … boys beat no. 15 UM yesterday! MSU won the first of the three game B1G Tourney series.

Let’s hope MBB can beat the skunk bears one more time and advance.

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  • Ben Green writes:
    May 19th, 20176:29 amat

    Shocking news about Tyson Smith suffering a stroke last season. It keeps pilling on!

    Actually the Spartan’s baseball win yesterday was not in the B1G tournament, but crucial in their effort to get into the tourney. MSU is battling Purdue for the final spot in the tourney. Two games left in the regular season to secure a spot. The Spartans need another win and a Purdue loss. If Purdue wins two and Michigan State loses one, MSU is out, according to a Purdue sports article.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      May 19th, 20176:34 amat

      We play in Arrogant Arbor todaY and in EL on Sat. So it’s win and advance for the hardballers.

      Golf starts TODAY and are paired with Clemson and Oregon in this first round . – 54 holes then top 15 teams and some individuals not on the top 15 advance to Monday round to determine stroke play champions. Then top 8 teams play for the match play championship on Tuesday and Wednesday – that’s a ton of golf folks

    • JustABum writes:
      May 19th, 20177:24 amat

      Fire the fact checker!

      Yeah, kids think they are infallible to disease and health conditions outside the realm of playing injuries. Leadership from staff and teammates can right a ship over time and some incidents take longer than overs.

      Nothing really compares to the Marines combat or service experiences. Yet all things are relative to a degree. For me I played in a hockey game, during an Int’l tournament, and something very out of the realm of injuries occurred. An opponent impaled himself on a stick against the boards behind our net while forechecking. Although no arteries were pierced, the shaft was stuck and that’s all that it took. It was a gruesome event that shook up both teams. As an alternate captain, playing hard was easy but that event lingered and messed with the head of a teammate who was involved in the play for more than a couple of games.

      • Ben Green writes:
        May 19th, 20172:31 pmat

        Nope! The fact checker is good to go. A Spartan win over the gulos can rival the satisfaction of a win in the tourney. Let’s hope for another!

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 19th, 20176:31 amat

    There is something to be said for group mind and leadership. Injuries are expected, maybe not as many as the Spartans experienced, but they should be mentally planned for, although young males are the quintessential examples of self – indestructibility. I think I have related the story of a friend who took off 1 day for a local practice intercept light, got to the working area, told his wingman he would go to the farther starting point and was never heard of again. That farther starting point was 70 miles to sea from Oahu. We never planned to lose folks – in Combat one is numb to begin with – and these 2 Officers were all one would expect of young fathers and husbands – but one has to get back on the bicycle. So, what am I saying with this tale of woe? The 254 Marines carried on, we mourned our fallen, took up the slack, and got on with the job. I would say that a third of that number were of the same age group as College Footballers, but the leadership provided from with was enough to keep the wings on so to speak. I will let you draw your own conclusions about my opinion of Spartans Football leadership in 2016.

    One of the reasons I chase the little white ball all the time and do not speak of days of yore unless there is a specific reason- enough is enough, and never forget.

  • JustABum writes:
    May 19th, 20177:53 amat

    If you care to follow the MSU Ladies Golf, here’s the link:

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    May 19th, 20179:14 amat

    Man, talk about unreal. A very healthy athlete has a stroke. Just goes to show you, there is a lot to do with genetics that fitness can’t erase. Best of luck to Tyson.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 19th, 20172:46 pmat

    * An all-but-overwhelming mudslide of adversity for MSU Football, indeed.

    Before learning that a stroke was Smith’s malady, I would have said that he is MSU’s best pass-defending cornerback on the roster based on 2016 play.

    * Chris Solari had a chat yesterday. Here are the highlights related to MSU Football:

    MSU ’81: Chris… did you notice some similarities between Connor Cook’s Spring Game and Brian Lewerke’s Spring Game? Cook was the only QB available that year due to injuries and he QB’ed for both teams. Lewerke also got most of the snaps and BOTH Cook and Lewerke threw some major deep balls to their receivers. I think Lewerke has a major-league arm and was very impressed with how he & his receivers bonded. If the O-line can protect him… we might see an aerial assault not seen since the days of Eddie Smith. Care to elucidate?
    Chris Solari: A few. I can see more of what Dantonio said in the Kirk Cousins comparisons, though Lewerke can run better than either when his leg is healthy. Lewerke definitely likes to air it out and will be given a chance – MSU realizes it needs to be less conservative than last year.

    Chris Solari: I think the three DTs have a shot at stardom – Raequan Williams, Mike Panasiuk and Naquan Jones. Cam Chambers at WR is a guy who also comes to mind – we’ve only seen snippets of him and Layne at WR, but I think both can be big contributors (if Layne doesn’t play CB).

    Green bean: I hear news is about to drop? (Blackwell and 3 players) any truth?
    Chris Solari: June is what I have heard consistently.

    Frank S: “Whats the ceiling for this years football team? Bowl game? Beat UM?”
    Chris Solari: The ceiling to me is eight wins, in part because of the new pieces on the OL and at QB. But again, as I have said, with the roster still in flux, it really is hard to project it all out.

    * Another factor has concerned me — manifested by this writer, who thinks MSU Football has the B1G’s toughest 2017 schedule:

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 19th, 20172:49 pmat

    * A rough day for MSU Golf, it seems. We will see what tomorrow brings.

    * MSU hockey announced Mason Appleton as its team captain — and Carson Gatt, Brennan Sanford, & Sam Saliba as assistant captains — for the upcoming season.

    * MSU Softball took its Region 3 competitors to the very end yesterday. It first avenged its Tuesday loss to Murray State by beating the Racers with a 10-6 score. It then took the first game against host ILSU, 4-3, before losing the Championship Game, 5-0.

    * Apparently, about 20 Spartans will participate in the NCAA Track & Field Preliminaries next week.

    * MSU Baseball plays in Ann Arbor today at 6 PM ET, then concludes its series with the Gulos Saturday with MSU Senior Day at McLane Stadium (Kobs Field) is MSU’s Senior Day @ 12:02 PM ET. That game — moved up one hour due to forecasted weather — should be on BTN. Today’s game is apparently only on BTN2Go, but can also be followed here:

    Who cares whether Purdue eliminates MSU’s B1G Tournament bid?! It’s the Gulos! Go Green!

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 19th, 20173:58 pmat

    Just when one thinks that the P had stooped to the lowest of lows and they had to improve – the bald guy and Melrose have a serious 5 minute discussion about the hair of Albany Lax players (male not female)

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    May 19th, 20174:26 pmat

    Some rainy weather heading east. We’ve had rain for 3 days and in the Denver area, 8 inches of snow is on the ground.

    • JustABum writes:
      May 19th, 20174:55 pmat

      It would;t surprise me to read Coach Slobonik-Stoll mention her team played well in tough conditions. The Ireland weather paid a visit. Gusty winds and cool temps makes target parkland golf fun.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 19th, 20175:21 pmat

    Well the baseball game didn’t stay interesting very long

    Looks to be an interesting golf course the Women are playing on – they are at +29 after the first round while the BEST score in the Clubhouse is +23 with 10/22 teams finished.

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    May 19th, 20176:47 pmat

    Thanks JustABum for providing this Post. What a story and where was the Beat Writer for the major media?

    Our girls got beat up today. No team under PAR. wow!

  • Kindle writes:
    May 19th, 20178:54 pmat

    C–Great post!

  • JustABum writes:
    May 20th, 20171:43 amat

    The morning teams dealt with the most severe weather that effected scoring, but all played on a challenging NCAA finals venue.

    All teams faced a cold ENE wind and the rain came around the later holes for MSU from what I gathered from’s local Sugar Grove coverage.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 20th, 20174:17 amat
    • JerseyJohn writes:
      May 20th, 20179:07 amat

      bad news. you may recall my story about being on a flight with her and bob davie from iowa city. after I had to put davie in his place, holly rowe cracked up.

  • Ben Green writes:
    May 20th, 20175:38 amat

    MSU baseball lost 11-6 to the gulos in AA yesterday. Purdue won two of three games against Minnesota on Saturday, the resumption of a suspended game and the first game of a double header, ending any chance for the Spartans of qualifying for the B1G tournament. MSU plays their last game of the season on Senior Day in EL today at 12:02pm against their instate rival.

  • JustABum writes:
    May 20th, 20178:46 amat

    Rain delay at Harvest Grove Links, The ladies may enjoy playing on Sunday and Monday with the good weather that’s promised.

    Here are the pairings:

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 20th, 201711:04 amat

    Women’s Golf championship 2nd round postponed until tomorrow and the stroke play event will only be 54 holes

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 20th, 201711:49 amat

    Acorns routing Duck in one Lacrosse quarterfinal – YEA. It will be the Acorns 1st ever appearance at Championship weekend

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    May 20th, 201711:50 amat

    I see the Failing FREEP finally got around to a report on Tyson.

    • JustABum writes:
      May 20th, 201712:16 pmat

      Solari’s persona exudes the joy of his work and covering MSU. Dire.

    • JustABum writes:
      May 20th, 201712:57 pmat

      The fine MSU beat writers coverage of TYSON’s tweet:

      Tyson Smith‏ @4Tyson_TD May 17 6:09PM I’m “supposed “to be in a wheelchair after that stroke last year doctors say I’m blessed to still be able to walk ,talk , and run! Fast fed

      Thirteen hours later:

      MLive on May 18, 2017 at 9:10 AM, updated May 18, 2017 at 10:39 AM
      Freep 9:47 a.m. ET May 18, 2017
      Detnews Published 11:29 a.m. ET May 18, 2017 | Updated 11:32 a.m. ET May 18, 2017 May 18, 17:31PM

      Twitter appears to be a non-crediible news source. If it Twitter is considered credible then the media may have a field day with these recent Donnie Corley’s tweets:

      May 18
      I wish everything would go back to the way it used to be. (sad face emojis)

      May 16
      Yall love saying “I got you” but be lying the whole time

      May 16
      When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change your feelings for them

      Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what could be.

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        May 21st, 20171:19 pmat

        Curtis Blackwell tweeted something on May 18 that was circulated by the LSJ (and perhaps others). The Tweet, like Corley’s, could have been interpreted in myriad ways.

        Some Tweets contain accurate and/or telling information; I guess I would soften your “not-credible” to “unreliable”, but realize that is a distinction with little practical difference.

        If these Tweets mean news is about to break, I think it might mean that arraignments have been scheduled. If so, they will happen next week and not in June as Solari has inferred from his sources. (Of course, Solari could have been referring to a non-Ingham-County investigation.) While this could be what is happening, I think some alternative explanations are more probable.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      May 20th, 20172:18 pmat

      Translation: I finally found an article written 48 hours ago but want to retain my curmudgeony narrative.

      (Fun fact: Tyson Smith is Bobby Williams’ nephew.)

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        May 20th, 20172:41 pmat

        (Possible alternative translation: Look, Ma, I’m being ironic!)

        (Fun fact: 89 Chemistry never claimed to be omniscient….)

        • JustABum writes:
          May 20th, 20173:35 pmat

          Seriously, I am not sure all articles written are published online on all pages at the stated time date.

          For instance, the sports section landing page may have an article that is not featured on a subsection / Spartans section or in one of the vertical columns on the sites home page. There have been more than one occasion I could have sworn that certain web pages didn’t have an article on the page I bookmarked or visited. Perhaps retirement has advanced age and vision, or is it the 5 hour time difference from GMT to EDST? IDK.

          • 89 Chemistry writes:
            May 21st, 201712:30 pmat

            It could be that some URL suffixes (e.g., “in-cart”), or lack thereof, affect the accessibility of a web page from time to time. Also, if a page is updated, the original might be inaccessible until the revision is published.

            FWIW, I am all but certain that GMT & EDT are only four hours apart — whereas EST is 17:00 to GMT’s 12:00. (This site is on MDT — the day is two hours younger at The Valley Club than it is in East Lansing.) To add to other confusion, the US is on Daylight Savings Time longer than it is on Standard Time.

            • JustABum writes:
              May 21st, 20171:06 pmat

              GMT is five hours from Eastern to Greenwich Mean time for about 49 weeks of the year. Four hours for three weeks between different Europe and USA daylight savings dates. GMT goes back an hour on Oct. 26th and in the States on Nov. 5th. a week which allows me to watch Spartan football a little earlier on Saturdays. In the Spring, Ireland & Europe go forward on March 26th, while the States sprang forward on March 12th.

              • 89 Chemistry writes:
                May 21st, 20171:23 pmat

                Oh. I did not know Ireland (meaning the EU?) used Daylight Savings Time.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 20th, 201711:55 amat

    Bottom of the 8th – Spartans just picked off a Paris Hilton runner with 2 out, Spartans lead it 1-0. If this was the Tigers, I’d be worried

    Should have been worried about the Spartans, 1-1

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    May 20th, 201711:55 amat

    Does any of the group follow Horse Racing or the Triple Crown?

    I enjoyed both a great deal as a kid and young adult. Will watch the Preakness later today.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      May 20th, 201712:15 pmat

      It has kinda gone the way of boxing

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        May 21st, 201712:33 pmat

        I have forgotten the details, but Michigan State was an NCAA Boxing juggernaut at one time.

    • JustABum writes:
      May 20th, 201712:23 pmat

      When you are introduced to Irish and English horse races, it’s like comparing Nascar to F1 Grand Prix racing, Thrills and spills on wild steeple chase courses. Needless to say, I will watch to see if a triple crown is possible.

    • Ben Green writes:
      May 20th, 20171:15 pmat

      Are you picking one of the favorites Always Dreaming or Classic Empire? We will be watching. The Triple Crown races are an enjoyable short thrill ride.

      • JerseyJohn writes:
        May 20th, 20171:48 pmat

        is McCraken running? I would have forgotten about the Preakness if I didn’t see it here.

  • Ben Green writes:
    May 20th, 20171:21 pmat

    MSU blew their chance, tied 1-1 with the bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the ninth. I turned the channel. You could see it coming. They lost their final game of the season 2-1 in 10 innings.

    • Kindle writes:
      May 20th, 201711:34 pmat

      Thanks for the update. Sad.

    • 79 Spartan writes:
      May 21st, 20177:59 amat

      I dunno, an encapsulation of the season, or just the big choke against the hated rival?

      Tough to watch heading into the 9th with a one run lead, then giving up a run, then in the bottom of the ninth and the bases juiced with no outs… ugh!

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 20th, 20173:13 pmat

    If the idiots at the P are going to give stats about shooting accuracy then they should do it about hitting the goal or missing the goal and not base it on scoring because just the Goalie saves it doesn’t mean one missed the 6’X6′ cage. If I were playing and some said I only shot 30% when I scored 3 goal and the goalie made the rest of the saves (7), I’d tell the idiot on the sidelines to wither shut up or learn what Lacrosse is all about. These guys are now whining incessantly as DU keeps scoring on SNCC in the 4th. 16-4 final

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      May 20th, 20174:27 pmat

      When are you going to stop trying to apply logic, accuracy, or even context when mentioning the P?

      • USMC Retired writes:
        May 20th, 20175:38 pmat

        It’s just a minor pet peeve, but they are the worst

        Rangers Pitcher is throwing against JV tonight and acting like him in the 1st: A K of Ian, followed by HR’s by Alex, Miggy, and DJ; followed by a K of Upton and a pop out by Nick the Stick.

        Tigers up 9-2

        The coverage of the Dubs – Spurs is so biased it is just as bad as everything else they do at the P.

        • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
          May 20th, 20177:46 pmat

          The P. has become the worst over time. I used to be proud about working for the P. at its start. Now I hope no one can establish I cashed checks made out to my name from Bristol CN and signed by Lois Marino.

          How far is Special Prosecutor Mueller allowed to expand his investigation?

          • Kindle writes:
            May 20th, 201710:07 pmat

            How far can Mueller go you ask?
            After 50 years the FBI finally Declassifies J. Edgar Hoover’s Extensive File on a certain family…


            • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
              May 20th, 201710:29 pmat

              1. While I will admit I was not yet “of-age” – Marilyn Munster was HOT.
              2. There is no truth to the rumor Hoover wore Evonne DeCarlo’s dresses. He wanted Marilyn’s!

            • USMC Retired writes:
              May 21st, 20178:27 pmat

              If it was anyone BUT Hoover, I would say hardy had and let it go, but we all know of his many A) dresses and B) files (given A, B is how he stayed in power)

              The really Bizarre part of that story was that some HARVARD Prof mad comments about it. Given what has been going on at most of the Ivy League schools in recent years what with safe zones and other silliness, they are just not the bastions of American Education any longer

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    May 20th, 20178:08 pmat

    Dear Brian Bowen,

    Congratulations! By not signing a Letter-of-Intent by May 17th you are free to spend the summer at Band-Camp without being obligated – or have the ability to obtain a scholarship – to a college or university in the U.S. until Fall Semester has started.

    Thank goodness you did not sign with Michigan State University. If at all possible could you at-least go on the record publically that MSU is no longer in the running? This action, would really ease my mind and allow me to enjoy the summer, the upcoming Total Eclipse of which my cabin is at the epi-center and get me pumped up for fall sports at MSU. If not, I will operate in fear that a person like yourself might actually attend my alma-mater and play basketball for the Green & White. I cannot think of much worse.

    • Kindle writes:
      May 20th, 201710:01 pmat

      That August 21st total eclipse is intriguing.

      • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
        May 20th, 201710:33 pmat

        Then make the commitment or take a seat next to Brian Bowen!

        • Kindle writes:
          May 20th, 201710:54 pmat

          Checking flights and other obligations.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 20th, 20179:27 pmat

    I counted and with a minute left, the P announcers have made the Kawhi Leonard excuse 54 times

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      May 20th, 201710:23 pmat

      I challenge the count. All 54 are illegal. No excuses have been made. And if you agree with me – then I disagree with me and the count is actually short. Thousands and thousands of Kawhi Leonard excuses have been made (by jersey john in NJ) and are being ignored.

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        May 21st, 201712:45 pmat

        Is this really Jeff? I would think Jeff would be immune to WannaCry attacks, but Jeff seldom argues both sides with such passion.

        Andary*, on the other hand…

        • 89 Chemistry writes:
          May 21st, 201712:47 pmat

          *REM: Insert “wanna cry” joke here

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    May 20th, 201710:51 pmat

    The Preakness was exciting.

    Always Dreaming and Classic Empire led from the start and just like Churchill Downs looked to be out classing the field.

    Except, Cloud Computing – who skipped the Kentucky Derby – was laying back a length or so, similar to a race car & driver drafting until the last lap.

    And low and behold, Always Dreaming ran out of fuel and Classic Empire was out-jockeyed down the stretch.

    • Kindle writes:
      May 20th, 201711:14 pmat

      As a former horseman, I am one of those Senior Investments who is Always Dreaming of Lookin At Lee bee’s posting at the turn and Hence, owning a Classic Empire that I would name Term Of Art…and let me ride just one more appaloosa. I have followed the big 3 of American horse races for years with my head in the Cloud while Computing on TUS and in a flea-bag room at the Hot_l Baltimore near Pimlico Steak House…and I’m so hungry I could eat a Belmont steak.

      • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
        May 21st, 20176:19 amat

        My horse asked me to reply,

        “That’s nothing… I beat Filet Mignon in the Porterhouse Steaks.”

        • JerseyJohn writes:
          May 21st, 20178:18 amat

          that’s funny, because as we were watching the race and my wife’s horse Lookin at Lee was in last place, she referenced the same stooges episode and yelled, “feed him some hot peppers”

          • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
            May 21st, 201711:29 amat

            She was bread in old Kentucky, but she’s not a crumb up here!

            • Kindle writes:
              May 21st, 20174:22 pmat

              You’ve gone a-rye!

      • USMC Retired writes:
        May 21st, 20176:57 amat

        There is something to be said for winning the Hat-Race, the Dion, and the Oriole; but year in and year out it doesn’t get accomplished. My great uncle raised and trained thoroughbreds and I saw one of them win at a race in Az. That’s my horse story, although my youngest daughter went through that phase in elementary and middle school until she found dance (and dance is just as expensive as riding, thank you very much)

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 21st, 20177:07 amat

    Here ya go folks, I guess because the NFL is across state lines that this clown can do this (Arkansas filing an ethics violation against a Texan?), but this is what LITTLE people do.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 21st, 20171:39 pmat

    * Weather did indeed force cancellation of Round 2 of the NCAA Championships yesterday. Round 2 is now underway, but the Spartans are up last (I imagine Geer has yet to reach the first green as I type this). Link:

    * Cody Tucker of the LSJ was at MSU Baseball’s denouement, and wrote this:

    MSU’s 2017 record in games decided by one rum was 6-11.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      May 21st, 20172:53 pmat

      * “decided by one rum”! Hilarious! I wish!

      (I meant “run”.)

      * For the record, this is MSU Womens Golf’s first NCAA National Championships appearance since three straight from 2012-2014.

  • Kindle writes:
    May 21st, 20174:26 pmat

    Re: 89’s MSU Boxing comment above~~
    From MSU archives…

    Chuck Davey
    Boxing 1943, 1947-49
    Hometown – Dearborn, MI
    MSU Hall of Fame Class – 1992
    • Only four-time NCAA boxing champion
    • Undefeated collegiate record
    • Member of 1948 U.S. Olympic team

    Also, there is this MSU Boxing trivia question~~
    Which Michigan State boxer was undefeated in every college bout he fought?
    a. John Horne
    b. Herb Odom
    c. Choken Maekawa
    d. Chuck Davey
    By now you know the answer is d/Chuck Davey

    The other three boxers listed as choices in the contest also had notable accomplishments. John Horne won three consecutive NCAA titles between 1958 and 1960, was a two-time All-American, and competed without a regular coach, program or sparring partner. Herb Odom (1952-1955) was back-to-back NCAA Champion at 147 pounds (1954-1955), led MSU to a 1955 team National Championship, was a two-time All-American (1954-1955), and compiled a 29-5-2 career record. Choken Maekawa of Hawaii won the 1956 NCAA individual title and was awarded the John S. LaRowe Trophy (outstanding boxer of the tournament). He was chosen for the 1956 U.S. Olympic team, but did not make weight at the official weigh-in and was disqualified from competition.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 21st, 20178:29 pmat

    Aumsus once again leaves s pitcher in the game too long and the tigers trail by 2 instead of just 1(solo homers are just as damaging as 3 infield singles and a sac fly)

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