Road Trip South: MSU women’s Golf headed to NCAA South Regional on a Roll
May 1st, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The MSU Women’s Golf Team reacts to being selected and placed in the NCAA Tournament.

The MSU Women’s Golf Team is headed to the NCAA South Regional to be held at the University of Georgia golf course.  I know most of us have come to expect MSU Women’s Golf being practically as automatic for qualifying for the NCAA Championship Tournament as Men’s Basketball, but last fall the situation was quite different.

Last fall the Michigan State University Spartans Women’s Golf Team hobbled by injuries and otherwise poor performances appeared to be in a 2016-17 season death-spiral. MSU was ranked 99th in the nation.  I did not even know there were rankings tracked that low, let alone a Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll team being amongst them.  However, things changed as the spring portion of the season approached.  Players regained their health and the best female amateur golfer residing in the state of Michigan enrolled (as a Freshman) early so as to qualify for the spring run.  MSU now had the best returning golfer in the B1G and the best new golfer in the B1G; ready and available.  Sarah Burnham (JR.) and Allyson Geer (FR) began cutting through courses the as if they had blow torches in their bag and safe made of tin foil was in front of them. The rest of the team members began to follow suit.  By April MSU was arguable playing the best golf of any team in the country.  In the last two tournaments (Buckeye Classic and B1G Championship) the Spartans took the titles; pulling away from national power-house programs at the finish.

Burnham was named B1G Golfer of the Year, and Geer was name B1G Freshman Golfer of the Year last week.  Both are legitimate All-American candidates.

In order to win titles however, the entire squad has to perform well; and they have stepped up indeed.  When Burhman had – what is for her at least – an off day (3+ PAR) on the final Sunday of the B1G Championship, Geer was superb as usual.  The difference? Katie Sharp, Carolyn Markley, Logan Otter and Paz Marfa Sans played superbly while their Northwestern counter-parts faltered.

As for Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll this team is another example for a person has represented MSU as well as any faculty and staff in the history of MSU Athletics. Slobodnik-Stoll is about to receive another honor – she will be inducted into Michigan Golf Hall of Fame.  Not bad for someone in the middle of their career.

Satacy Slobodnik-Stoll and daughter Olivia take in the selection show.

A solid story on MSU and how they are approaching the tournament is [here]

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  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 1st, 20171:01 pmat

    I had the honor of sitting with her at dinner we used to have after the Varsity S golf outing (3 years ago, and it’s not a brunch before that has lost it’s pizzaz, even with Eric Thomas last year and Tom Izzo the year before) Nice Lady, we talked small towns on lakes.

    I should have asked her how to hit the fade WHEN I wanted to

    • JustABum writes:
      May 1st, 20174:03 pmat

      Fade? DAMN, I am learning to draw it again due to a new course. Have ya tried to weaken the left hand? Show more of that left back hand to the target. It’s a drag to get use to.

      I am sure you are more than capable of shaping your shots. I still find my attempts to shape some shots are rather inconsistent and thus the -9.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        May 2nd, 20174:06 amat

        That was, obviously, a poor attempt at humor, but thanks for the tip

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    May 1st, 20173:09 pmat

    Hit ’em in the fairway and putt like the cup is a magnet.

    GO GREEN !!!

    • USMC Retired writes:
      May 2nd, 20174:07 amat

      The fairways are do-able, but I need to get the 10″ putts for triple to fall (smiley face with tongue hanging out and winking eye)

  • I Believe writes:
    May 1st, 20174:01 pmat

    Going off topic for a moment as Mark Dantonio spoke before 800 people today at the West Michigan Sports Commission in Grand Rapids. Among his quotes:

    “Obviously the last number of months – really starting in July when we lost Mike Sadler – it has been difficult. It’s been really just difficult, one thing after another, as we move through the year. The last four months especially difficult.”

    “I tell my players I’ve got my birds in the nest. My job is to protect them, the ones that are sitting in that nest right now, and move them forward in their lives. There is no question that at this point in time, our situation impedes progress. It makes it difficult to go day to day without dealing with some problem or dealing with some sort of issue that has to do with the whole.”

    “But I can tell you this – just like the Spartans stood at Thermopylae, shoulder to shoulder, that’s what we will do. There’s no question we’ve come together as a football team and come together as a group of people.”

    “Again, I come over here, you sort of say ‘What am I going to talk about?’ How are we going to go through this thing? How difficult is it going to be? I’m for the good for people. I want everybody to understand that when I walk up to players, I’m going to be for the good, and I’m going to look at them in every aspect and look for the good in them as well. I’m also for opportunity, and opportunity to be successful.”

    “I’m also for tough love, and I believe in sacrifice, and I also believe in retribution. All of those things are in play as we go through the day-to-day routine at Michigan State. I don’t think there’s any question those things are happening.”

    Dantonio said he talked to Kirk Cousins on Saturday and thought back to when his former quarterback had to be the face of the program as it was coming off the Rather Hall incident in 2009. He recalled Cousins being a leader in the face of adversity.

    “I look back at the time he was at Michigan State and saw how he bonded with people, how he involved himself with the best players, the worst players, the big players, the skill players, the players with a lot that they have in their life, the players without so much, the players who were struggling and how he brought our football team together at times of crisis.”

    “That’s what everyone has to do right now at Michigan State. That’s what I’m called to do on a daily basis.”

    • JustABum writes:
      May 1st, 20174:09 pmat

      The last six paragraphs speaks volumes, and never sees the light of day in the Gannett papers, Mlive and not many places with national audiences.

      • 79 Spartan writes:
        May 1st, 20175:56 pmat
        • JustABum writes:
          May 2nd, 20171:51 amat

          I am reading that Det News first because that rag usually pisses me off first and a those paragrraphs were not there, and Charbonneau beat Solari to the story.

          This morning I looked at the New’s story again and I swear the article was edited…. I am going nuts.

        • JustABum writes:
          May 2nd, 20172:01 amat

          I believe my previous reply to this comment got bounced due to a borderline word.

          I read the DetNews first prior to coming to TUS last evening. I could swear those paragraphs were not part of the original article. Now a days, Solari is an after thought because he is usually slow and has contributed little to the MSU press releases. Upon seeing these replies I went back to the DetNews article appears to be edited … it is not the same! Or my POV ihas really messed up my reading comprehension and retention!!!! $#!*!!!

          • 79 Spartan writes:
            May 2nd, 20177:03 amat

            It appeared in the Freep. I did not look at the sNews site.

          • 89 Chemistry writes:
            May 2nd, 20173:34 pmat

            Here is the byline of the story you read (as I saw it a few minutes ago):

            Matt Charboneau , The Detroit News Published 3:58 p.m. ET May 1, 2017 | Updated 4:01 p.m. ET May 1, 2017

            It is apparently routine for stories that are posted online to be revised. This appears to be an extremely prompt example.

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        May 1st, 20176:39 pmat

        same here.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      May 2nd, 20174:15 amat

      I will say this and move along, but it certainly appears from Coach Dantonio’s words that God is part and parcel to the MSU Football Program – and that, above all else, is a very good thing! Celebrate that on Twitter

  • JustABum writes:
    May 1st, 20174:05 pmat

    Athens, GA is pretty nice this time of year. Good luck ladies & make the clutch putts.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 1st, 20174:43 pmat

    Next Monday – Wednesday in Athens, then. I expect the Spartans to advance. There will be time next week to speculate on what they might achieve at the NCAA Championships. Go Green!

  • GoSt8Go writes:
    May 1st, 20176:40 pmat

    Go Golf. GO GREEN!

    • USMC Retired writes:
      May 2nd, 20174:12 amat

      I will literally follow your directive this morning, Mike!

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        May 2nd, 20173:07 pmat

        and how did go?

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      May 2nd, 20173:36 pmat

      If long putts are the norm, should it be “GO GREENS!” ??

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    May 2nd, 20177:19 amat

    BTW – Jeff’s linked story by Steve Grinczel is a really fine read.

  • I Believe writes:
    May 2nd, 20177:32 amat

    Amy and I received a letter from MSU Hockey yesterday, introducing Danton Cole and promoting a $15 million renovation of Munn Ice Arena. For TUS members with disposable income, there are plenty of naming opportunities. Such as …

    Hockey Center = $6 million
    Hockey Hall of Honor = $4 million
    Hockey Office Suite = $2 million
    Weight Room = $1 million
    Locker Room = $1 million
    Player’s Study Lounge = $1 million
    Shooting Rooms = $500,000
    Entrance(s) = $500,000
    Head Coaches Office = $350,000
    Multi-Purpose Area = $250,000
    Reception Area = $250,000
    Training Room = $250,000
    Assistant Coaches Office (5) = $100,000
    Officials Locker Room = $100,000
    Other Locker Rooms = $100,000
    Equipment Room = $100,000

    These contributions are payable over five years.

    TUS members, shall we pool our money to have the Equipment Room named after one of our Spartan benefactors: Dave Pruder?

    As it is, Amy and I will be content with maintaining our season tickets for the 35th consecutive year. (Given that Tom Anastos did not receive this type of support upon his hiring, we discussed “buying” the Head Coaches Office naming rights and assigning it to Tom Anastos.)


    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      May 2nd, 20178:18 amat

      The Mike Andary Penalty Box

      TUS Pays $5 a game. The $5 represents $1 for each minute of a five minute major that truly Andary deserves.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        May 2nd, 201711:25 amat

        Jeff, I think you’ll need more than just the $1 per minute because after the 2nd game when he gets the 2nd Major, one of the entrances (which is also an exit) will need his name attached to it!

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        May 2nd, 20173:08 pmat

        With a TUS Compliance donation to the official scoreboard timing devices to make sure penalties are enforced.

    • GoSt8Go writes:
      May 2nd, 20173:10 pmat

      How about the TUS Men’s Room? Or the TUS Unisex Rest Room?

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 2nd, 20172:38 pmat

    From Grinz on Green

    “The playoff year, we’d beat a team and it was like, ‘Oh, another win,’ ” Lewerke said. “This year, for me, it’s not to take any wins for granted. Coach D always points out it’s extremely hard to win football games, and last year definitely proved it. We were really close in a lot of games we probably should have won so this year we will definitely cherish every win.”

    To me, this exemplifies last years Senior Class and the TOTAL lack of leadership they ‘provided’. CAn’t do this in College athletics, the difference between players is just too small. I now have a reason when somebody asks how did the Spartans go 3-9?

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 2nd, 20173:09 pmat

    Talking heads on the P are now promoting stiffer penalties based on the star power of the player on the receiving end of the penalty. What’s the cutoff of star power?

    They are just such a joke

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 2nd, 20173:25 pmat

    Spartans had 2 male golfers receive 2nd Team All B1G ten

    Charlie Netzel, Michigan State
    Sam Weatherhead, Michigan State

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 2nd, 20173:57 pmat

    It is Finals Week at MSU, so there are no contests of note until Friday. This weekend, 6th-place MSU Softball [9-11] goes to 8th-place Indiana [8-12], while 8th-place MSU Baseball [7-8] hosts 3rd-place Iowa [9-6]. (Weather permitting, of course.)

    * From Matt Mencarini of the LSJ:

    * Note that MSU Rowing has finished its regular season. The B1G Championship is scheduled for May 13.

    * Of marginal interest, from Mark Snyder of the Free Press:
    “U-M announced the firing of the men’s and women’s lacrosse coaches today.
    “Men’s coach John Paul was the only coach the program has had, compiling a 23-61 overall record and a 2-24 mark in conference games. … His team showed moderate progress this season with an 8-6 record but was non-competitive for most of the Big Ten season.
    “… Women’s coach Jennifer Ulehla also began her program with the 2012 recruiting class as it became a varsity sport.
    “She had struggles similar to Paul, finishing with a 20-49 record and only a 1-21 conference mark. …
    “The timing makes sense for trying to attract higher-level coaches. The current coaches have worked out of a trailer.
    “U-M will open a dedicated lacrosse stadium with 2,000 seats in 2018…”

    The Gulo guys are 0-5 in B1G play; the gals are 1-5 (they beat 0-6 OSU). B1G Men’s Varsity Lacrosse has six teams, including Johns Hopkins; B1G Women’s Lacrosse has a seventh Varsity team in Northwestern.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      May 2nd, 20174:51 pmat

      Actually NWU women’s Lax has been around and a National Power winning 7 National Championships since 2001. Md has 13 NC, but then the ACC has had both sports since the 70’s

      • USMC Retired writes:
        May 3rd, 20172:19 pmat

        Paris once again fails to place any woman on the B1G Ten Allstar team in Woman’s Lacrosse – matching their boys team. It would seem that whomever takes over their cupboards will be extremely bare

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        May 3rd, 20174:07 pmat

        Wow, very impressive and good to know. I only meant to indicate that NW had women varsity Laxers — something that cannot be inferred from a list of men’s varsity lacrosse teams.

        How many squads deep do the All-B1G Lax Teams go? I would not expect anyone from a 1-5 or 0-6 team to make such a roster unless it were at least three deep.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 2nd, 20176:24 pmat

    Who are these baseball players and what did they do with the Tigers the last 2 days

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      May 2nd, 20178:48 pmat

      Watched both games against Cleveburgh. Effectively, could not beat them last year, now we are looking at ownership. Ya just never know.

      KRod scares me.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        May 3rd, 20178:20 amat

        KRod – he has always been that l=kind of pitcher, though. a little wild and subject to give up walks and hits. Do I wish he were more like Zumaya or Jones? Absolutely, but the other parts of the NP are pitching way above their pay grade, which is surprising

        PS I think Miggy took the 10 days off to groove his swing because he was embarrassing himself

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      May 3rd, 20174:16 pmat

      Maybe the guys that lost four straight were the imposters…

      This Anti-Eeyore moment has been brought to you by Cluster Headache. “Cluster Headache — when you need that little extra to not accidentally make sense!”

  • I Believe writes:
    May 3rd, 20177:02 amat

    On this date (May 3) in history …

    1938: Lefty Grove defeats Detroit 4-3 for the first of a record 20 consecutive victories at Fenway Park. He doesn’t lose again in Boston until May 12, 1941.

    1959: Lawton Michigan’s own Charlie Maxwell hits four consecutive home runs in the Tigers’ doubleheader sweep of the Yankees: 4-2 and 8-2.

    1961: At age 40, Warren Spahn two-hits the Dodgers just five days after no-hitting the Giants. (Pitch count, bah …)

    • USMC Retired writes:
      May 3rd, 20178:22 amat

      Remember that generation fought a war, this generation has safe zones

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    May 3rd, 20174:11 pmat

    * Spartan Hockey alum and new Head Coach Danton Cole has retained Spartan alums Brad Fast (director of hockey operations) and goaltending coach Jason Muzzatti — and has hired teammate Chris Luongo to his staff. He also has hired Joe Exter away from his $107,000-per-year assistant coaching job at OSU:

    * Quoting
    “The #RedWings added Adam Nightingale, a former #Spartans player, as assistant coach…”

    * MSU ranked sixth in B1G football revenue in 2016:
    (the Spartan capsule is about halfway down the page)

    * Bad news, if substantiated, for MSU’s 2017 D line:

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    May 3rd, 20175:51 pmat

    i’m gonna have a real hard time watching a game if that cop spitter onner is still on the team.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      May 4th, 20174:43 amat

      Then we will miss your clever banter, IDIT

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 4th, 20174:42 amat

    In my humble opinion this judge should be take OFF the bench. Using said pulpit to bash a football coach, who hasn’t yet coached a game to me is as bad as the P using their position to legislate changes to the rules of sports – they are games, not Bibles on how to live your life (this is the South, I get it, where people’s attitude and self esteem is literally based on how their their favorite school’s football team looks in the press, but using a court room to rage against a coach demeans said courtroom to the point of incredulity.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    May 4th, 20171:20 pmat

    List of All academic district baseballers includes 2 for East Lansing, which is a third of the selections from the B1G and the only schools with 2.

    Academic All-District Honorees

    Dan Chmielewski, Michigan State, Psychology Major
    Zack McGuire, Michigan State, Packaging Major
    Chad Luensmann, Nebraska, Mechanical Engineering Major
    Max Herrmann, Rutgers, Labor Studies / Criminal Justice Major
    Michael Hendrickson, Michigan, Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience Major
    Pat McInerney, Illinois, Business Processing Management / Marketing Major

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