Are the Other Shoes Starting to Drop?
April 21st, 2017 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Wait for the other shoe to drop

A common experience of tenement living in apartment-style housing in New York City, and other large cities, during the manufacturing boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Apartments were built, similar in design, with the bedrooms located directly above and underneath one another. Thus, it was normal to hear a neighbor removing their shoes in the apartment above. As one shoe made a sound hitting the floor, the expectation for the other shoe to make a similar disturbance was created.


(idiomatic) To defer action or decision until another matter is finished or resolved.
(idiomatic) To await a seemingly inevitable event, especially one that is not desirable.

Source: Wikidictionary

Auston Robertson a sophomore Defensive Lineman for the Michigan State University football program has been charged with sexual criminal misconduct.  The charges were filed this morning by Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon. The official charge is third-degree criminal sexual conduct.  A third-degree charge relates to alleged non-consensual sexual penetration with force or coercion, the victim being incapacitated or other factors.  The court record states that Roberton’s charge involves force or coercion.  The story as reported in the Free-Press is [here].

First, Roberston has been charged and he is innocent until proven guilty.  However, this is not Roberston’s first run-in with the law for similar type of conduct.

The result in the earlier case: Robertson participated and successfully completed a court mandated Diversionary Program.  Do Diversionary Programs create and document Alternate Facts?

Seems like more and more athletes are benefiting from this newly named type of extra-curriculum. For example, Kansas Jayhawk Josh Jackson is getting the honor to participate in a Diversionary Program before NBA Draft day.

The filing against Robertson is the first of possibly four to be made against MSU football players.  The other three are from a separate incident.  Should we expect the other shoes to begin dropping?

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  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    April 21st, 201712:25 pmat

    In other upbeat news…

    The head of the ongoing NCAA Investigation into North Carolina’s possible multiple (count five major) infractions is SEC Commissioner Greg Sarkey.

    The investigation started with a probe of the football team in 2010. Yes, 2010. Official charges were filed in 2015. Yes, 2015. Sarkey has been asked to step down for what effectively can be called a conflict of interest. Sarkey will not step down. The story is [here].

    I would imagine all of TUS Membership is just like me in the opinion that the almost decade long investigation taking so long to complete, is a result of a few factors. 1.) It is hard to schedule meetings in today’s complicated world. 2.) For a period of years there was limited access to bathrooms in North Carolina. 3. The on-again, off-again Travel Ban in the United States has restricted attendance at meetings. 4.) All participants in the investigation are required to fly United and not everyone has made their scheduled flight despite being seated on the plane prior to takeoff.

    • Kindle writes:
      April 21st, 20171:31 pmat

      I would also imagine those involved in the North Carolina investigation researched the school more for their brackets than infractions.

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      April 21st, 20171:58 pmat

      Any other school would have already endured the “death penalty” and returned to competition during time it has taken on this “probe”. The dollars flowing from the UNC booty have made the NC$$ want to kiss it instead of kick it, as in out of athletics for a while. How long do you think the investigation would have taken if MSU had done this? My guess is less than 3 months later the Spartans would be scrubbing the tar and picking the feathers off. Especially with our friends in AA and Columbus to egg them on.

  • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
    April 21st, 20171:45 pmat

    Dark days indeed. The story is an old but familiar one of the dark side. One thing about the story seems strange. It says Robertson’s girlfriend drove them all to the apartment complex and he did this while his girlfriend waited..
    Coach D knew this young man’s problems when he allowed him on the team. The desire to help build and redeem a life is admirable but risk is inherent. This story isn’t over or complete but I fear it will not turn out well for any parties involved.

    • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
      April 21st, 20171:47 pmat

      Someone needs to teach these guys how to play bridge and engage them in all night dorm bridge tournaments or other card games like we did 53 years ago.

      • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
        April 21st, 20175:10 pmat

        I didn’t learn bridge until I reached MSU. My roommate freshman year was a grandmaster from a Salt Lake City. His partner there was a 55 year old lady. He taught everyone on the 4th floor of Bryan Hall in Brody how to play. I ended my Homecoming date by 10pm so I wouldn’t miss the all floor all night tournament that started then. Double pinochle was the other game. That was organized by the Hawaiian sophomore around the corner, Wayne Tanigawa. That seemed to be his only activity on campus. He was like Juris Freimanis, the illegal alien Latvian refugee without a green a card who never went to class but worked in a shoe store in downtown Lansing. The only person I ever knew that got a 0.00 GPA. He showed everybody on the floor his Fall term report.

        • Kindle writes:
          April 21st, 20175:28 pmat

          Huge wow on the 0.00!!! I knew a guy with less than a 1.0 but that ZERO gets it!

          Until you mentioned it, I forgot that I also learned Pinochle and “double” that in my college years. Have not played in longer than I can even recall.

          While on a back-pack hunt in Idaho in 1991 I recall playing non-stop cribbage in our tent during a two-day rain storm.

          In my early Michigan deer camps we always played stud poker and Hearts. I cannot recall the last time I played card games of any kind. I always enjoyed it.

          Even won a few bucks playing blackjack in the Bahamas one time, which was my only casino experience.

  • Kindle writes:
    April 21st, 20171:54 pmat

    Apparently Auston Robinson believed that when you are a star you can do anything you want…..

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    April 21st, 20172:01 pmat

    Well, Robinson appears to be unchanged. Sad.

    The other 3, dating from January/Feb seems to be taking quite a bit if time. Don’t know what to make of that.

    While I am a bridge player, back then, I had to go to Holmes Hall to do so.

    In Case Hall where I lived, we all played a TON of Euchre.

    • Kindle writes:
      April 21st, 20173:47 pmat

      For me it was Euchre, then Hearts, then Liar’s Poker, then Burn or Buck-up in the dorm. But mostly Euchre.

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        April 21st, 20174:41 pmat

        Euchre, followed by more Euchre. No fisticuffs with the schmuck who kept turning up bowers on his deal, but close.

        • Kindle writes:
          April 21st, 20174:52 pmat

          You quickly learn who not to play with. Here’s “betting” he’s the guy who suggested “we
          should put a little money on it to make it interesting. How about a dime a point and a quarter a burn?”

          • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
            April 21st, 20176:37 pmat

            Recent Florida trip was taught Canasta by a bunch of 85-95 year olds. That and early dinners at the Golden Corrall to get the lunch discount are highlights of the day. Yes I am getting that old.

            • Kindle writes:
              April 22nd, 201710:46 amat

              We have been regulars to “early dining menu” this winter as well.

  • Ghost Of Biggie writes:
    April 21st, 20174:54 pmat

    The University of North Carolina has just released their response to the NCAA charges.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    April 21st, 20175:57 pmat

    I think enough shoes have dropped. let’s see

    keith appling is a criminal

    mateen may or may not be innocent but he was definitely up to some form of skullduggery.

    Demetrius cooper spits on cops.

    day day slaps people around.

    plaxico did two years as bloombergs example or scapegoat.

    Charles rogers is a disgrace who had no business on a college campus.

    delton Williams pulls guns on people while driving on campus.

    all I can do is quote VINCE and say…


  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    April 21st, 201710:25 pmat

    This one time at Seminary Camp while playing Euchre, someone told a FART Joke. I told the Father Counselor, who sent the Nuns to the FART Joker’s cabin. The FART Joker was never seen again until he became Commissioner for the SEC.

    • Kindle writes:
      April 21st, 201711:32 pmat

      I’m guessing now…..Finger pulled by the Father?

      • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
        April 22nd, 20174:43 amat


  • USMC Retired writes:
    April 22nd, 20174:13 amat

    The Collusion of the ACC, NC$$, and the Cement Stilettos is a well known phenomenon, it happens every year in March. This is like any other example of power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. While the rape charges are abysmal, how can the programs continue at an ‘educational institution’ that makes a farce out of the first word of ‘educational institution’? This is not a case fro innocent until proven guilty the ‘female teacher’ has admitted cubically that she gave the students who didn’t even show up for classes an ‘A’ for the class. She made an absolutely mockery of the term ‘student athlete’ that the NC$$ bandies as their sacred oath.

    The girl friend waited sounds like the parties that Bubba had in ’66.

    I played bridge starting when I was about 12. I didn’t join the Bridge Club at school, but played later at the the Frat House, aboard Midway, and most summer evenings before dinner if I was home in time – we played as the 4th for my Grandmother, stirring the soup when dumby. I remember 1 hand statistics be dammed, ’89, of 10 face cards and no Spades – I tried to play it in No trump and missed the slam by this much ( My grandmother had a spade and the 9 of hearts left to my 8 of hearts and 8 of clubs, I lead the wrong 8.

  • JustABum writes:
    April 22nd, 20178:29 amat

    Shoe with cleats dropping are loud.

    The soft spoken Coach Dantonio was praised for dismissing Robertson. His wisdom in accepting the LOI from Roberston was questioned, and that FLA DE arrested for stealing his girlfriend’s dad’s gun makes me wonder if the trend of second chance offers will stop until this locker room is purged.

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