Football: 2016 Michigan State Award Winners
December 12th, 2016 by USMC Retired

Just thought I’d try out my new training wheels (comments on any of these – Not sure what the Captains Awards are, but Cox should have never gotten anything and had that title rescinded)

2016 Michigan State Award Winners
Governor’s Award (Most Valuable Player): WR R.J. Shelton
Downtown Coaches Club Award – Outstanding Senior Offense: WR R.J. Shelton
Downtown Coaches Club Award – Outstanding Senior Defense: LB Riley Bullough
Downtown Coaches Club Award – Outstanding Senior Special Teams: PK Michael Geiger
Biggie Munn Award (Most Inspirational): QB Tyler O’Connor (offense), LB Riley Bullough (defense)
MSU Football Players Association Community Service Award: TE Josiah Price
President’s Award (Senior Lineman/Senior Back Perseverance): OL Kodi Kieler (offense), DE Evan Jones (defense)
Up Front Award (Outstanding Lineman): OG Brian Allen (offense), LB Chris Frey (defense)
Clarence Underwood Sportsmanship Award: OL Benny McGowan
Outstanding Underclass Lineman: OT Cole Chewins (offense), DT Mike Panasiuk (defense)
Outstanding Underclass Back: RB LJ Scott (offense), S Montae Nicholson (defense)
Jim Adams Award (Unsung Heroes): RB Prescott Line (offense), DT Kevin Williams (defense)
Tommy Love Award (Most Improved): RB Gerald Holmes (offense), DT Raequan Williams (defense)
Danziger Award (Outstanding Detroit Area Player): WR Donnie Corley
Iron Man Award (Strength and Conditioning): LB Riley Bullough
Potsy Ross Award (Scholar-Athlete): QB Tyler O’Connor, WR Edward Barksdale III
Doug Weaver Oil Can (Team Humorist): LB Riley Bullough
Captains Award: LB Riley Bullough, S Demetrious Cox, QB Tyler O’Connor

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  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 12th, 20169:21 amat

    JustABum posted on the previous thread just as I was putting this up:

    Back to Malik McDowell.

    The MSU banquet took place last evening and to no surprise the MSU superstar received NO awards by his coaching staff and teammates. The highest ranked recruit in the Dantonio era entered MSU in the least glamorous manner and is leaving as he entered.

    I certainly agree with your sentiment

    • JustABum writes:
      December 12th, 201611:22 amat

      What’s not noted in the awards Detnew’s banquet article makes the RIP 2016 post so appropriate.

      I am not trying to kick a dead horse but there are some telling omissions and statements about the Awards banquet in all the media articles. Heck, Solari & Grouch didn’t even write an article about the Banquet yet. Live states the 2016 Banquet was closed to public for the first time since Dantonio came to MSU. Columnist don’t say much about the event, so who knows if Malik even attended. The Mlive article link below had a few comments that were not complimentary of Malik. They may hold water or just the ole innuendo and “heard a rumour” about Malik’s attitude that may have lead to Enoch Smith’s and C. Peat’s departure.

      Could 2016 have been a season of dissension?

      • USMC Retired writes:
        December 12th, 201612:21 pmat

        Reminds me there was that basketball season of great promise that slowly melted away in POISON of girlfriends and dope

        There was no rumor to #4’s play on the field which was spotty at best and more phoned in than even that kid from USC – I would be very surprised if he goes on day 1 of the draft – unlike the NBA, the NFL doesn’t draft on potential until the 5th or so rounds

        you add to that the drunk Cox and it’s just not a locker room conducive to folks either staying – to your point, JAB – or growing as footballers.

        • JustABum writes:
          December 12th, 20161:14 pmat

          MSU’s D was a mess for most of 2016 … on and off the field.

          The best example is Cox’s binging two days before a game. Still sharing an award after being suspended for violating team rules rouses ones curiosity. WTH is going on? Sure it may be best to move on and forget about 2016. However Coach D’s concluding presser about the season focused on a thorough review of the program, from coaches work to whom the recruit and who they are while at MSU on and off the field. How much more will come to light?

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        December 12th, 20163:18 pmat

        I didn’t, and typically don’t, get much out of the dirty laundry provided by the comment section of most news outlets, MLive included. There was so much gulo and Spartan shots that I didn’t even get to the comments you’re referencing.

        Malik’s gone folks: I don’t see much coming from kicking him out the door with further evidence. I was glad he came, saw some stints of brilliance, saw some stints of laziness. Remember, despite all of mom’s antics, he chose MSU (and MSU chose him). If he indeed was a distraction then I would be the first to suggest he move forward into the NFL. I can’t conclude that from off-hand comments in Mlive.

        • JustABum writes:
          December 13th, 20167:49 amat

          I agree to bid Malik a sincere best of luck wish and look forward to a more entertaining 2017. The award winners above should be applauded. For me, the Up Front and Outstanding Underclassmen Award winners stand out; Chris Frey, Cole Chewins and Mike Panasuik offer a ray of hope of the coming year.

          My reference to another blog comments about off field drama simply illuminated some possible NEW to me off-field issue explaining 2016 and Coach D’s concluding presser re things need to be avoided in the future.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    December 12th, 20161:08 pmat

    i wish malik would have listened to his mommy and gone to SCum. it was a soap opera from start to finish.

    • GoSt8Go writes:
      December 12th, 20163:22 pmat

      I don’t recall a soap opera. What are you referring to?

      • GoSt8Go writes:
        December 12th, 20163:23 pmat

        outside of the original commit drama that is.

        • USMC Retired writes:
          December 12th, 20169:05 pmat

          I think that’s his preference

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    December 13th, 20167:53 amat

    A 3-9 season isn’t conducive to awards in general so I’m giving Coach D and the program a pass and applaud closing it to media.

    There were obviously some big issues that were kept in house (as it should be quite frankly) and most likely a perfect s#!+ storm that was a cancer on the unity, focus and belief in the program’s integrity that affected players AND coaches as the season wore on.

    To me the expulsion of Evans and Sweat were an ominous omen for the upcoming season, not just because the damage it caused the D-line, but one has to wonder about how their issues were missed during recruitment. Don’t know why those two didn’t get their act together with such a great opportunity because getting booted from an elite program after the 2015 season couldn’t be in their best interest. I mean, where they are now is a long and hard road to the NFL: Arizona Western College (Evans) and Co-LinCC to Mississippi State for 2017 season (Sweat).

  • Ben Green writes:
    December 13th, 20169:39 amat

    I agree a 3-9 season isn’t conducive to awards. The awards seem like recognition for failure.

  • ATLSpartan writes:
    December 13th, 20164:19 pmat

    I remain as stunned by the 3-9 season as the Hillary supporters who are still in disbelief. The whole season (other than the scUM and OSU games) looked like a team I did not recognize. At this point it is all about next year and a return to Dantonio Coached, tough, hard-nosed MSU football.

    • Ben Green writes:
      December 13th, 20164:33 pmat

      Yes, that sums it up very well.

    • GoSt8Go writes:
      December 13th, 201610:13 pmat


    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 14th, 20168:07 amat


  • Ben Green writes:
    December 13th, 20164:27 pmat

    Ouch! I knew it was bad, but the Spartans are shooting a woeful 61.4% from the free-throw line, last in the Big Ten. Free-throw shooting is just one of the shortcomings on this depleted team. Shooting significantly better from the line could be, (should be!), helping them weather the storm of injuries. No excuse for not taking advantage of points free for the taking.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 13th, 20166:23 pmat

    Detroit signs a steroid user from KC’s staff: a lefty reliever

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 14th, 20168:35 amat

    Minnie are just not having a good day: 10 suspended for something that happened on 9/2/16 by a University ethics board

    This certainly has a Duke Lacrosse flavor to it with the ethics board serving in the County Prosecutors stead.

  • JustABum writes:
    December 14th, 201612:33 pmat
    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 14th, 20163:32 pmat

      Just not sure this is a true statement:

      Chicago could have particular appeal to Cousins because he is from the area.

      To me that’s NOT TRUE even a little bit

      • JustABum writes:
        December 14th, 20166:27 pmat

        What’s not true? If you read the article the writer reasons Cousin will stand to make a lot of coin, guaranteed, where ever he plays in 2017 or 2018. Chicago is mentioned along with Cleveland along with Washington in the possible scenarios. SMH

        • USMC Retired writes:
          December 15th, 20165:02 amat

          Holland being in the Same Area as Chicago. I know if I were from Holland, I’d be insulted to be included in the area with THAT sewer

    • JerseyJohn writes:
      December 14th, 20166:00 pmat

      I hope he gets all of the moohla and I hope he wins a super bowl. although I am a packer fan, captain kirk is by far my favorite player in the NFL.

  • ATLSpartan writes:
    December 14th, 20161:00 pmat

    Just reading all of the articles about the increased roles of Aherns and VanDyke is heartbreaking. With Bridges, Izzo could have worked his wonders and made a Final Four run with just a little front court help. It’s just a bummer that Carter and Schilling BOTH went down with season ending injuries. You know Bridges is one-and-done, but Izzo could have parlayed Bridges’ talent to replicate what Jim Boheim did with Carmelo Anthony as a freshman.

    • 79 Spartan writes:
      December 14th, 20164:13 pmat

      ATL – welcome to my world. I’ve been there since they went down. Knew this year would be really tough without a single 5 player.

      Knew Izzo took a high risk chance with Carter since his knee issue at UNLV ended his senior season. Didn’t know Schilling would end up on the DL with a slime chance for a late season return.

      As I’ve said repeatedly; we’ll need to hit our outside jumpers and Free Throws if we’re gonna have a CHANCE to even win. It’s gonna be a season where we will need to get the guards to make high screen and rolls to drive and either get fouled or dish for open looks. I’d like to see Eron Harris picking and popping and McQ coming off double screens for open Js. The guards will need to dribble drive to the elbow and stop and pop because driving to the cup without a 5 to lure their bigs outta the paint will make it a challenge to even get to the rim. We need to run in transition even after made baskets! The quicker we get the ball up the court, the better the chance we’ll have to get an open look before they can set their defense. Finally, taking care of the ball and limiting TOs will be a big help, since with the exception of when Ward is in the game, our shot selection won’t be as high a percentage as his baby hooks, put-backs, tips, and layups in the paint.

      • ATLSpartan writes:
        December 14th, 20169:16 pmat

        I thought the same thing and then the reality of how Izzo coaches to a half court game when the B1G season starts and into the NCAA.

        I’m not sure how Izzo pulls this off. We need some size from somewhere.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        December 15th, 20165:05 amat

        Seems to me Rupp’s Runts won it all back in the day, has basketball changed so much?

        • 79 Spartan writes:
          December 15th, 20166:29 amat

          Yes. Yes, it has.

  • Ben Green writes:
    December 15th, 20164:58 pmat

    Out spoken, brutally blunt, MSU grad Mike Valente on 97.1fm ripped Dantonio’s statements made during his season ending news conference. Valente said it looks like Dantonio is planning to retire in very few years and is not willing to shake the program up to evolve. He’s calling the end to the era of Spartan football excellence. He said having co-coordinators is like have no coordinator at all. He said some of the MSU coordinators are just not good. Paying $400,000 for a D or O coordinator pays for trash. Good coordinators make twice as much. He said some of the MSU coordinators are known to not be good recruiters. He mentioned Saban bringing in Kiffin at a high cost to update his offense as effective, forward looking coaching.

    While I don’t agree with the extent of his sentiment, I do agree with some of Valente’s contentions.

    Dantonio: “There will be no changes made on my behalf on our staff.”

    What about to their responsibilities and duties?

    “No, there will be no changes in terms of who’s coaching what.”

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      December 15th, 20165:12 pmat

      I have not reviewed the Dantonio presser yet, but here is the transcript:

      Ohio State has had two OCs and two DCs in recent years (and will have them unless Warriner and/or Fickell leaves before the Playoffs). But to paraphrase and expand upon another Suspect’s observation, a trending paradigm that works in one organization might be counterproductive for MSU football.

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    December 15th, 20165:02 pmat

    A USMCR Post! Hooray! Looking forward to more — and this time, USMC, do not let superstition over a Post followed by an MSU loss keep you from Posting afterward.

    Most of the Awards make sense to me. My guess is that the Captains Award is inviolable from the time the season’s Captains are certified unless a Captain is dismissed from or factually (as distinguished from metaphorically) leaves the team. On the field, he was an average DB overall* by MSU 2016’s low standards; that that is the best one can say of any senior captain aligns, sadly, with 2016’s results.

    *(The team named Cox “The One” — effectively, the Player of the Game — for the RU game. That Saturday, he helped to put the game out of reach with an early pick-six and lead the entire D in Production Points.)

    I plan to say more about MSU’s offense (and defense) on a later date; for now: The choice of O’Connor as “Most Inspirational” is a little surprising (especially given the scorn many Spartan fans have for his play). And Holmes as “Most Improved” implies to me that no one on O improved a great deal; he was a solid choice (although not necessarily the best choice) for tailback in both 2015 and 2016.

    Barksdale was a game captain at Illinois. I was baffled by the choice at the time; perhaps respect for his scholarly work won him the role for that week.

    That a linebacker won as “Outstanding [defensive] Lineman” seems wrong to me. If that award could not go to McDowell (and it probably would have if game play were the only consideration), I think it should then have gone to another D-lineman (e.g., Raequan Williams) — even if the D-line was almost as bad as the secondary this year.

    I think McDowell does not deserve all of the condemnation he has received. and Sports Illustrated just named him a second-team All-American. He was the only Spartan to make the first two All-B1G teams chosen two weeks ago — despite effectively missing four games. I cannot agree with the implication that he was MSU’s best player; I think that Shelton and Brian Allen deserve the top two spots. But it is notable that McDowell and R. Bullough were both second-team ABT last year. They missed the same amount of time this year — but only Bullough dropped to third-team this year.

    I would have to look more closely at how MSU performed with and without McDowell, but my hunch is that [1] MSU might not have beaten Notre Dame without him; and [2] MSU would have had a better chance of beating OSU with him.

    In an interview some weeks ago, Panusiak let slip that McDowell was not returning in 2017. In that comment, he implied that R. Bullough and McDowell would be the biggest losses to the defense. There is some supporting evidence for that: Among departing players, they accumulated the most defensive Production Points per game. Also: On a per-game basis, Bullough and McDowell were the top two in overall disruptive plays; passer disruption; and non-QB tackles for loss. (McDowell [7] and Bullough [6.5] led MSU in TFLs despite missing) Yes, to assess everyone properly with these stats, I would reckon them on a per-snap basis — requiring information I do not have. Nor am I going to go though every game and compare how players did in starting roles (which also might not reflect number of downs played per game). Still: McDowell was double-teamed the majority of the time, and no other Spartans were double-teamed more than sparingly. That means other Spartans should have made tons of plays behind the line of scrimmage. That did not happen.

    Terms: Passer disruption is the sum of sacks and QB hurries. Disruptive plays include those plus other TFLs; interceptions; passes broken up; and fumbles forced. I do not know how MSU attributes Production Points.

    The appearance that McDowell was not regarded well by minors that did not pick up the readily-available slack that McDowell usually provided when he was on the field does not impress me. The contempt for McDowell voiced by those that have spent little to no time being double-teamed by guys that are both bigger than you and have the drop on you (by knowing the snap count) does not impress me, either. The apparent consensus that MSU’s D-line will be better without McDowell does not seem consensus-worthy to me. We will never be able to know that for sure: An improvement in 2017 might have become even more of an improvement with McDowell back — and vice versa. But I am comfortable in predicting that Members who expect MSU to have a Top Ten D-line next fall are going to be disappointed.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      December 15th, 20167:07 pmat

      I will say this about Cox again, what he did on the night before his last football game is inexcusable as an athlete of any flavor. All the game ball for the win at an awful Rutgers is ENABLE this young man going forward – my prediction is a short professional life highlighted by many run-ins with the law, be it Police or team. Worse of all, he was probably doing these kinds of things the entire season with the underclassmen. This locker room was poisoned by #4 and the CAPTAINS – all of them – let him do it.

      AS far as the child ripping Coach Dantonio – somebody quickly tell me how many games he EVER played? The correct answer is NONE. He is a 30+ year old failure of a journalism major trying to get his name on the grapevine by being anti – Dantonio behind the #BlueWall. On a scale of 1-10 his credibility is -1. And yes I’d be glad to say that to his face. Child reminds of Cracker, FCOL.

      • JerseyJohn writes:
        December 16th, 201611:33 amat

        there is no need to add to this statement because it couldn’t have been more well stated.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 16th, 20167:21 amat
  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 16th, 20163:21 pmat

    Gotta luv the ad on the P for the MNF between Carolina and ‘Skins, Pics/flics of Capt Kirk with the background of the song that features ‘How do ya like me now”

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 17th, 20162:45 pmat

    Nice to see Teddy Butt’s crew call’s games just as unevenly away from the Res. People getting knocked all over the place in the UCLA/Acorn game and then they whistle a touch foul. SMH and they should be ashamed

  • USMC Retired writes:
    December 17th, 20165:42 pmat

    Jelly just beat the Cement Stilletos because neither could play defense and Jelly made more 3’s. Joke is on Roy’s Boy Toys, 103-100
    Freshman from Jelly put up 47

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