Cubs or Tribe? Western Michigan New Years Six?
November 1st, 2016 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Three questions for Membership!

Will the Chicago Cubs take game six or are the  Cleveland Indians going to celebrate a World Series Title?

Will the Broncos of Western Michigan run the table and represent the state of Michigan in a New Years Day Six Bowl?

What would be the worst thing revealed by a hacking of TUS Foundation emails?

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  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 1st, 20166:11 pmat

    1) Tribe all the way

    2) YES

    3) Investment by Foreign Governments, latent favoring/following of Arrogant Arbor in any sport, or blatant lack of sleep

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    November 1st, 20166:19 pmat

    1. I like both the Cubs and the Indians. My heart is with the Cubs, my head says the Tribe.
    2. Broncos run the table!
    3. IBelieve does not, Eyeore is a closet enthusiast, NFR is a vegetarian, USMC(retired) has never played a round of golf, GoSt8Go uses Epson inks, BostonSpartan resides in Manhattan, ATLSpartan’s Janice is the voice of Siri, 89Chemistry dislikes detail, MSU Beachwalker does not like sand or saltwater, GhostofBiggie is afraid of the dark, Trophy is allergic to Gantt Charts and project timelines, MayoSpartan is Hungarian, JerseyJohn has a condominium he shares with PennState alumni, 79 has his daughter (who many at TUS know for a fact is actually the real sports fan) type all his posts and comments and he does not follow sports and does not know anything about IT. LeeBee and Ben are all about anarchy. TUS Executive Leadership is clean as the driven snow!

    • LeeBee writes:
      November 2nd, 20165:40 pmat

      As Cleand as Snow driven upon by a team of Clydesdales, that is. What I would like to see.
      1. tOSU beats scUM
      2. Wiscy wins out and beats tOSU
      3. LSU beats TA&M
      4. Auburn wins out and beats FLA in the SEC title game.
      TADAAA! two two loss teams in the national championship playoffs with griping, cursing, wailing, gnashing of teeth unheard of since the candidates for POTUS were unveiled.

      Yes, you found me ought. I am an anarchist.

      • USMC Retired writes:
        November 2nd, 20167:12 pmat

        Not sure that last statement was ever in doubt by some of us.

        Michigan State defeats Saginaw Valley State, 87-77, to close out the exhibition season. Freshmen Miles Bridges and Cassius Winston led the way for MSU with 20 and 18 points, respectively

  • Kindle writes:
    November 1st, 20167:44 pmat

    1) I want the Cubs to win but suspect they will not.

    2) No. I see 3 games they might well lose.

    3) Linda and Kyle both put in friend requests to Jim Harbaugh on Facebook.
    I Believe’s Sugar Cane Syrup is infused with Templeton Rye.
    The Baseball Expert knows more about soccer than any other sport.
    89 Chemistry uses a thesaurus.
    USMCRetired uses a slide rule in favor of a calculator.
    Jeff’s failure to pay the monthly fee to WordPress for October caused last week’s TUS shutdown.

    • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
      November 1st, 20167:52 pmat

      Those are good.

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    November 1st, 20168:32 pmat

    While the Cubs throttle the Tribe 7-2 into the 6th. I hit the Pause button as Fox fills time with celebrity shots and worthless anecdotes from Joe Buck…and re-watch Northwood @ MSU. Instant conclusion:

    MSU is a Top 25 team but not elite in regular season. Who knows in post-season.

    TumTum: do not believe the hype – he still cannot shoot and will not drive in the B1G games.
    E Harris: No different than last year. He is what he is. Not really an MSU type guy. No sense of team basketball.
    A. Ellis: Matured physically, but is still the same streakiness on court.
    E. Goins: Valuable, but still limited on O.
    K. Ahrens: Will grow into serviceable role-player but not much this year.
    M. McQuaid: Gutsy, but do not be surprised by sophomore slump.
    N. Ward: Great footwork, soft-hands, good touch and great positioning. He has lost 23-pounds. NW is a MSU and Izzo kind of guy.
    C. Winston: I can see him running the show. Needs time and patience.
    M. Bridges: Hmm… think he is good now? Wait ’til he loses the baby fat.
    M. Van Dyk: Got his scholarship. Smart and can jump out of the gym. Like him.
    G. Roy: Walk on and I love that he earned his spot. This is what is fun about college bball and TI.
    C. George: Yes, there is insider stuff, but he has beefed up.
    J. Langford: injured – should play in exhibition game #2
    G. Schilling: injured surgery – this is a big loss as no return date established.
    B. Carter: injured surgery – although a grad-transfer he is an MSU kind of guy. Big loss as no return date established.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      November 2nd, 201611:40 amat

      So what I hear you saying is that Winston will end up getting the majority of the time at PG and this team will go as far as the Frosh can take them.

  • Jeffrey Lubeck writes:
    November 1st, 20169:49 pmat

    Cubs force a game seven (7).

  • I Believe writes:
    November 2nd, 20165:51 amat

    Deyonta Davis scored 17 for the Memphis Grizzlies last night (7-for-8, six rebounds, two blocks). That’s more than he scored in any game last year for Tom Izzo and the Spartans. A 7-footer who couldn’t do “shucks” for Izzo? 🙂

    As for TUS Foundation Emails …
    -That Kindle is really Jimmy Hoffa, and the NFR was / is his hideout.
    -That GoSt8Go rarely watches all 60 (or 40) minutes of a game.
    -That MESH is really a front for witness protection.
    -That Jeff is afraid of heights, and that all of the pictures in MESH were taken by Linda.
    -That Andary has won a number of humanitarian and nice-guy awards (and carried Jeff in junior hockey and academically at Michigan State).
    -That Jeff has never run more than 2 miles at one time.
    -That Siri is really AtlSpartan’s voice, not Janice’s.
    -That USMC purposely misspells words just to test our attention to detail.
    -That USMC and Meg Ryan were an item on the set of Top Gun.
    -That USMC is really a Russian operative named Yuri.
    -That Trophy is a covert agent for the CIA.
    -That GoB sits in a luxury suite in Spartan Stadium.
    -That 79Spartan is a cattle rancher and Godfather over the Omaha slaughterhouses.
    -That 89Chem still uses a slide rule, given to him by USMC.
    -That Dr. Muffin didn’t shoot the bear hanging over his fireplace, but rather wrestled it to the ground and took it with his bare hands.
    -That BostonSpartan has no secrets … she is genuinely the sweet, kind, generous, intelligent person we know her to be.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      November 2nd, 201611:38 amat

      That USMC is really a Russian operative named Yuri. – I can only think that you only saw part of an email where I was discussing an arial altercation I had with Yuri Toon. it was like kissing your sister – a draw

      That USMC and Meg Ryan were an item on the set of Top Gun – Actually it was Kelly, who then switched sides

      That USMC purposely misspells words just to test our attention to detail. – ya figured that out dog ya?

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    November 2nd, 20169:56 amat

    This just in, Per Matt Charbonneau at the sNews:

    “Our plans are not to take the redshirt off Messiah deWeaver,” Dantonio said. “You never know what’s going to happen. As I said earlier, Colar Kuhns is a non-scholarship guy, but he’s been in our system and knows our system. There’s a possibility of him as well. We’ll see how it all shakes out based on practice this week.”

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 2nd, 201611:27 amat

    Here’s the discussion by some players and Coach Dantonio about the up coming Triple Sticks game:

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 2nd, 20161:42 pmat

    Seems we’ve flipped back to the older on the bottom – newest on the top

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 2nd, 20162:00 pmat

    Kluber has a 0.83 WHIP and ERA in his games against the Cubbies.

    The Tribe ran Hendricks, the Cubs starter tonight, out in 4.3 innings during their lose of game 3

  • 89 Chemistry writes:
    November 2nd, 20163:23 pmat

    MBB plays one of the best D-II teams in the country in two hours [BTN Plus]:

    As for Jeff’s questions:
    I expected a Game Seven — which Cleveland should win.
    WMU will represent the G5 in a New Year’s Six bowl — but not in the FBS Semifinals.
    The worst thing revealed by TUS emails? Probably our plans for changing that “Touchdown” Jesus mural in South Bend to suggest “incomplete pass”.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      November 2nd, 20164:00 pmat

      or a bad pass interference call by a bozo ref

      • 89 Chemistry writes:
        November 2nd, 20164:02 pmat

        No; we want Jesus shown getting the call right.

    • 89 Chemistry writes:
      November 2nd, 20164:00 pmat

      That last, I hope, is not taken as a swipe at Christianity — but rather at Notre Dame’s apparent sin of Pride.

  • Ben Green writes:
    November 2nd, 20165:36 pmat

    1. Answering this for game 7.
    Corey Kluber is 2-0 in the World Series against the Cubs but pitching on 3 days rest. Kyle Hendricks led the NL in ERA (2.05). The starting matchup is intriguing. I think it was a mistake for the Cubs to use closer Aroldis Chapman in game 6 last night after he pitched extensively in game 5. IMO the edge is with Cleveland to win game 7 and take the Series with home field advantage and a rested bullpen.

    2. Broncos may have a tussle with Toledo and in the MAC Championship game but will run the table.

    3. TUS Executive Leadership is NOT clean as the driven snow. 🙂

    • Kindle writes:
      November 2nd, 20166:02 pmat

      Agreed on #3.
      Many the time I have driven snow from one venue to another. Nothing pure about it, whether in Michigan or Idaho.

  • JerseyJohn writes:
    November 2nd, 20165:59 pmat

    greedy monster jim delany is at it again. Friday night football begins next year and there will now be 18 night games a season, up from the current 6. he is a despicable human being. i’m sure the high school coaches and fans will love this.

    • Kindle writes:
      November 2nd, 20166:16 pmat

      That will surely make it hard for recruits to visit Big Ten universities when they have a Friday night game.

  • Kindle writes:
    November 2nd, 20166:16 pmat

    Chris Solari ‏@chrissolari 14m14 minutes ago

    HALFTIME: MSU 42, Saginaw Valley State 28. Spartans shooting 52%; Cardinals 31%.

  • Kindle writes:
    November 2nd, 20166:22 pmat

    Chris Solari ‏@chrissolari 3m3 minutes ago
    Winston, Harris, Bridges, Goins and Ward to start the second half for MSU.

    NorthForkRancher predicts that 4 freshmen will start before February, if not sooner.

  • Kindle writes:
    November 2nd, 20166:36 pmat

    Chris Solari ‏@chrissolari 2m2 minutes ago

    35 fouls (including a bench tech)…12:56 still to play in this exhibition game.

    Note–the TI was on SVSU

    • Kindle writes:
      November 2nd, 20166:38 pmat

      Chris Solari ‏@chrissolari 2m2 minutes ago

      MSU in the bonus with 12:01 left in 2nd half. 36 fouls and counting.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 2nd, 20166:57 pmat

    I see that folks are following the ‘game’ by the twerking:

    • USMC Retired writes:
      November 2nd, 20167:12 pmat

      Michigan State defeats Saginaw Valley State, 87-77, to close out the exhibition season. Freshmen Miles Bridges and Cassius Winston led the way for MSU with 20 and 18 points, respectively

      • Kindle writes:
        November 2nd, 20167:55 pmat


  • Kindle writes:
    November 2nd, 20167:32 pmat

    For those who may have wished Francona was the Tiger manager…..He had Miller warmed in the bullpen but still allowed Kluber to come back out to start the top of the 5th inning down 3-1 to the Cubs in game 7 of the WS.
    A Brad Ausmus-like non-move for sure….presto Diaz hits a lead-off home run and the Cubs (my new team) is up 4-1.

    • USMC Retired writes:
      November 2nd, 20168:07 pmat

      As there is no time limit to baseball games and these on Fox have been going on for 4 hours or more and I have a tee time on Palm Coast in the morning – I calling it for the Cubs. Next year they’ll be back to the cuddly losers they have been for the last 100+ years. WATER does seek it’s own level

  • Kindle writes:
    November 2nd, 20169:40 pmat

    Game tied 6-6 to begin the 9th inning after Rajai Davis’ 2 run homer in the 8th tied the game.

    • Kindle writes:
      November 2nd, 20169:44 pmat

      Cubs get Hayward to 3rd but do not score. On to the bottom of the ninth.
      Can the tribe win it? Extra innings? We must wait.

    • Kindle writes:
      November 2nd, 20169:47 pmat

      Davis’ homer was off Cubs closer Chapman.
      Chapman is out to pitch the bottom of the 9th for the Cubs.

    • Kindle writes:
      November 2nd, 20169:54 pmat

      NO WAIT!! Raining! Tarp on field. Joe Buck never misses a beat and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks.
      Please make it rain in the booth. Just once. Oh but for a dog shock collar on Joe’s neck……

      • USMC Retired writes:
        November 3rd, 20165:39 amat

        Buck is why this was the worst series on TV, ever. Muting it, but then that loses half the sensory input.

  • 79 Spartan writes:
    November 2nd, 201611:45 pmat

    Cubs win it 8-7 in 10 innings.

    • Kindle writes:
      November 3rd, 201612:17 amat


  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 3rd, 20165:59 amat

    Field Hockey Tourney is on all day today, so replay of the Basketball game is @2030 on BTN (that’s if you can drag yourself away from another sterling Thursday Night NFL game)

  • Ben Green writes:
    November 3rd, 201611:39 amat

    Epic game 7! It was the cherry on top of the intriguing match-up of teams with a combined 176 years without a title. Well worth watching until the last out. Starter pulled prematurely. 3 run lead extinguished by a 3 run homer in the 8th inning given up by an exhausted closer. Extra innings. Rain delay. Bullpen that had not trusted needed to close it out. And much more. It wasn’t pretty. But it was epic.

    • Ben Green writes:
      November 3rd, 20162:09 pmat

      Game 7 of the World Series had a 25.2 overnight rating; 25.2 percent of all televisions in the U.S. More than 40 million people tuned in which makes it the most watched baseball game in the past 25 years.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 3rd, 20164:12 pmat

    Field Hockey lost to #10 Paris 2-1 in 2OT’s in the B1G Tourney, finishing 8-12

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 3rd, 20168:04 pmat

    Not having seen Langford during this exhibition season, one has to hope that A) he’s healing and B) he’ll make more shotsand defend bette than Harris

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 3rd, 20169:09 pmat

    Wanna know why the Raiders could have 8 thousand penalties last Sunday and still beat Tampa Bay? Bucks are TERRIBLE!

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 4th, 201612:46 pmat

    Once again the B1G is putting the cart before the horse: Punishment instead of prevention

    ROSEMONT, Ill. – The Big Ten has taken several steps to further clarify and enhance the replay process for plays involving potential health and safety concerns, as follows:

    In cases where a player is incapacitated due to a potential injury resulting from a hit to the head or neck area, the game will be stopped in order to provide the Replay Official with more time to ascertain the legality of the play. While all plays are reviewed in the Big Ten, this stoppage indicates to those watching the game that a formal review process is taking place.
    The Independent Medical Spotter, who is positioned in the replay booth for the second consecutive season, will continue to collaborate with the Replay Official in situations where the Spotter has clear, reasonable visual evidence that a player displays obvious signs of possible head injury, disorientation or is clearly unstable.
    (YUP some guy/gal watching on TV not looking in the kids eyes is really going to KNOW what’s going on – this is criminal neglect)

    In situations where it becomes apparent that the player will remain in the game and the signs have not been recognized by medical personnel or the on-field officials, the Spotter has the authority to alert the Replay Official that the game should be stopped for a medical timeout.
    The Replay Official will continue to have the ability, and responsibility, to independently review potential targeting plays that are “clear and obvious” and not seen, or called, on the field. Targeting occurs when a player takes aim at an opponent for purposes of attacking, whether the crown of the helmet is used to make forcible contact, or whether there is forcible contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent that goes beyond making a legal tackle, a legal block, or playing the ball.

    This last part of the statement is absolutely CYA:
    Protecting the health and safety of our students competing in intercollegiate athletics will continue to be the highest priority for the Big Ten and its member institutions.

    Once again Delooonie proves he is all about the $$$ and not about the students

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 4th, 20167:01 pmat

    High points(?) for tomorrows game on esPnNEWS @Noon

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 5th, 20164:16 amat

    Mason Appleton’s power-play goal 1:22 into overtime pushed the Spartan hockey team past Michigan Tech, 3-2, at Munn Ice Arena on Friday night.

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 5th, 201610:04 amat

    And #4 hurts himself again – SMH

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 5th, 201610:25 amat

    Class act by Lovey and Triple Sticks (autographed by entire team)

  • USMC Retired writes:
    November 5th, 201610:28 amat

    Warner has reverted to form – he just has NO clue what he’s doing

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