Spartans v. Bisons – Game Thread
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Mar 15th, 2018 by Ben Green


8 teams have already played in the First Four games:

16-Radford Highlanders (23-12) 71
16-LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds (18-17) 61

11-St. Bonaventure Bonnies (26-7) 65
11-UCLA Bruins (21-12) 58

And…so much for the PAC12 third place (tied) “blueblood” Bruins. Courtney Stockard returned from an injury and scored 26 points, and Jaylen Adams made a jumper and three free throws in the final minute Tuesday night, rallying the Bonnies to a 65-58 victory over UCLA and its first NCAA Tournament win since 1970.

16-Texas Southern Tigers (16-19) 64
16- North Carolina Central Eagles (19-16) 46

11-Syracuse Orange (21-13) 60
11-Arizona State Sun Devils (20-12) 56

Lots of people wondered if the Sun Devils, losers of five of their last six, should even be in the field. This was their chance to answer. The highest scoring offense in the Pac-12 – Arizona State put up 83.5 points a game – met the Syracuse zone, with barely 72 hours to prepare for it.

This, from LeeBee:

Our brackets are posted to the net with care. Try to spend the day without stress, success in the bracket is not that critical. As an exercise, sit back, turn the volume down. Inhale deeply and with each inhale, slowly subvocalize “In Izzo”. With each exhale, slowly subvocalize “I Trust”. Repeat as needed and get some rest for Friday’s game.

Probably the biggest games as far as TUS Brackets are concerned are: Oklahoma v Rhode Island, Loyola v Miami, NC State v Seton Hall. Just a guess that getting these three correct will go a long way towards winning the coveted TUS Cup.


(10) Oklahoma Sooners vs. (7) Rhode Island Rams, 12:15 (CBS)
(14) Wright State Raiders vs. (3) Tennessee Volunteers, 12:40 (TRU)
(13 UNC-Greensboro Spartans vs. (4) Gonzaga Bulldogs, 1:30 (TNT)
(16) Penn Quakers vs. (1) Kansas Jayhawks, 2:00 (TBS)
(15) Iona Gaels vs. (2) Duke Blue Devils, 2:45 (CBS)
(11) Loyola-Chicago Ramblers vs. (6) Miami Hurricanes, 3:10 (TRU)
(12) South Dakota State Jackrabbits vs. (5) Ohio State Buckeyes, 4:00 (TNT)
(9) N.C. State Wolfpack vs. (8) Seton Hall Pirates, 4:30 (TBS)
(16) Radford Highlanders vs. (1) Villanova Wildcats, 6:50 (TNT)
(12) Davidson Wildcats vs. (5) Kentucky Wildcats, 7:10 (CBS)
(11) San Diego State Aztecs vs. (6) Houston Cougars, 7:20 (TBS)
(14) Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks vs. (3) Texas Tech Red Raiders, 7:27 (TRU)
(9) Alabama Crimson Tide vs. (8) Virginia Tech Hokies, 9:20 (TNT)
(13) Buffalo Bulls vs. (4) Arizona Wildcats, 9:40 (CBS)
(14) Montana Grizzlies vs. (3) Michigan Skunkbears, 9:50 (TBS)
(11) St. Bonaventure Bonnies vs. (6) Florida Gators, 9:57 (TRU)

Upsets you THINK will happen?

Upsets you HOPE will happen?

Upsets you WISH would happen but probably will not?

Finally, from LeeBee:
“One more thought, with apologies to good writers”:

It was the day of the tourney,
and all through the land,
Players, Coaches, mascot and band.
were pumped, energetic and live,
though only half would survive.

While glued to our sets are people like us,
the bunch of old Spartans called T.U.S.
Holding brackets we filled like scholars,
Bricks at the ready, we groan and we holler.

When in the Motor City there is a Green Glow,
It’s a band of our Spartans led by Izzo!
With four Sophs and a Frosh. the score board will light
and the home crowd will scream Go Green and Go White!

And so, the journey to the Final Four begins…

Good luck with your TUS brackets, gentlemen!


What Team Do the People Who Cover College Basketball For a Living Pick as National Champion?
Mar 13th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Below are the predictions of 43 people who are paid to cover college basketball for three major media outlets.

And who do they pick to be National Champion?

The Count: Michigan State 12, Virginia 11, Villinova 9, Duke 5, Arizona 2, Purdue 2, Kansas 1, North Carolina 1


ESPN Staff Final Four & National Champion

Andrea Adelson Virginia, Villanova, Duke, Michigan
Edward Aschoff Michigan State, Arizona, Villanova, Michigan
Paul Biancardi Virginia, Purdue, Michigan State, Gonzaga
Kyle Bonagura Virginia, Michigan, Purdue, Duke
Jay Bilas Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State
Jeff Borzello Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Duke
Jimmy Dykes Virginia, Michigan State, Gonzaga, Villanova
LaPhonso Ellis Virginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State
Sean Farnham Arizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, Duke
Adam Finkelstein Arizona, Xavier, Purdue, Michigan State
Fran Fraschilla Villanova, Xavier, Michigan State, Arizona
John Gasaway Virginia, Villanova, Gonzaga, Duke
Dino Gaudio Arizona, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State
Jeff Goodman Arizona, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas
Seth Greenberg Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State
Robbie Hummel Purdue, Virginia, Gonzaga, Michigan State
Joe Lunardi Virginia, Michigan State, West Virginia, Gonzaga
Ryan McGee Virginia, Villanova, Gonzaga, Michigan State
Myron Medcalf Arizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State
Dan Murphy Arizona, Xavier, Villanova, Michigan State
Adam Rittenberg Virginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
Alex Scarborough Kentucky, Villanova, Michigan State, North Carolina
Mark Schlabach Virginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
Mitch Sherman Arizona, North Carolina, Villanova, Duke
John Thompson III Arizona, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
Jake Trotter Virginia, Gonzaga, West Virginia, Duke
Dick Vitale Virginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State
Jay Williams Arizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State

CBS Staff Staff Final Four & National Champion

Gary Parrish Virginia, Villanova, Duke, Gonzaga
Matt Norlander Virginia, Purdue, Michigan State, Gonzaga
Reid Forgrave Virginia, Villanova, North Carolina, Duke
Jerry Palm Arizona, Purdue, North Carolina, Duke
Kyle Boone Cincinnati, Villanova, North Carolina, Michigan State
Chip Patterson Arizona, Villanova, North Carolina, Duke
Dennis Dodd Arizona, Villanova, North Carolina, Michigan State  UNC
Josh Nagel Arizona, Michigan, Villanova, Duke

SI Staff Staff Final Four & National Champion

Dan Greene Virginia, Villanova, Duke, Gonzaga
Jermey Woo Arizona, UNC, Villanova, Michigan State
Eric Single Virginia, Gonzaga, Purdue, Michigan State
Molly Geary Virginia, Villanova, Duke, Gonzaga
Chris Johnson Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State
Max Meyer Virginia, Gonzaga, Purdue, Duke
Jim Lisanti Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Kansas  
NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship 2018 Selection Thread
Mar 11th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Regular Season and Post Season Conference Tournaments are in the books.  At 6PM EDT, The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Selection Committee will announce the invitations, Seedings and Regional placements (TBS).

The Usual Suspects 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Bracket Pool:  [Here].

If you are having trouble with the Bracket Games site, email [Here]

The Misunderstood
Mar 10th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

On the previous Post:  Championship Week and Other Sundrie Items  GoSt8Go our esteemed and highly respected member suggests that Grayson Allen of Duke is less than desirable and Coach K. surely would not put up with him [sic., if he was of right mind].

TUS Sports Investigative Services (aka Outside The Lines ++) has conducted some initial research.

TUS SIS reports that Allen may ultimately be known (by the educated and informed sports fan) as College Basketball’s Greatest Statesman.  A player of great honor and respect while endeavoring to advance sportsmanship as an amateur athlete scholar on the college wood court .  TUS SIS has also learned that Allen is not the first player Coach K has recruited and played with a similar skill set. U.S. Industrialist Statesmen Jay Gould is a dooky and Coach K. player.

TUS is committed to bringing the Latest Breaking News that is of concern to its membership (or filler material whilst waiting for Spartan related sporting events).

Championship Week and Other Sundrie Items
Mar 8th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

It is Championship Tournament Week in Men’s College Basketball 2018.

The Head’s of State in the United States and North Korea plan to meet in May, the Selection Committee is using the Quadrant System to pick teams for the NCAA Tournament and IBelieve scored a perfect 200 out of 200 on a 7:43 hour Graduate School final exam – say it with me 7:43 hour.  None has ever happened in my lifetime.  Next you’ll tell me a Southern Belle can control the heart of a Marine with a simple look.

Is all this true?

What Say You Educated Guesser?
Mar 5th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

Alumni from Michigan State Football and the current Michigan State University Basketball team are situated at the top of sports news headlines today – Monday March 5th, 2018.

MSU Alum QB Kirk Cousins (currently a member of the Washington D.C. Redskins) is about to hit the free agent market.  The Talking Heads and Experts (aka Educated Guesser’s) state that Captain Kirk can command $30M per year for six years – the highest salary ever.  Wow!  Thoughts?

MSU Alum RB Le’ Veon Bell (currently a member of the Pittsburgh PA Steelers) appears to be far away from agreeing on a new contract. The Talking Heads and Experts (aka Educated Guesser’s) believe that Bell (arguably the best RB in the NFL) may be tagged with the Franchise (player) status for a second year in a row.  The Steelers would be allowed to pay $14.5M for the ability to make the designation. According to the TH\E’s, Bell wants a long-term contract and is threatening to retire.  Thoughts?

MSU Basketball is square in the middle of the discussion of the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The Talking Heads and Experts (aka Educated Guesser’s) cannot talk about seeding or favorites without mentioning MSU.  MSU (29-4 and B1G Regular Season Champion) lost to rival scUM in the BBT Semi-Final.  The loss stung.  However most of the Poll Voters, Bracketologist’s and TH\E’s were on record today as seeing MSU remaining near the top of the seeding. Thoughts?

Oh… The Sting of Losing To Your Rival
Mar 4th, 2018 by Jeffrey Lubeck

The Asian Wasp

The sting resulting from losing to your rival is a cruel serving of reality. First of all it hurts. A loss to your rival is the equivalent of a sharp spike that gets jabbed into your heart.  The sting of a rivalry loss usually delivers some toxins that mix into your blood-stream causing you to lose control of your emotion.

The loss to scUM in basketball yesterday was a sting of material nature. Why?  MSU has lost three in a row to the skunkbears, and it is compounded by all the noise surrounding the program.  Are we alone in this quandry?  No – just ask Jim Harbaugh.

The 2017-2018 Spartans get to live for another day – likely as a high seed – in the NCAA Tournament.  So no one is feeling sorry for MSU and their current dilemma.

The Spartans have either 12 or 13 days to prepare for their next game.  Because MSU is on break and the NCAA has no major provisions over what the team can do during this period the Spartans can use this time as they desire.

While the team could travel to China and train with the Asian Wasps, I am more interested in what you think they should do.  For this exercise, you are Benevolent Dictator.  What is your five point program to get MSU to the Final Four?

Michigan State v. Michigan B1G Semifinal
Mar 3rd, 2018 by 79 Spartan















“I try to stay aloof of Roman politics,” said Asklepiodes, the medicine man.

“We learned it from you Greeks,” I pointed out. “Pericles and Demosthenes and all that wordy pack.”

“You should have chosen the Spartans to emulate rather than the Athenians,” he quipped. “They had the soldierly appreciation of brevity in oratory.”


And so I, too will be brief.

The rivalry is maybe the greatest between two schools on all levels than any in the nation.

We all know what took place at The Breslin Center on January 13th. To quote myself, “Humiliated and embarrassed.”

LeeBee pointed out that the SCum bench played a total of 59 minutes, half by D. Robinson. They had 9 turnovers against the Cobs. MSU had 11 turnovers. The Spartan tactic of subbing soon and often resulted in the bench playing 76 minutes. This year long strategy has resulted in developing stronger, more confident players coming off the bench.

LeeBee’s questions to be answered:

1/ Will SCum playing 3 games in 3 days wear on them?

2/ Will the replay watchers think the way to limit and perhaps beat MSU is to play physical, hard and employ shady tactics?

3/ Will the Spartans not commit early turnovers and have to fight an uphill battle?

4/ Will we be able to make the “shushing” gesture to Wagner? (Izzo has more class than I – he wouldn’t permit it.)

The Overnight Non-Game Thread
Mar 2nd, 2018 by Kindle

And if you missed the previous thread and all 432 comments please go back and check it out.  Jeff was overly disappointed that none of us pointed out that it was the first Friday in March, which, of course, every year is now known as National Dress In Blue Day.  I actually knew this but was waiting for Dr. Muffin to post a selfie in his ER Blues get-up/and wouldn’t you know it—the doctor delivered!!!

Testimony from a recent patient: “I’d never had surgery, and I was nervous.”  “This is a very simple, noninvasive procedure,” Dr. Muffin reassured me. “I felt better, until” … “Heck,” he continued, “you have 
a better chance of dying from the anesthesia than the surgery itself.”


And so–The Big Tourney Semis are set for Saturday… 3

Game 1–2pm–CBS Michigan vs Michigan State Game 2–CBS–4:30 PM Penn State vs Purdue

Four teams. Two games. One historic arena.

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